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USA:122 min
Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Alex Kendrick
Country: USA
Release Date: 2008-09-26
Filming Locations: Albany, Georgia, USA
Budget: $500,000
Opening Weekend: $6,804,764 (USA) (28 September 2008)
Gross: $33,451,479 (USA) (25 January 2009)
Kirk Cameron
Caleb Holt
Erin Bethea
Catherine Holt
Ken Bevel
Michael Simmons
Stephen Dervan
Wayne Floyd
Eric Young
Terrell Sanders
Jason McLeod
Eric Harmon
Harris Malcom
John Holt
Phyllis Malcom
Cheryl Holt
Perry Revell
Gavin Keller
Stephanie Makulinski
Robin Cates
Renata Williams
Latasha Brown
Dwan Williams
Deidra Harris
Amberly Marquard
Ashley Phillips
Joy Joiner
Young Catherine's Mom
Danielle Brooks
Young Catherine
Rebekah Willard
Young Catherine's Photo
Ron Rowe
Young Catherine's Father
Faye Sharber
Nurse Anna
Ray Wood
Catherine's Father
Sue Holt
Catherine's Mom
Bill Stafford
Mr. Rudolph
Carla Hawkins
Tina Simmons
Kelly Johnson
Melanie Tomlinson
Tommy McBride
Heidi Johnson
Dispatcher #1
Shannon Kendrick
Man on Phone at Wreck
Bill Butler
Business Man at Wreck
Stephen Kendrick
Marine at Wreck
Marquez Waller
Teenager at Wreck
Leigh Cox
Screaming Lady at Wreck
Luke Bowers
Officer #1 at Wreck
Mickey Bradford
Officer #2 at Wreck (as Sgt. Mickey Bradford)
Cornelious Drake
Officer #3 at Wreck (as Deputy Cornelious Drake)
Chad Warbington
EMS Worker #1
Rick McDaniel
EMS Worker #2
Dee Kelley
EMS Worker #3
John Spencer
Train Conductor
Walter Burnett
Dr. Anderson
Shannon Davis
Dispatcher #2
Anthony Brown
Mr. James Turner
Allison Dawson
Mrs. Turner
Taylor Glow
Jade Young
Lacey Turner
Janet Lee Dapper
Emergency Room Nurse
Blake Bailey
Reporter Stephanie Mills
Robin Bushnell
Alice Marks
Lil Mans
Alice Marks' Dog
Tracy Goode
Benny Murphy
Jim McBride
Fire Chief Carl Hatcher
Dot Majors
Irma Rudolph
Deena Taylor
Misty Evans
JJ Jasper
R.M.S. Technician #1
Bob Waliszewski
R.M.S. Technician #2
Alex Kendrick
Pastor Strauss
Rob Whitehurst
Man at Crash (uncredited)
Did you know?
While driving in the fire truck, director Alex Kendrick was hidden in the backseat underneath the yellow cap which is visible just behind Caleb.
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Bill Stafford who played Mr. Rudolph is a traveling evangelist who was visiting for a church event. All his scenes were filmed the same day, and it was after Kirk Cameron had left, they never actually saw each other.
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Almost all locations used in the film (firehouse, hospital, houses etc.) were existing places that were donated for filming. The only area constructed specifically for the film was the area where Caleb crawls during the house fire, which was not part of the actual house.
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When Michael tells Caleb that Catherine is in the fire truck bay, he is wearing a shirt with pointed pocket flaps. Once Caleb arrives to the fire truck bay, he is wearing a shirt with straight pocket flaps.
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Calib is dispatched to the house fire responding as Engine 1, but when he arrives at the fire, he is on Engine 7
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When Caleb's father tells him that Caleb's mother was the one who did the Love Dare, the two men are on a long path in the middle of the woods, at least several hundred yards from Caleb's house. Caleb, an athletic fireman, immediately sprints back to his house to apologize to his mother. However, his father, an old man nearly twice his age, arrives at the house about 10 seconds behind him and is not even out of breath.
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Caleb Holt: Dr Keller?
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John Holt: Has she thanked you for anything you've done the last 20 days?
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Erma Rudolph: Takes one to know one.
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A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
Is "Fireproof" based on a book?
No. Fireproof is based on a screenplay co-written by film-makers Stephen and Alex Kendrick (who also directed the movie). However, the book featured in the movie, The Love Dare by the Kendricks has also been released to coincide with the movie's release in 2008. A novelization of Fireproof by Eric Wilson was released in 2008.
Are all the actors real-life Christians?
Yes. Kirk Cameron is an Evangelical Christian, and the cast is made up of church volunteers.
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