G.I. Joe: Retaliation
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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

110 min | 122 min (extended cut)
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Jon M. Chu
1 win & 11 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2013-03-28
Filming Locations: City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Budget: $130,000,000
Opening Weekend: $40,501,814 (USA) (31 March 2013)
Gross: $122,512,052 (USA) (14 July 2013)
Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Luke Bracey
Luke Bracey
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Dwayne Johnson
Jonathan Pryce
Byung-hun Lee
Storm Shadow
Elodie Yung
D.J. Cotrona
Adrianne Palicki
Channing Tatum
Ray Park
Snake Eyes
Walton Goggins
Warden Nigel James
Arnold Vosloo
Joseph Mazzello
Nick Erickson
President Picture Double
Blind Master
Naim Alherimi
Pakistani President
Ravi Naidu
Chief Advisor
Matt Gerald
Douglas M. Griffin
Joe Chrest
Chief of Staff
Bruce Willis
General Joe Colton
James Carville
James Carville
Ryan Hansen
DeRay Davis
Nathan Takashige
Young Storm Shadow
Joanna Leeds
Elana Justin
Ilia Volok
Russian Leader
Dikran Tulaine
U.K. Leader
Robert Catrini
Israeli President
Marcelo Tubert
French Leader
James Lew
Chinese Leader
Ajay Mehta
Indian Leader
Augustus Cho
North Korean Leader
Raja Deka
Indian Expert (as Raja Chandra Deka)
Tiffany Lonsdale
British Expert
Terry Dale Parks
Jun Hee Lee
North Korean Captain
Afemo Omilami
Chairman Joint Chief of Staff
Dante Ha
Kim Jong's Nephew (as Dante Won Ha)
Carrie Wong
Benjamin Blankenship
Systems Officer
Adam Vernier
Weapons Officer
Jim Palmer
Amin Joseph
Cobra Secret Sevice
Rey Hernandez
Cobra Secret Service
Grant Goodman
First Son
Mikal Vega
Arch Angel Joe
Luis Echagarruga
Arch Angel Joe
Brelyn Plumbar
Roadblock's Daughter
Amaya Plumbar
Roadblock's Daughter
Dustan Costine
Cobra Trooper
Michael Howe
Cobra Trooper
Geoffrey Howe
Cobra Trooper
Erik Howsam
U.K. Staff
Timothy Bruns
Honor Guard
Lauren Alexandra
Bar Maid
Andre Allemand
John L. Armijo
Cobra Trooper
Phil Austin
Cobra Trooper
Michael AvMen
Robert Baker
Cobra Commander
Nadi Berenger
Indian President's Assistant (uncredited)
Beau Brasseaux
Cobra Storm Trooper
Tom Bubrig
White House Staffer
Trey Burvant
Air Force Commander (uncredited)
Tom Cain
German Prison Guard
Chip Carriere
German Prison Guard
Arnold Chon
Red Cobra Ninja
Joseph Cintron
Cobra Storm Trooper
Edward J. Clare
Jordon Michael Corbin
Pararescue Officer (uncredited)
Edward R. Cox
Banquet Guest / Dancer (uncredited)
Raymond Delaune
Government Official (uncredited)
Robert 'Bigg Sarge' Deon
White House Photographer (uncredited)
Cody Dickinson
Nick Drago
Banquet Guest / Dancer (uncredited)
Rene Fabre
Indian Football Carrier (uncredited)
Annie May Gay
Red Ninja
Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Cobra Storm Trooper
Steve M. Hammond
Cobra Trooper Y (uncredited)
Eddie Hargitay
Tunnel Rat
Kage Havok
Cobra Secret Service
Dakota Hill
Core Joe (uncredited)
WBBrown II
Cobra Storm Trooper
Laura Muse Jackson
John C. Klein
Gala Dignitary
Mark Krutov
Russian Delegate (uncredited)
Anthony A. Kung
North Korean Army Attaché
Evlin Lake
Beautiful Woman
Skipper Landry
French Courier (uncredited)
Jerry Lantigua
Israeli President Security (uncredited)
Amy Le
Red Ninja
Cynthia LeBlanc
Banquet Guest (uncredited)
Elton LeBlanc
Stephen Livaudais
Army Sergeant Major (uncredited)
Sione Ma'umalanga
Ken Massey
COBRA Technician
Corinne Massiah
Roadblock's Daughter (uncredited)
Mike Mayhall
Prison Guard
Guillermo Miguel
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Austin Naulty
Michael O'Regan
Banquet Guest (uncredited)
Fernandez Osvaldo
Catherine Kim Poon
Japanese Peasant
Philippe Radelet
Banquet Guest / Waiter (uncredited)
Diezel Ramos
James Rawlings
Cobra Secret Service
Robert Remus
Sgt. Slaughter
Carlos Retana Jr.
Cobra Trooper
Shawn M. Richardz
Bartender (uncredited)
James Ricker II
Technician (uncredited)
Michael Patrick Rogers
Cobra Storm Trooper
Shawn Sanz
India President Security
Robert Segari
CIA Chief (uncredited)
Tony Senzamici
General (uncredited)
Andrew Serpas
Cobra Trooper
Seth Sieunarine
Nicholas Simmons
Cobra Secret Service
Terry Lee Smith
Business Man (uncredited)
Han Soto
North Korean Guard (uncredited)
Andrew j Spinks
Pentagon Army General (uncredited)
Stephen Daniel Wayne
Rachel G. Whittle
Banquet Dancer (uncredited)
Aaron V. Williamson
Chief Hannar (uncredited)
Travis Wong
Cobra Ninja
Michael Wozniak
Elvin Yoshida
North Korean Carrier
Did you know?
Joe Colton is played by Bruce Willis. In the G.I. Joe comic "", he has the appearance of Chuck Norris.
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Roadblock was originally to appear in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009). Common turned down the role at that time.
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The vehicle driven by Roadblock in the final action sequence is a relatively new U.S. Military vehicle called the Ripsaw. As of 2013 it is deployed in a display capacity for the U.S. Army. It can reach top speeds of above 80 mph, and an amphibious version is in the works.
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Zartan, posing as The President, tortures the real President for information regarding where Cobra Commander has been imprisoned. But, as the leader of the free world (and America's highest ranking official), wouldn't the P.O.T.U.S. (in this case, Zartan disguised as the P.O.T.U.S.) be privy - and have any-time access - to this information already?
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Fort Sumter is not located near any bridges and sits in the middle of a harbor surrounded on all sides by water and on land big enough to not be able to drive on.
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When General Joe opens one of his cabinets of weapons, there is a rifle with the scope on backwards.
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Joe Colton: Need anything?
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Lady Jaye: [in disguise] Mr President, Amy Vandervilt from Fox News.
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Warden Nigel James: Listen to me. I sound like a real estate agent. I'm not here to sell you anything. Except maybe hopelessness.
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How different are the films from the comics?
Considerably. For instance in the comics Duke is a First Sergeant whilst in the film he is a Captain. Cobra Commander himself never knew Duke, was never a maimed soldier but a car salesman who turned against America after the failure of his business and death of his brother in the Vietnam War (in the British-Action Force backstory he was Marcus Kassels, the disgraced son of an aristocratic Swiss diplomat and scientific genius who served in the British Army and led a US platoon nicknamed 'The Baron's Brigade' in the Korean War before being accused of a massacre of civilians. He fled to Africa where he became a mercenary, fighting in conflicts all over the world before forming his own private terrorist army, the Red Shadows and adopting the alias Baron Ironblood, based on his family's Latin motto of 'Sanguineo Ferris'-our blood is of iron. After numerous defeats at the hands of Action Force he would abandon the Red Shadows and form the Cobra organisation, adopting the new identity of Cobra Commander).
What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version?
The "Extended Action Cut" is quite well named with this title because it is substantially better than the theatrical version - not only in the action department. A number of more violent moments are back, a few large ones that are completely new and surprisingly much more character development that even leads to some minor changes in the story. While American audiences will have to be patient to get their hands on the Extended Cut (it is Best Buy-exclusive for the first weeks), British customers have it easier. All Blu-ray editions feature both the theatrical and the Extended Cut. In total the Extended Cut runs approx. 12 minutes longer than the well-known Theatrical Version and a detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
So all the characters from G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra are dead?
The entire question is left deliberately vague. We are told that both the GI Joes in the field and at their base have been wiped out with the exception of Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Lady Jaye and Flint. However we never see it and it is perfectly possible that any of the characters may have survived in the same way that the main characters in this film did or simply left GI Joe in between this film and its' predecessor. The only character we know to be dead for sure is Duke whom we know is killed in the desert attack.
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