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Get Him to the Greek

109 min | 114 min (unrated version)
Comedy | Music
IMDB rate:
Nicholas Stoller
13 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010-06-04
Filming Locations: 550 S. Flower St, Los Angeles, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $17,570,955 (USA) (6 June 2010)
Gross: $60,923,325 (USA) (8 August 2010)
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera
Get Him to the Greek
Tonya Kay
Tonya Kay
Get Him to the Greek
Russell Brand
Aldous Snow
Rose Byrne
Jackie Q
Tyler McKinney
African Child in Video
Lino Facioli
Lars Ulrich
Lars Ulrich
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez
Billy Bush
Billy Bush
Kurt Loder
Kurt Loder
Colm Meaney
Jonathan Snow
Ray Siegle
Paparazzo in LA
Chad Cleven
Paparazzo in LA
Jonathan Chris Lopez
Paparazzo in LA
Vero Felice Monti
Paparazzo in LA
Danny O'Leary
Danny O'Leary
Jonah Hill
Aaron Green
Elisabeth Moss
Daphne Binks
Aziz Ansari
Sean Combs
Kali Hawk
Nick Kroll
Brandon Johnson
Pinnacle Executive
Ivan Shaw
Pinnacle Executive
Ellie Kemper
Pinnacle Executive
Jake Johnson
Jazz Man
Da'Vone McDonald
Sergio's Security Guard (as Davone McDonald)
Derek Ressallat
Dr. Coltrane
Karl Theobald
Duffy Servant Dude
Dinah Stabb
Lena Snow
Gee Sekweyama
Aldous's Mate in London
Jamie Sives
Aldous's Mate in London
Tom Felton
Tom Felton
Zoe Richards
Club Girl in London
Jessica Ellerby
Club Girl in London
Tony Van Silva
Old Man on Bike
Meddy Ford
Party Girl in Limo
Rebecca Kinder
Party Girl in Limo
Jim Piddock
Limousine Driver in London
Kristen Bell
Sarah Marshall
Ricky Schroder
Ricky Schroder
Ryan Shiraki
Rianna the Hairdresser
José Ramón Rosario
Limousine Driver in NY (as Jose Ramon Rosario)
Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams
Kristen Schaal
Today Show Production Assistant
Meredith Vieira
Meredith Vieira
Sean Mannion
Today Show Sound Guy
David Auerbach
Today Show Stage Manager
Howard Strawbridge
Today Show Lighting Director (as Howard F. Strawbridge)
Stephen G. Lucas
Today Show Director
Paul Krugman
Lenny Widegren
Infant Sorrow Guitarist
Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Infant Sorrow Keyboardist / Guitarist (as Roger Manning Jr.)
Sean Hurley
Infant Sorrow Bassist
Victor Indrizzo
Infant Sorrow Drummer
Ato Essandoh
Smiling African Drummer
Bashiri Johnson
African Percussionist
Kimati Dinizulu
African Percussionist
Gary Fritz
African Percussionist
Jelani Johnson
African Percussionist
Daoud Woods
African Percussionist
Sheldon Goode
African Percussionist
Mauwena Kodjovi
African Percussionist
Rich Child
Today Show Audience Member (as Richard Child)
Caroline Limata
Today Show Audience Member
John J. Schneider
Today Show Audience Member
Aurora Nonas-Barnes
Oak Room Girl
Jennifer Perry
Flirtatious Party Girl
Lindsey Broad
Pocket Dial Girl
Nicole Sciacca
Dancer at Nightclub in NY
Thomas Nowell
S&M Guy Who Looks Like Moby
Duane Sequira
Drug Dealer in NY
Ronald J. Garner
TSA Agent at JFK
Joyful Drake
Sergio's Baby Mama
Francesca DelBanco
Admiral Club Attendant
T.J. Miller
Brian the Concierge
Neal Brennan
Guy at Brian's House
Stephanie Faracy
Brian Duprey
Frank Look-Alike
Kyle Diamond
Sammy Look-Alike
Thomas R. Wallek
Joey Look-Alike
Drew Anthony Carrano
Dean Look-Alike
Kelly Ann Buckman
Waitress in Vegas
Giusy Castiglione
Lap Dancer in Vegas (as Giuseppina Castiglione)
Christine Nguyen
Lap Dancer in Vegas (as Christine T. Nguyen)
Diana Terranova
Lap Dancer in Vegas
Ava Vassileva
Topless Party Girl
Carla Gallo
Carlos Jacott
Navigator Driver in Vegas
Rino Romano
Announcer (voice)
Joe Benson
DJ (voice)
Sarah Haskins
Girl in Crowd at Standard Hotel
Andrew Burlinson
Hipster in Crowd at Standard Hotel
Tom Chadwick
Tom the Assistant
Mike Viola
Furry Walls Rhythm Guitarist
Dan Rothchild
Furry Walls Bassist
Dayton Knoll
VH1 Storyteller Audience Member
Chris J. Evans
VH1 Storyteller Audience Member
Hannah Cowley
VH1 Storyteller Audience Member
Hannah Schick
VH1 Storyteller Audience Member
Megan Presley
VH1 Storyteller Audience Member
Don Abernathy
Fan at Concert
George Aloi
Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Steve Antonucci
Today Show Fan (uncredited)
Charlotte Atkinson
Hot Girl Kissing Jackie Q (uncredited)
Austin Auger
Pit Fan (uncredited)
Bobby Bank
Photographer (uncredited)
Rob Beddall
Man in the crowd (uncredited)
Elena Beuca
Michael Bravo
Strip Pedestrian (uncredited)
John Smith Burnside
Rat Pack Show Patron (uncredited)
Elisar Cabrera
Fan at Concert
Aiden Cardei
Concert Goer
Sheryl Chambers
Angry Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Patty Chong
Club Patron (uncredited)
Amy Clarke
Groupie at Gig (uncredited)
Peter Conboy
Soccer Coach (uncredited)
Tyler Corbin
Dancing Fan (uncredited)
Chris J. Cullen
Fan (uncredited)
Timothy Currie
Clap Singer #1 (uncredited)
Daniela Dakich
Aldous Groupie (uncredited)
Tracy Dali
Dancer (uncredited)
DeRay Davis
Sugar Bones (uncredited)
Tyler Matthew Davis
Dancer (uncredited)
Cody Deal
Strip Club Patron (uncredited)
Michael Dean
Crazed Fan (uncredited)
Aaron Dissell
Sergio's Angry Club Friend (uncredited)
Ezra Edmond
Sorrow Sucker
Vanessa Elgrichi
Waitress (uncredited)
Ibrahim Elkest
Mad Patient (uncredited)
Vincent Ferro
Fan (uncredited)
Gregory George Frank
Documentary Director (uncredited)
Rupert Frazer
Famous Author (uncredited)
Lanette Fugit
Sexy Street Walker (uncredited)
Anat Gerber
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Marc C. Geschwind
Las Vegas Paparazzi (uncredited)
Lisa Gifford
Girl in Crowd (uncredited)
Vaughn Goland
Rock 'n Roll Guy (uncredited)
Alma S. Grey
Nurse Daphne in Video (uncredited)
Courtney Hart
Audience Member (uncredited)
Lonnie Henderson
American Solider (uncredited)
Mike Hennessey
Frustrated Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Lee Eric Hill
Richard Hochman
Marcus Hopkins
College Student (uncredited)
Robert Scott Howard
Annie Hsu
Club Patron In New York (uncredited)
Amber Jenkins
Rock 'n' Roll Girl
Jill Jordan
Entourage Girl (uncredited)
Benjamin Kanes
Singing Concert Fan (uncredited)
Tanzeel Kayani
Aldous Snow Fan
Kristen Marie Kelly
Obsessed Fan (uncredited)
Dwayne Kennedy
Club Goer Doing the Robot (uncredited)
Katia Kieling
Aldous Snow Fan
Elizabeth Ann Koshak
Concert Attendee (uncredited)
Jay Krymis
Vegas Paparazzi (uncredited)
Anna Kuchma
Concert Fan
Raymond Lee
Christopher James Legaspi
Concert Fan
Mark Anthony Lopez
Fan (uncredited)
Natalina Maggio
Hot Club Dancer (uncredited)
Meghan Markle
Stephanie Mathis
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Dean Mauro
Rat Pack (uncredited)
Amanda McAulay
Clap Singer #3 (uncredited)
Mycole Metcalf
Lady in Red (uncredited)
Stéphanie Montreux
Crazed Fan (uncredited)
CaTina Murillo
Aldous Fan
Jeremy Nahmiash
Fan (uncredited)
Hyacinth Nier
Party Girl (uncredited)
Chris Nuñez
Keyboardist (uncredited)
Toshiko Onizawa
Party Girl at Lounge (uncredited)
David Orpheus
Club goer (uncredited)
Jim Pacitti
First Class Passenger (uncredited)
Wayan Blue Palmieri
Concert Fan
Erin Pickett
Concert Goer
Kristina Plisko
Sorrow Sucker
Thomas J. Post
Paparazzi in Las Vegas (uncredited)
Gina Rados
Adoring Fan (uncredited)
Christina Riegert
Buffet Patron (uncredited)
Joan Riegert
Bride at Buffet
Rachael Riegert
Bride at Buffet
Daniel Robaire
Drunk Bachelor (uncredited)
Jessica Rockwell
Waitress (uncredited)
Kirsten Roeters
Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Heather Rose
Concert Fan
Jonathan Ryland
Servant Dude (uncredited)
Nicholle Sanchez
Robert Seay
Harry L. Seddon
Soccer Referee (uncredited)
Christiana Simon
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Jera Sky
Sorrow Sucker
Mr. Snake
Roadie (uncredited)
Dee Snider
Dee Snider
Tom Spano
Bachelor Party Member (uncredited)
Wilson Stiner
Pit Fan (uncredited)
Karen Summerton
Clap Singer (uncredited)
Crystal Lane Swift Ferguson
Concert Fan
Derek Theler
Standard Guest (uncredited)
Julia Tokarz
Aldous Snow Fan
Alexander Tzavalas
Concert Fan
Ethan Walker
Bachelor (uncredited)
Magali Widmer
Dancer (uncredited)
Chris Wilson
London Executive (uncredited)
Brianna Womick
Sergio's Dancer (uncredited)
Did you know?
A 4.0 earthquake occurred during the filming of a scene between Aaron and Daphne. The quake and Jonah Hill's startled reaction were captured in the take and included in the DVD's gag reel.
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The Greek Theatre's marquee includes Bob and the Yeoman, a reference to director of photography Robert D. Yeoman.
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The photo Aldous pulls out of himself as a young, chubby boy is an actual photo of Russell Brand as a child. It features in his autobiography "My Bookywook".
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The night of his concert at The Greek, Aldous suffers a compound fracture in his left arm where bones are sticking out of his skin. At the Storytellers concert six months later, he has no visible scars on his arm.
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When Aaron is at the hospital asking Daphne to get coffee, there are some X-rays in the background. The lower one is upside down (chest X-ray, lateral view).
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When Aldous and Aaron leave London to fly to New York, a twin engined Boeing 767 shown. However when they land in New York, a four engined Boeing 747 is shown landing. London to New York flights tend to be nonstop, so they wouldn't have changed planes. Also when they fly to Vegas, they take off in a Boeing 757 and land in an Airbus A320, and the planes have different company liveries.
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Sergio Roma: Stop smiling like that. You look like an 8 year old who just discovered his first boner.
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Sergio Roma: Shut up. Don't speak.
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Aldous Snow: This is it, Aaron. This is rock n' roll. Did you enjoy the party?
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Is "Get Him to the Greek" based on a book?
No. Get Him to the Greek is sequel to the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), both of which were directed by English-American director Nicholas Stoller, who also co-wrote the screenplay for Get Him to the Greek.
How much sex, violence, and profanity are in this movie?
For detailed information about the amounts and types of (a) sex and nudity, (b) violence and gore, (c) profanity, (d) alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and (e) frightening and intense scenes in this movie, consult the IMDb Parents Guide for this movie. The Parents Guide for Get Him to the Greek can be found here.
A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
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