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60 min (10 episodes) | UK:60 min (7 episodes)
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Nominated for Primetime Emmy.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1980-01-27
Filming Locations: Stage 12, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
Ana Alicia
Ana Alicia
Galactica 1980
Carlene Watkins
Carlene Watkins
Galactica 1980
Kent McCord
Capt. Troy
Barry Van Dyke
Lt. Dillon
Robyn Douglass
Jamie Hamilton
Lorne Greene
Commander Adama
James Patrick Stuart
Dr. Zee
Fred Holliday
Mr. Brooks
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
Colonel Boomer
Mike Brick
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Ronnie Densford
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Mark Everett
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Georgi Irene
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Tracy Justrich
Lindsay Kennedy
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Did you know?
For a sequence that showed the Cylons attacking Earth, the producers used footage from Earthquake (1974) and superimposed Cylon fighters firing and causing the destruction in the sequence. Thus they managed to create a spectacular sequence on a tiny budget.
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As depicted in the pilot sequences, the series was to originally focus on Xaviar traveling through time to disrupt Earth history with Troy and Dillon chasing him down to restore proper Earth history. While the concept was dropped, it was said to inspire series Staffer Donald P Bellisario to create the TV Series Quantum Leap.
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At the end of several episodes a message appeared on the screen that said: "The United States Air Force stopped investigating UFOs in 1969. After 22 years they found no evidence of extra-terrestrially visits and no threat to national security."
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At the beginning of the series, the Galactica arrives at Earth in the year 1980. It is said by Adama that their voyage has taken 30 years which means that the events of Battlestar Galactica took place around 1950 in Earth time. However, at the very end of the original series (in the episode "The Hand of God"), the Galactica receives a television transmission that shows the 1969 Apollo moon landing. Since the fleet's journey to Earth had only started a few months prior, it means that the events of Battlestar Galactica must have taken place at least in the late 1960s Earth time.
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Captain Troy: [after taking off in a Viper from the Galactica] Well, how did you like that?
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so what happens to starbuck in the final episode?
Since this was the last episode, there is no answer, it's left to your imagination. However Starbuck has got a Cylon ship with which to escape the planet he was marooned on and attempt to rejoin the fleet.
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