G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

118 min
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Stephen Sommers
3 wins & 12 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-08-07
Filming Locations: Arctic
Budget: $175,000,000
Opening Weekend: $54,713,046 (USA) (9 August 2009)
Gross: $150,010,209 (USA) (25 October 2009)
Grégory Fitoussi
Grégory Fitoussi
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Ashley Sommers
Ashley Sommers
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Heavy Duty
Christopher Eccleston
Leo Howard
Young Snake Eyes
Karolina Kurkova
Cover Girl
Byung-hun Lee
Storm Shadow
Sienna Miller
David Murray
James McCullen - 1641
Rachel Nichols
Kevin J. O'Connor
Dr. Mindbender
Gerald Okamura
Hard Master
Ray Park
Snake Eyes
Jonathan Pryce
U.S. President
Dennis Quaid
General Hawk
Brandon Soo Hoo
Young Storm Shadow
Saïd Taghmaoui
Channing Tatum
Arnold Vosloo
Marlon Wayans
Chris Akers
G.I. Joe Security Tech
Fabrice Baral
CNN Reporter
Michael Benyaer
Flight Control Technician
Peter Breitmayer
Dr. Hundtkinder
Michael Broderick
Screaming Man
Elena Evangelo
White House Staff
Mark Hames
White House Staff
Jacques Frantz
Bastille Prison Warden
Wayne Lopez
G.I. Joe Security Tech
Kellie Matteson
G.I. Joe Control Room Tech
Burton Perez
Bravo Soldier
Bob Rumnock
M.A.R.S. Lab Worker
Robert Russell
Bastille Prison Priest
Michael Sommers
Neo Viper Secret Service
Gunner Wright
Secret Sevice Agent
Duncan Bravo
Foreign General
Charles Howerton
Foreign General
Robert Almodovar
Foreign General (as Robert E. Almodovar)
David Jean Thomas
Foreign General
Ken Thomas
Apache Navigator
Frederic Doss
Apache Navigator
Buzz Covington
Apache Helicopter Pilot
Ron Thompson
Apache Helicopter Pilot
Liana Mendoza
Lt. Girlfriend
Jessica Lynn Sadowski
Soldier (as Jessica Lynn)
Americus Abesamis
Kitchen Monk
Markell Andrew
Special Ops Soldier (uncredited)
Tj Austin
Special Operations Soldier (uncredited)
Michael Bretten
Control Room Tech (uncredited)
Jacare Calhoun
G.I. Joe Soldier (uncredited)
Caleb Campbell
Special Operations Soldier (uncredited)
Brad Carr
Insurgent (uncredited)
Jason Castle
Soldier Pushing Grenade Cart (uncredited)
Martin Dew
Party Photographer (uncredited)
Fahim Fazli
Camel Handler
David Michael Fordham
Special Operations Soldier (uncredited)
Michael Foster
Neo-viper (uncredited)
Brendan Fraser
Sgt. Stone
Jerald Garner
M.A.R.S. Tech
Jabbaar George
Viper Guard
Larry Hama
NATO General
James Howarth
Ryan T. Husk
G.I. Joe Soldier (uncredited)
Greg James
Submarine Sailor (uncredited)
Daniel Josev
Cobra Tech (uncredited)
John Klarner
Child #4 (uncredited)
Zaayan Lala
G.I. Joe Control Room Tech
Lock Lee
Asian Monk
Melissa S. Markess
Swing Dancer (uncredited)
Allison Moore
Ripcord Girl (uncredited)
Damien Moreno
Turbo Laser Technician (uncredited)
Westley Nguyen
Temple Monk
Tom Ohmer
Special Ops Soldier (uncredited)
Chris Sanders
Hazmat Nuclear Scientist (uncredited)
R.J. Sarkaria
Cobra Grunt (uncredited)
Mary Scanlon
Swing Dancer (uncredited)
Joseph Stephens Jr.
Security Tech
Sean Velie
Submarine Captain
Kaleti Williams
NEO Viper
Did you know?
The marking on Snake Eye's right shoulder come from the Eight Trigrams. The top marking is Water, the lower marking is Fire. Together, in the I-Ching, the symbol means "Completion".
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Stephen Sommers felt that this was the closest he would get to making a James Bond film. The film contains homages to several OO7 films: Goldfinger (1964) - the Baroness wears a leather suit with an evening dress underneath. She also utilizes a weapon-laden automobile in Paris.Thunderball (1965) - a climactic battle at an underwater lair occursYou Only Live Twice (1967) - a ninja training school appearsThe Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - prominent locations featured are the Egyptian Pyramids, an underwater base and a carrier ship.
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Marlon Wayans was cast as Ripcord after his performance in Requiem for a Dream (2000). Wayans is also a fan of G.I. Joe (1985).
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During the attack on the pit, Duke tries to stop the Baroness and Storm Shadow from escaping. As Duke arrives, storm shadows hands are by his waist. The next shot we see of him, is hand appears by his head, lowering slowly. the next shot, his hand is down, even though it would have taken a few more seconds for his hand to reach this position. This continues until the end of the scene.
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Scarlett suggests that Ripcord's aircraft needs verbal commands in the Celtic language. The Celts were a group of tribal societies that spread over much of western Europe; the original proto-Celtic language split into several different local languages. However, since Destro is Scottish, Scarlett could have easily narrowed it down to Goidelic Celtic, the root of modern Scottish Gaelic. If the Celtic didn't work, modern Gaelic would have been an obvious alternative.
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During the scene in Paris, when the Joes are walked into the police station, you can see director of photography Mitchell Amundsen holding a camera on the left side of the frame.
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Ripcord: All right, ladies! Mount up!
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Storm Shadow: [to Snake-Eyes] I did not kill our master...
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Ripcord: [Scarlett goes flying of the bike and Ripcord saves her] I got you, I got you.
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What are the differences between the film and the comics?
Considerable, for instance in the comics Duke is a First Sergeant whilst in the film he is a Captain. He has no previous history with the Baroness who certainly isn't Cobra Commander's sister. Cobra Commander himself never knew Duke, was never a soldier but a car salesman who turned against America after the failure of his business and death of his brother in the Vietnam War (in the British-Action Force backstory he was Marcus Kassels, the disgraced son of an aristocratic Swiss diplomat and scientific genius who served in the British Army and led a US platoon nicknamed 'The Baron's Brigade' in the Korean War before being accused of a massacre of civilians. He fled to Africa where he became a mercenary, fighting in conflicts all over the world before forming his own private terrorist army, the Red Shadows and adopting the alias Baron Ironblood, based on his family's Latin motto of 'Sanguineo Ferris'-our blood is of iron. After numerous defeats at the hands of Action Force he would abandon the Red Shadows and form the Cobra organisation, adopting the new identity of Cobra Commander).
Why is Storm Shadow working for Cobra? Isn't he a Joe?
In the original Real American Hero series, Tommy "Storm Shadow" Arashikage started out as a member of Cobra's inner circle, but he was really there to avenge the death of his uncle, the Hard Master. When the killer turned out to be Zartan, Storm Shadow (along with his other uncle, the Soft Master, who initially thought Storm Shadow himself was the murderer) failed in his attempt to kill him, and had to flee. He eventually met up with Scarlett and Snake Eyes, who convinced him to join G.I. Joe. In the film, we were made to believe that Storm Shadow killed the Hard Master out of jealousy of the attention Snake Eyes was given, but in recent interviews Steven Sommers has stated that Storm Shadow didn't kill the Hard Master and would possibly explore this more in the sequel. Byung-Hun Lee has been signed on for two more sequels.
Didn't all this used to be called Action Force?
Yes and no. In Britain the classic 9-inch GI Joe doll was called Action Man. Inspired by the success of Star Wars figures in the early 80s a smaller 3-inch version was introduced called Action Force. A backstory was published in a series of tie-in comics with the terrorist army of Baron Ironblood and his Red Shadows attempting to take over the world and combated by the United Nation's own military unit, Action Force (composed of Z-force infantry company, SAS-force special operations team, Q-force naval squadron and Space Force star fleet). In the mid 80s Action Force was taken over by a US company, Baron Ironblood and the Red Shadows were transformed into Cobra Commander and the Cobra organisation whilst the previously British dominated Action Force became almost exclusively American. The comics continued to publish stories under the title of Action Force but they were simply the American GI Joe versions with the titles changed.
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Grégory Fitoussi Joseph Gordon-Levitt Ashley Sommers