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120 min | USA:126 min (unrated version) | South Korea:105 min | Germany:117 min (dvd release) | Argentina:126 min
Biography | Drama
IMDB rate:
Michael Cristofer
Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 8 wins & 12 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-01-31
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Elizabeth Mitchell
Eric Michael Cole
Louis Giambalvo
Joe Carangi
John Considine
Bruce Cooper
Scott Cohen
Mike Mansfield
Edmund Genest
Mercedes Ruehl
Kathleen Carangi
Faye Dunaway
Wilhelmina Cooper
Holly Baker
Emergency Room Nurse
Joe Basile
Disco Doorman Tony
Rick Batalla
Hispanic Stylist Phillipe
Lombardo Boyar
Hood #2
Jullian Dulce Vida
Hood #3 (as Julio Dolce Vita)
Brian Donovan
Junkie at Shooting Gallery
Alexander Enberg
Chris von Wagenheim
Vylette Fagerholm
Blonde Philadelphia Model (as Vylétte Jezél Fãgerholm)
Guido Foehrweisser
German Makeup Artist
Scott Genkinger
Philadelphia Photographer
Judy Gillett
Beverly - Model
Johnny Green
Gia's Brother Joey (as Johnny Green Jr.)
Cee Cee Michaela
Winter - Model (as Cee-Cee Harshaw)
Meleney Humphrey
Booker #1
Tim Hutchinson
T.V. Interviewer
Michelle Jonas
Vogue Assistant #1
Steve Larson
Drug Dealer in Alley
Drinda Lalumia
Booker #3 (as Drinda La Lumia)
Shelby Leverington
Woman at Funeral
Allison Mackie
Red Dress Designer
Norman Merrill
Doctor in Aids Ward
Tricia O'Neil
Vogue Editor
Sam Pancake
Francesco Stylist #1
Adina Porter
Girl at Group Therapy
Joan Pringle
Therapist at Rehab
Michael E. Rodgers
Red Dress Photographer
Holly Sampson
Amy - Model
Paul Sandman
Vogue Assistant #2
Antony Sandoval
John Casablancas
John-Clay Scott
Phillipe Simon
Fashion Show Manager
Alexis Smart
Jenny - Model
Nick Spano
Gia's Brother Michael
Lisa Stothard
Lisa - Model in Limo
Jason Stuart
Booker #2
Samantha Torres
Patty - Model
Nick Toth
Man in Elevator
Jennie Vaughn
Francesco Stylist #2
Torsten Voges
German Photographer
James Haven
Young Man on Sansom Street (as James Haven Voight)
Lynn Wanlass
Methadone Clinic Nurse
Audrey Wasilewski
Wilhelmina's Receptionist
Christian Wienker
Long Haired Guy at Disco
Chuck Zito
Harley Biker
Carlos Campos
Club Patron (uncredited)
Louis Campos
Club Patron (uncredited)
Adam Carrera
Limo Driver (uncredited)
Rebekah Chaney
Supermodel (uncredited)
Alexandra Pauley
Italian Hairdresser (uncredited)
Jill Sharp
Luanne (uncredited)
Did you know?
In August 2014, Mr. Skin placed Angelina Jolie's nudity from the movie at #3 on their list of "The Top 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes of All Time".
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This movie is mentioned in the opening crawl of the Star Wars parody Family Guy: Blue Harvest (2007). Mila Kunis, who plays one of the younger versions of Gia, is a voiceover actress on "Family Guy" (1999).
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When Gia kicks her mother out of her apartment, she throws her bags all over the hallway. Her mother assembles some bags by the elevator and waits. In the next shot, the bags are rearranged, and her mother is holding some of them, though only a few seconds have passed.
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When young Gia writes in her journal, she's right-handed. But older Gia is a lefty.
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The letter "G" that Gia carves on the receptionist's desk.
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Kathleen Carangi: Know that old joke, how can you tell when a junkie's lying? Her lips are moving? It's not funny.
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Gia Carangi: I could learn photography. That could be something to want. I could photograph children. I could have my own children. I would give them yellow roses. And if they got too loud, I would just put them some place quiet. Put them in the oven. And I would kiss them every day, and tell them you don't have to be anybody, because I would know that being somebody doesn't make you anybody anyway.
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Joseph Carangi: No matter how screwed up our lives may be, we gotta take care of our children.
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What are the differences between the R-Rated and Unrated Version?
The Unrated Version features more nudity and lesbianism. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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Photos from cast
Angelina Jolie Mila Kunis Kylie Travis