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Comedy | Romance
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Country: Philippines
Release Date: 2009-11-30
Filming Locations: Mexico, Pampanga, Philippines
Isabel Oli
Elaine (3 episodes, 2009)
Patrick Garcia
Luigi (3 episodes, 2009)
Pilita Corrales
Anita (3 episodes, 2009)
Keempee de Leon
Mr. H (3 episodes, 2009)
Rainier Castillo
Donald (3 episodes, 2009)
Sheena Halili
Lisette (3 episodes, 2009)
John Lapus
Chicky (3 episodes, 2009)
Jeffrey Quizon
Je (3 episodes, 2009)
Ronaldo Valdez
Lorenzo (3 episodes, 2009)
Raquel Villavicencio
Liling (3 episodes, 2009)
Chariz Solomon
Maya (3 episodes, 2009)
Marky Lopez
Marlon (3 episodes, 2009)
Did you know?
In Philippines, the Korean drama "Full House" was one of the highest-rating Korean dramas, with a peak of 52.0%. It has recorded one of the highest viewer ratings in the Philippines among all Asian television dramas that have been shown in the country since 2003. It aired in the Philippines from February to April 2005 on GMA7 (Philippines' ground-wave broadcaster) peaking at 52% and averaging 42.3% during its entire run. Hence, GMA7 bought the right to remake of this Korean series.
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