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Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Country: Canada
Release Date: 2009-05-03
Ian Somerhalder
Lee Cooper
Lexa Doig
Ava Williams
Aleks Paunovic
Aaron Pearl
Fire Lieutenant
Colin Cunningham
Tim Timmonds
Shelene Yung
Camera Woman
Timothy Paul Perez
Nuclear Tech #1
Julia Arkos
Ally Huseman
Roman Podhora
Cop #1
Stephen E. Miller
Nuclear Administrator
Julian Christopher
Judge Bogner (as Julian D. Christopher)
Linda Darlow
Nurse Darwin
Toby Hargrave
Lauro Chartrand
Boom Operator
Troy Everett
Medic / Front Gate Guard (as T-Roy Kozuki)
When the fire investigator does first aid on the agent's leg (removing the glass shard), she uses a tourniquet to keep the leg from bleeding. In reality, the material used for the tourniquet should have been used to turn the handkerchief/bandage into a true pressure bandage.
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When Draven blows up the glass mound, a large shard of glass flies into the back of Agent Cooper's right calf. Later on, when the fire investigator goes to remove the shard and wrap it up with the agent's handkerchief, she removes it from the side/front of the leg, not the back.
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When Draven is arrested at the gas station, he is handcuffed behind his back. But in the police car and when he gets out to go into the courthouse, his hands are in front of him.
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Agent Cooper: I think we have a little boy who likes to play with matches.
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Tyler Draven: I just made you famous!
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Ava: How'd you get here so quick?
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