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Howard Deutch
Nominated for Primetime Emmy. Another 1 win & 5 nominations
Country: Canada
Release Date: 2002-10-13
Filming Locations: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Brad Garrett
Jackie Gleason
Saul Rubinek
George 'Bullets' Durgom
Gretchen Egolf
Genevieve Halford
Kristen Dalton
Audrey Meadows
Michael Chieffo
Art Carney
Danny Wells
Jack L. Warner
Mark Camacho
Sammy Birch
Jason Blicker
Sol Friedman
Vlasta Vrana
Toots Shor
Shawn Lawrence
William S. Paley
Kevin Dunn
Jack Philbin - Gleason's manager
Terry Farrell
Marilyn Taylor
Paula Jean Hixson
Mae Gleason
Jack Langedijk
Herb Gleason
Jake Brockman
Young Jackie Gleason
Lisa Bronwyn Moore
Pert Kelton
Amy Sloan
Geraldine Halford
Richard Jutras
Movie Director
Tim Post
Police Officer
Michelle Johnston
June Taylor
Joe Cobden
Coleman Jacoby
Robert Higden
Shawn Baichoo
Lawrence Anthony Smythe
Vaudeville Performer
Claudia Besso
CBS Costumer
Jane Gilchrist
Matronly Mother
Ross Wilson
Theater Director
Johanna Nutter
Joyce Randolph
Tony Calabretta
Club Miami Barman
Vincent Leclerc
Police Officer in Dream
Pauline Little
Motel Manager in Dream
Jayne Heitmeyer
Call Girl
Dino Valiotis
Assistant Director
Joel McNichol
Cavalcade of Stars Stage Manager
Richard Dumont
Cavalcade of Stars Announcer
Kim Feeney
Date at Toot's
Howard Bilerman
Terence Bowman
Limo Driver
Matt Holland
Movie AD
Pierre Lenoir
CBS Announcer
Barry Julien
CBS Stage Manager
Arthur Holden
Maitre D'
Marc Boiteax
Brian Wrench
CBS Executive
Al Vandecruys
Halsey Emcee
Nadia David
Buxom Blond
Robert Burns
Reporter #1
David Schaap
Reporter #2
Sam Stone
Director /
Kevin Woodhouse
Assistant Director
Diana Diaz
June Taylor / Cavalcade Dancer
Kathryn Kriitmaa
June Taylor / Cavalcade Dancer
Kristella Diotte
June Taylor Dancer
Caroline Gervais
June Taylor Dancer
Nancy Loof
June Taylor Dancer
Vanessa Larocque
June Taylor Dancer
Mabel Palomino
June Taylor Dancer
Maud Saint-Germain
June Taylor Dancer
Claudia Tiseo
Call Girl
Carrie Colak
Dancer (uncredited)
Elizabeth Marleau
Make-up Girl (uncredited)
France Viens
Dancer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Producer/star Brad Garrett and director Howard Deutch agreed to pay make-up artist Greg Cannom's salary when the network balked at the size of his fee.
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Brad Garrett and Howard Deutch paid Dave Boone to do an uncredited re-write of the entire script to get it in shape for shooting.
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Brad Garrettat a smidge over 6'8", is about nine inches taller than Jackie Gleason was. To compensate, other actors who shared scenes with Garrett wore platform shoes that would make everyone seem proportionate.
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Gleason is shown being fired from Navy Blues in 1949 or 1950. In real life, the film premiered in 1941 and he was not fired. Also, Cavalcade of Stars was not his TV debut. He starred in the short-lived series The Life of Riley.
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Gleason is shown receiving a package of photos from his father who abandoned him as a child. In real life, Gleason never heard from his father again after he left the family.
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The opening scene is eastablished as being 1924. When Jackie and his father return from the theater, Herb Gleason offers Jackie a nickel with Monticello on the reverse side - a Jefferson nickel. This design wasn't minted until 1938.
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