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89 min | Germany:100 min
Comedy | Crime
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Michael Hoffman
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-11-21
Filming Locations: London Heathrow Airport, London Borough of Hillingdon, London, England, UK
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Colin Firth
Harry Deane
Tom Courtenay
The Major
Alan Rickman
Mike Noble
Brodie Ross
Shabandar's Shoot Servant
Alex Macqueen
Mr Dunlop
Joe Berryman
Gas Station Cashier
Ralph Alderman
Rodeo PA Man
Terry Dale Parks
Cowboy 1 (Merle) (as Terence Parks)
Russ Dillen
Cowboy 2
Cloris Leachman
Grandma Merle
Sarah Goldberg
Executive Wilson
Obi Abili
Executive Slazenger
David Danson
Ross Gurney-Randall
Spencer Cummins
Sgt Puznowski
Paul Leonard
Togo Igawa
Paul Clayton
Sweaty Man
Gerard Horan
Mr Knowles
Pip Torrens
Desk Clerk
Julian Rhind-Tutt
Stanley Tucci
Sadao Ueda
Masashi Fujimoto
Bigman Chon
Tanroh Ishida
Japanese Businessman #1
Kenji Watanabe
Japanese Businessman #2
Yoshinori Yamamoto
Japanese Businessman #3
Ryozo Kohira
Japanese Businessman #4
Charlotte Eaton
Selina Cadell
Tommie Earl Jenkins
Couple Husband (as Tee Jaye)
Lorna Brown
Couple Wife
Sam Lathem
Workman (Party)
Helena Flynn
BA Lady
Augustina Amoa
Concierge (uncredited)
Cara Bamford
Business Woman (uncredited)
Tina Borek
Rodeo Spectator (uncredited)
Stephen Brocklehurst
Soldier (uncredited)
Peter Brown
Restaurant Guest (uncredited)
Silvia Crastan
Auctioneer (uncredited)
Eva Dagoo
Savoy Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Luc Eden
Savoy Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Andy Evason
Office Executive (uncredited)
Colin Giles
Workman 2 at the gallery (uncredited)
Shonn Gregory
Business Executive (uncredited)
Will D. Barnes III
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Albert Fry Jr.
Bartender (uncredited)
Teresa Mahoney
Savoy Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Brian Niblett
Auction Attendee / Savoy Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Jaime Powers
Flashy Bar Patron (uncredited)
Kelly Ruble
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Santi Scinelli
Passenger (uncredited)
Atul Sharma
Board Room Executive (uncredited)
Giles Spencer
Art Gallery Visitor (uncredited)
Gary Swan
Savoy Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Sebastian Tarlach
Party Guest (uncredited)
Eva Von Mitzka
Mother (uncredited)
Jon Wennington
Businessman (uncredited)
Did you know?
The film's script went through a considerable re-write to solidify the movie's PG-13 rating.
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Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock, and Ben Kingsley were originally attached to play Harry Deane, PJ Puznowski and Lord Lionel Shabandar.
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Jennifer Aniston was considered for the role of PJ Puznowski.
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In the karaoke scene PJ takes off her hairpin with her right hand while holding the microphone in her left. In the next shot the microphone is in her right hand and the hairpin is in her left.
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The Major: [narrating] Mr. Deane, for all his talents, was given to one particular flaw. He saw the world as he wished to see it. But as we know, an optimist is simply a man who hasn't heard the news. As my time in the African Rifles had taught me, one ignores the elephant in the room at one's peril.
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The Major: [narrating] This is the story of my brave, foolish friend Harry Deane. Mr. Deane's work as a curator in London had gone, he felt, largely unappreciated. He told me of countless insults suffered at the hands of his employer, Lionel Shahbandar, media tycoon, art collector, and an absolute brute of a fellow.
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Lionel Shahbandar: [Preparing to have dinner with Japanese businessmen] As I said, these dinners can be difficult.
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Photos from cast
Cameron Diaz Anna Skellern