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Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
IMDB rate:
Hiroyuki Itô
1 nomination
Country: Japan
Release Date: 2000-07-07
Gross: ¥20,200,000,000 (Worldwide) Related Links
Did you know?
Freya is the first playable female character with the Dragoon class in a Final Fantasy game (excluding characters who can change job classes). She is also the only left handed playable character in the game.
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All the main characters can be named by the player. In the previous game, only Squall and Rinoa could be named along with the GFs and Angelo. The Eidolons are actually abilities rather than other characters in the game.
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The cloak Garnet wears when escaping Alexandria is designed to resemble the White Mage's outfit from the original Final Fantasy.
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Why doesn't anything happen to Steiner in Trance?
See the trivia section; he doesn't get a new ability but his strength is tripled
What do you get if you synthesise two Pumice pieces?
A Pumice which lets Garnet learn Ark who is a Shadow summon.
Are Zidane and Kuja related? Or are they just the same species?
Zidane and Kuja are both Genomes created by Garland in Terra but both are slightly different than the normal Genomes. Kuja was created to be an "Angel of Death" to encourage war and destruction on Gaia so that the souls of Gaia could be replaced faster. However Kuja was created as an adult and didn't get to experience childhood and so never developed any human emotions, thus making him difficult to control. Garland deemed Kuja a failure and created Zidane as a second "Angel of Death" but as a child so he would grow and experience human emotions. Kuja was only then meant to be a temporary Angel of Death until Zidane was ready but when he found out he kidnapped him and abandoned him on Gaia. Garland then banished Kuja from Terra and created the girl Mikoto as a third Angel of Death should Zidane and Kuja fail.
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