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Forty Guns

79 min
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Samuel Fuller
Country: USA
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
Forty Guns
Barry Sullivan
Griff Bonnell
Dean Jagger
Sheriff Ned Logan
John Ericson
Brockie Drummond
Gene Barry
Wes Bonnell
Robert Dix
Chico Bonnell
Jidge Carroll
Barney Cashman
Paul Dubov
Judge Macy
Gerald Milton
Shotgun Spanger
Ziva Rodann
Hank Worden
Marshal John Chisum
Neyle Morrow
Chuck Roberson
Howard Swain
Chuck Hayward
Charlie Savage
Sandy Wirth
Chico's Girlfriend (as Sandra Wirth)
Eve Brent
Louvenia Spanger
Tex Driscoll
Barber (uncredited)
Tex Holden
Tex (uncredited)
Eddie Parks
Sexton (uncredited)
Jack Perrin
Townsman at Wedding (uncredited)
George Sowards
Townsman (uncredited)
Jack Stoney
Townsman at Wedding (uncredited)
Did you know?
Condemned in the US because of its brutal handling of the narrative, but praised in Europe for its stylistic vigor.
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Barbara Stanwyck's stunt woman refused to allow herself to be dragged along a street by a horse, saying that it was too dangerous. Without further ado Stanwyck did it by herself. She got some bruises and scrapes, but was okay. At that time Stanwyck was 49 years old.
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Although the on-screen credit for Eve Brent reads "and introducing", actually she had already appeared in several earlier films as Jean Ann Lewis.
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When the gunsmith is fitting Wes for a new rifle she had him holding the stock from a model 1898 Mauser which would not have been invented for another 20 years. Then Wes also picks up a Winchester barreled action & looks through it to see the lady gunsmith which is not possible due to there being no straight line of sight through the action.
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Griff Bonnell: What's the matter? You look upset.
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Griff Bonnell: Last time I killed a man was 10 years ago, a boy. He was no good like your brother but he was still a boy and I killed him. I could have made a crippling shot but I didn't. Did you ever see a dead boy's eyes in the sky? Threw his gun in the west. You know why I hate to get into fights? I can't miss. Am I talking too much? In my heart I've always asked forgiveness before I kill just like an Indian asking for forgiveness from an animal before the slaughter. You can't ask after you kill, it's too late then. I didn't come here to talk about that, I came to talk about Brockie. He put Charlie Savage's corpse on public display in a store window. A boy who do a thing like that is dead, or nearly dead, but there's still time.
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Wes Bonnell: I never kissed a gunsmith before.
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