Girls Will Be Girls
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Girls Will Be Girls

79 min
Comedy | Romance
IMDB rate:
Richard Day
5 wins
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-07-05
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $14,361 (USA) (12 October 2003)
Gross: $147,235 (USA) (14 December 2003)
Jack Plotnick
Clinton Leupp
Coco (as Coco Peru)
Jeffery Roberson
Varla / Marla
Ron Mathews
Eric Stonestreet
Dr. Benson
Hamilton von Watts
Dana Gould
Chad Lindsey
Dr. Perfect
Gregg Whitney
Asteroid Actor (as Greg Whitney)
Dennis Hensley
Speci-mercial Director
Sam Pancake
Jamie Malone
Young Stevie
Lurie Poston
Young Varla
Michael Stoyanov
Michael (as Mike Stoyanov)
Jesus Fuentes
Nurse (as Jay Fuentes)
Richard Ahren
Burn Victim (as Rich Ahren)
Kris Andersson
Edward Tunney
Guy on Street
Cliff Curry
Nathan LePage
Michael Warwick
Christopher Isaacson
Waitress (as Chris Isaacson)
Just Jan
Whore at Restaurant
Richard Day
John at Restaurant
Sir Tony
John in Alley
Mort Kessler
Aaron Emmett
Pat Towne
Announcer Voices (voice)
Ginger Snaps
Magazine Cover Cher
Raphael Louis Marino
Magazine Cover Madonna
Did you know?
During Varla's commercial for "Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready" dinners, the complete warning reads: "Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready is sold as a novelty item and is not intended for human consumption. Side effects of ingestion can included cancer, bleeding, enlargement of the heart, and second degree burns along the rectal cavity resulting in irreversible incontinence. Neither Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready nor it's parent company Overlord Conglomerates, is responsible for any injuries caused by the use, abuse or failure to use our products. Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready resulted in the injury or death of 100 of 100 laboratory animals tested. Users of Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready acknowledge through their use of said product, awareness of these deaths and the fact that these deaths were protracted and excruciatingly painful. Ingestion of Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready is consider an act of suicide and is therefore illegal in California, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and the European Union. Bizzy Gal Dinner's Ready contains trace elements of plutonium and as such is classified as raw weapons material under Pentagon Rule 3."
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The film cost $400,000 to make.
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According to the director/cast commentary on the DVD, there were no actual women performing in the film. All female characters, including extras and the models for the magazine covers of Cher and Madonna, are performed by men in drag.
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The amount of cream on Varla's face while talking to Laurent outside during dinner changes between shots.
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During the Varla/Laurant diner scene, if you look under Varla's arm, you can see the store security tag attached to her sweater. According to the DVD commentary, the clerk forgot to take it off and they were short for time on the shoot.
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Evie: Then what is it?
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Dr. Benson: [to Coco, who has just walked in on him having sex with Evie] This is kind of its own punishment.
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Evie: Hi, Jeff? You rammed into me today and I want seconds.
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Photos from cast
Mark Cirillo