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85 min | Germany:92 min | Hong Kong:103 min (original premiere) | Hong Kong:125 min | Hong Kong:54 min (current existing footage) | Japan:115 min | Japan:40 min (2000 incomplete version) | USA:97 min (digital release) | USA:110 min (original premiere)
Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Robert Clouse
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 1979-06-08
Filming Locations: Hong Kong, China
Gross: HKD 3,436,169 (Hong Kong) ( 1978)
Biao Yuen
Biao Yuen
Game of Death
Bruce Lee
Billy Lo
Colleen Camp
Ann Morris
Dean Jagger
Dr. Land
Gig Young
Jim Marshall
Tai Chung Kim
Billy Lo
Robert Wall
Carl Miller
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Mel Novak
Hugh O'Brian
James Tien
Charlie Wang
Dan Inosanto
Chuck Norris
Roy Chiao
Henry Lo
Russell Cawthorne
Casanova Wong
Lau Yea-chun
Han Jae Ji
Yuan Chieh
Sammo Kam-Bo Hung
Lo Chen
Stephen Chang
Ming Tao
Warwick Paul Evans
Ringside Commentator
Jim James
Robert Kerver
Taky Kimura
John Ladalski
Carl Miller's second
Chia Yung Liu
Andre Morgan
Betty Ting Pei
Bolo Yeung
(as Yeung See)
Wah Yuen
Lo Chen's second
Robert Baker
Fighter (closing credits)
Robert Clouse
Carl's Second #1 (uncredited)
Christopher Kent
Billy Lo
Ching-Ying Lam
Macau fighter
Kun Li
(archive footage) (uncredited)
Thug (uncredited)
Nora Miao
(archive footage) (uncredited)
Ing-Sik Whang
Maria Yi
(archive footage) (uncredited)
Did you know?
The inspiration for progressively ascending a pagoda tower to fight opponents was originally featured in Chang Cheh's swordplay epic 'Bao Biao (1969)' aka 'Have Sword Will Travel' written by resident Shaw Brother screenwriter Kuang Ni.
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Director Robert Clouse wrote the script under the pseudonym Jan Spears.
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In this movie, Bruce Lee's character is shot with a prop gun that was secretly made to fire a real bullet and kill him. Lee's son, Brandon, was killed on the set of The Crow (1994), when a prop pistol accidentally shot him in the abdomen.
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When Billy is proceeding to Hakim's level, on the bottom of the staircase, you see Chiech Yuan's body appear out of the blue. Same with when he was fighting the gold belt judo master. At the beginning of when they were fighting, there was no at the bottom but then when Billy is proceeding to the next level, it appears
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At the beginning of the movie when Billy, Anne and Jim Marshall were talking, Marshall told Billy that Charlie Wang was fished out of the harbour the next day but right when Billy goes to fight Hakim, behind him you see Charlie's dead body lying there.
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In the nunchaku scene when Billy and Pasqual are dueling, Billy's second nunchaku bends, revealing it to be foam rubber.
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Billy Lo: You lose Carl Miller!
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Hai Tien: [Original Dialouge] Do you speak any Enlgish?
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Steiner: You've got till tomorrow morning to call us. It's the last time we're gonna ask Billy.
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What are the differences between the old British VHS and the Uncensored Version?
In the time of VHS all Bruce Lee classics were only released as more or less censored versions in the UK. As one can imagine, the nunchakus used by Bruce Lee weren't popular with the censors of the BBFC and in Game of Death the fighting sequence on the first floor at the end of the movie had to be removed. This combined with the already very few appearances of the real Bruce Lee make the VHS-release a complete dealbreaker. Besides that, some other short scenes that contain easily imitable fighting moves, such as blows against one's temple, headbutts or testicle squeezing also had to be removed. Worth noting are several scenes from the opening and closing credits where such shots have been replaced with "freeze-frame" images to bridge the time difference. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
If Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Was Only In The Archive Footage, Why Is He In Some Scenes That Were Never Filmed On The Archive Footage?
Just like Bruce Lee, He also had cut-out boards of him. If you watch closely though, you can see in the scenes of him that aren't inside the Pagoda, he does not move at all. In addition, a stand-in, whose face was hidden by dark sunglasses and shadows, was used as was done with Lee (although Abdul-Jabber did record his own dialogue which was then lip-synched by the stand-in). In Lees original story line all of the guardians of the pagoda are seen in combat training outside (the pagoda) in broad daylight with one exception "Kareem" who could not leave (the pagoda) because he was blind! which worked really well into the script by keeping his identity secret because he was the unknown opponent with a weakness. Did you know there were 3 clues to Kareem's blindness in The Game of Death, the first clue is that he wore dark glasses in a dark environment (a room lit only by candlelight) which worked really well because many black men do ware dark glasses regardless, the second clue the floor below Kareem's (the temple of gold) was lit only by red light so no harmful white light would enter into his floor, and the third clue was that Kareem is the only guardian who is never seen outside the pagoda because he couldn't leave it! Bruce Lee (Hai Tein) could not figure any of this out untill he smashed the pagoda widows by mistake. Would, could anyone out there work that out?
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