Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
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Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

122 min
Biography | Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Steven Shainberg
1 win
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-10-20
Filming Locations: East 54th Street Recreation Center, New York City, New York, USA
Budget: $16,800,000
Opening Weekend: $28,815 (USA) (12 November 2006)
Gross: $220,914 (USA) (17 December 2006)
Nicole Kidman
Diane Arbus
Ty Burrell
Allan Arbus
Harris Yulin
David Nemerov
Emmy Clarke
Grace Arbus
Genevieve McCarthy
Sophie Arbus
Boris McGiver
Jack Henry
Marceline Hugot
Tippa Henry
Mary Duffy
Emily Bergl
Allan's New Assistant
Lynn-Marie Stetson
Fiona (Naked Girl) (as Lynn Marie Stetson)
Gwendolyn Bucci
Christina Rouner
Matt Servitto
Handsome Client
David Green
Another Client
Sandriel Frank
Fox Model
Krista Coyle
Fashion Model
Joseph McKenna
Bald Man
John C. Gallagher
Carnival Talker
Courtney Taylor Burness
Little Diane
Maureen Shannon
Rose the Maid
David Perkins
Man with Dominatrix
Eric Gingold
José Rafael Arango
Funeral Home Director (as Jose Rafael Arango)
George McGrath
David Steinberg
Singing Little Person (as David Joseph Steinberg)
Natalie Dix
Kim Taggart
Model Kate
Teddy Tilkin
Jess Osuna
Elevator Man
Laura Andrew
Siamese Twin
Leesa Andrew
Siamese Twin
Nalu Tripician
Boy with Birthmark
Rachel Boynton
Marilyn Dobrin
Heather Corby
Janie Martinez
Scott Fishbein
Lisa Heywood
Todd Robbins
Rochelle Bostrom
Adriana Biasi
Armen Hovanesian
Hedi Albertson
Kevin Moore
(as Kevin 'Peppermint' Moore)
James 'Tigger!' Ferguson
Blu Toth
(as Blue Toth)
Anna Merkulova
Carina Wretman
Peter 'Demi Tasse' Loicono
(as Peter Loicono 'Demi Tasse')
Carrie Navarro
Kimm R. Schwert
Party Guest (as Kim Schwert)
M. Xavier O'Connor
(as Xavier O'Connor)
Laine Rettmer
Emire Lena
Ben Sanders
Peggy Cafferty
Ironing Board Model
Sammy Areizaga
Brian 'Hattie' Butterick
Amanda Congdon
Reza Garakani
Sean Allison
Lena S.
Maria Telesca
Bill Huntley
Marie Constanti
Jennifer Kusner
Victoria Meblina
Delirium Tremens
Lucy Walsh
Heidi Albertsen
Model (uncredited)
Racheline Maltese
Nudist (uncredited)
Nic Novicki
Party Guy (uncredited)
Reyna Shaskan
Voice (uncredited)
Ryan Shore
String Trio, Violinist (uncredited)
Laura D. Williams
Fashion Model (uncredited)
Did you know?
Samantha Morton was originally cast as Diane Arbus.
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Robert Downey Jr. has a previous connection to the Arbus family. His father, filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. made Greaser's Palace (1972) starring Diane Arbus' ex-husband Allan, with young Robert in a small part.
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Director Steven Shainberg's uncle, Lawrence, was a close friend of Diane Arbus.
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Towards the end of the movie, Lionel is shown beginning to blow up the canvas raft. He later explains that it is for Diane when he takes his final swim. Someone suffering from such extremely low lung function that he will only live a few months would never be able to inflate a raft that size.
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In the last scene, when Diane has shed her clothes and talks to the naked woman on the bench, the full shots of "her" body are clearly those of a body double in a large wig, ruffled to conceal the double's face. Additionally, the double's posterior, waist and stomach do not match Nicole Kidman's same features, seen earlier in the movie during her love-making scene with Lionel.
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When Diana comes into the room bearing a cup of tea, she has no wig in her hand, but when she leaves, she carries a blond wig, although there has not been a scene where she gets it.
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Man: What do you photograph? Diane Arbus: Me? Oh no, I'm not the photographer. My husband is.
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Diane Arbus: [to Lionel] I saw you through my window and right away I wanted to take a portrait of you.
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Diane Arbus: What is it?
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What the heck is going on in this movie?
If you were like me and jumped in halfway through the movie on HBO, for example, you are going o be utterly confused. It is likely best not to make any judgements right off the bat. I am extremely good at picking up the plots of movies, but this one you need to start from the beggining.
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Photos from cast
Robert Downey Jr. Jane Alexander