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121 min
Comedy | Crime | Romance
IMDB rate:
Martin Brest
7 wins & 6 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-08-01
Filming Locations: Culver Studios - 9336 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
Budget: $54,000,000
Opening Weekend: $3,753,518 (USA) (3 August 2003)
Gross: $6,068,735 (USA) (17 August 2003)
Ben Affleck
Larry Gigli
Terry Camilleri
Man in Dryer (as Terrence Camilleri)
David Backus
Laundry Customer
Lenny Venito
Robert Silver
Man in Debt
Luis Alberto Martínez
Adult Care Resident
Justin Bartha
Jennifer Lopez
Christopher Walken
Det. Stanley Jacobellis
Todd Giebenhain
High School Kid #1
Brian Sites
High School Kid #2
Brian Casey
High School Kid #3
Les Bradford
High School Kid #4
David Bonfadini
High School Kid #5
Dwight Ketchum
High School Kid #6 (as Dwight P. Ketchum)
Lainie Kazan
Missy Crider
Peter Van Norden
Morgue Attendant
Alexandra Fatovich
Packing Store Clerk (as Alex Fatovich)
Al Pacino
David Pressman
Assistant Director
Theresa Barbosa-Adams
Beach Dancer
Kelly Cooper
Beach Dancer
R.J. Durell
Beach Dancer (as RJ Durell)
Shaun Earl
Beach Dancer
Nadine Ellis
Beach Dancer
Samuel Givens
Beach Dancer (as Samuel Luis Givens)
Hunter Hamilton
Beach Dancer
Stacey Harper
Beach Dancer
Zach Hensler
Beach Dancer
Scott Hislop
Beach Dancer
Robert Hoffman
Beach Dancer
Dondraico Johnson
Beach Dancer (as Dondraico L. Johnson)
Elaine Klimaszewski
Beach Dancer
Melanie Lewis
Beach Dancer
Brooke Long
Beach Dancer
Kim McSwain
Beach Dancer
Mark Meismer
Beach Dancer
Ross Mulholland
Beach Dancer
Jenni Oborne
Beach Dancer
Brandi Oglesby
Beach Dancer (as Brandi Olgesby)
Zeke Ruelas
Beach Dancer
Robert Schultz
Beach Dancer
Jenny Seeger
Beach Dancer
Matt Sergott
Beach Dancer
Jeri Slaughter
Beach Dancer
Megan Stephens
Beach Dancer
Jenny Lynn Suckling
Beach Dancer
Giggi Yazicioglu
Beach Dancer (as Giggi Thesman)
Lisa Thompson
Beach Dancer
Nikki Tuazon
Beach Dancer
Salvatore Vassallo
Beach Dancer
Robert Vinson
Beach Dancer
Kevin Wilson
Beach Dancer
Tara Wilson
Beach Dancer
Tovaris Wilson
Beach Dancer
Did you know?
In March 2006 FX Networks started airing commercials hyping the premiere of Gigli on the network. The commercials seemed to play off the negative media attention by including lines like "The most talked about movie you never saw."
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There are many scenes from the trailer that do not appear in the film. 0:07 - Talking with Larry's mother.0:11 - Larry in a jumpsuit, walking toward man in car. Ricki and Brian watch from other car.0:17 - Larry talks more with his mother.0:27 - Brian making noises with a straw in a diner.1:46 - Ricki in car, in a driving scene not present in film.2:03 - Ricki and Larry are at some kind of junkyard it seems.2:06 - Larry and Brian at a diner, talking to one another.2:10 - Larry putting his hands in his palm, looking kinda sad.2:12 - More junkyard footage, not to mention Larry mentioning a confession to Ricki in a diner scene not present in the film.2:16 - Ricki walking away from Larry, looking sad. She has a backpack over her shoulder.2:21 - More junkyard footage.This all ties into the rumor that Martin Brest had an original, much more dark and violent 160 minute version of the film. It has been claimed that this cut had Larry being killed at the end by Christopher Walken's character. However, with the tabloid craze of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, the studio forced director Brest into deleting almost 40 minutes of footage and re-writing / re-shooting many sequences to make it a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, there is no news if this original cut will ever be released on DVD.
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Halle Berry was originally going to act opposite Ben Affleck, but ended up dropping out.
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After shooting Louis, Starkman sets the gun on the coffee table. It appears he never picks the gun up again, and as he goes behind the loveseat he doesn't have a gun in his hand, but as he walks behind Larry and Ricki he suddenly has the gun in his right hand.
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Ricki chides Larry for not having a book (nor anything else) to read to Brian. Resulting in Larry instead reading the ingredients of a bottle of Tabasco Sauce to Brian. Yet Ricki herself, has a book in later scenes.
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When Starkman shoots Louis, the aquarium behind him is spattered with his blood, yet it is otherwise undamaged by the bullet that ostensibly exited Louis' head.
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Mother: Remember you two, keep an open mind because you never know!
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Larry Gigli: You see, after all is said and done, the only thing you can be really sure of, the only thing you can really count on in this world, is that you just never fucking know.
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Larry Gigli: Yeah?
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Is this regarded as the worst film ever made?
At the time of its release it was slammed by critics, stand-up comedians and even the stars of the film. It also swept most of the Razzie Awards that it was nominated for; however, there are far worse films out there. All you have to do is look for them. This is only #88 on IMDb's Bottom 100."Worst film" claims are always subjective, and this film is far from the worst thing ever made. However Gigli might legitimately be regarded as the worst "A-list" film ever made (along with Battlefield Earth).Films made by a fertilizer salesman in Texas (Manos: The Hands of Fate) are not expected to be good, nor are Paris Hilton movies or cheap horror films with no-name casts.But Gigli was pure "A-list" down the line. It had Oscar nominee Martin Brest directing Oscar winner Ben Affleck and "IT" girl of the time Jennifer Lopez (who had already demonstrated she was--at least--a competent actress) with a $54 million budget. The technical team also had multiple Oscar noms and films like Top Gun, Magnolia, and Erin Brockovich behind them.So how and why this film went so horribly wrong is a mystery. How none of these highly skilled people failed to recognize what a dire mess they were creating is also unknown. (Perhaps director Brest has the time to answer this, as he hasn't worked since.)So while Gigli may not be the absolute worst film ever made, it does deserve the enormous scorn that was heaped upon it.
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