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Friday the 13th

97 min | 106 min (extended edition)
IMDB rate:
Marcus Nispel
2 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-02-13
Filming Locations: 1190 Red Hawk Road, Wimberley, Texas, USA
Budget: $19,000,000
Opening Weekend: $43,585,449 (USA) (15 February 2009)
Gross: $64,997,188 (USA) (19 April 2009)
Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi
Friday the 13th
Ben Feldman
Ben Feldman
Friday the 13th
Travis Van Winkle
Travis Van Winkle
Friday the 13th
America Olivo
America Olivo
Friday the 13th
Jared Padalecki
Clay Miller
Danielle Panabaker
Amanda Righetti
Whitney Miller
Aaron Yoo
Derek Mears
Jason Voorhees
Jonathan Sadowski
Julianna Guill
Arlen Escarpeta
Ryan Hansen
Willa Ford
Nick Mennell
Kyle Davis
Chris Coppola
Gas Station Attendant
Rosemary Knower
Old Lady
Bob King
Old Caretaker
Nana Visitor
Pamela Voorhees
Stephanie Rhodes
Camp Counselor
Caleb Guss
Young Jason Voorhees
Travis Davis
Officer Lund
Kathleen Garrett
Voice Artist
Brittani Cox
Girl in the store (uncredited)
Lawrence Dean
Town Derelict (uncredited)
Jaime De La Rosa
Crystal Lake Townsman (uncredited)
Did you know?
Principal photography wrapped on Friday, June 13, 2008. Additionally, the American theatrical release date was Friday, February 13, 2009.
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Israeli actress Moran Atias was originally cast but had to be replaced early into filming.
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Including the 2009 remake, Jason has killed 167 total people throughout the "Friday the 13th" series.
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Clay can be seen briefly in a few scenes with a fixed blade knife in a sheath on his belt. Not only does he never think to use it to defend himself against Jason, he looks franticly for other weapons in the barn right before Jason crashes threw the window behind him. Did he forget that he had the knife?
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Clay puts one of his missing persons poster on the back of the Escalade and there's a close up shot of the poster as the vehicle drives away from the outpost store. The ensuing shot is of the vehicle entering the city limits of Crystal Lake, passing by the sign, however there's no poster on the back of the vehicle.
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After the verbal altercation with Trent at the lake house, Jenna leaves with Clay Miller, who is carrying a satchel. As they approach Miller's motorcycle, notice how the position of the satchel changes from being strapped around Miller's left shoulder, to being carried in his right hand, and, finally, back to his left shoulder.
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Donnie: [tears burlap sac off Jason revealing his face] That shit ain't fucking right, dude. What the fuck?
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Pamela Voorhees: His name was Jason. And today, is his birthday...
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Chewie: Oh, my God. Babies have more space in the uterus.
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A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
Who dies?
Trent gets impaled on the back of a tow-truck. Jenna gets a machete through her back. Chewie (Aaron Yoo) is forcefully stabbed through the neck with a metal rod. Bree (Julianna Guill) gets strangled and then impaled by antlers. Richie (Ben Feldman) gets a machete through his head. Lawrence (Arlen Escarpeta) gets an axe in his back. Nolan (Ryan Hansen) gets an arrow through his head. Chelsea (Willa Ford) gets a machete through her head. Mike (Nick Mennell) is repeatedly stabbed with a machete. Amanda (America Olivo) is burned when put over a fire in a sleeping bag. Officer Bracke (Richard Burgi) gets a fire poker through his eye, impaling him on a door. Wade (Jonathan Sadowski) and Donnie (Kyle Davis) both have their throats slit. Mrs. Voorhees (Nana Visitor) gets decapitated.
What is the movie about?
When Clay Miller's (Jared Padalecki) sister Whitney (Amanda Righetti) and her friends disappear into the thick forests surrounding Crystal Lake, Clay comes desperately looking for clues of what could have happened and where she could be. Despite advice from town police, Clay searches throughout the area and slowly begins to suspect that something just is not right about this town. With the assistance of teens Jenna (Danielle Panabaker) and Trent (Travis Van Winkle), who are spending the weekend at the lake with their thrill-seeking friends, Clay begins to learn the dark secrets of Crystal Lake, its infamous abandoned camp, and its most terrifying local legend... Jason Voorhees (Derek Mears).
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