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Goal! The Dream Begins

118 min
Drama | Romance | Sport
IMDB rate:
Danny Cannon
1 win & 6 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-05-12
Filming Locations: Brentford F.C, Griffin Park, Brentford, Middlesex, England, UK
Budget: $10,000,000
Opening Weekend: $1,921,838 (USA) (14 May 2006)
Gross: $4,280,577 (USA) (6 August 2006)
Kuno Becker
Kuno Becker
Goal! The Dream Begins
Sean Pertwee
Sean Pertwee
Goal! The Dream Begins
Leonardo Guerra
10-Year-Old Santiago
Tony Plana
Hernan Munez
Miriam Colon
Jorge Cervera
Herman Chavez
Alfredo Rodríguez
Donald Li
Chinese Restaurant Manager
Kate Tomlinson
Jake Johnson
Zachary Johnson
Stephen Dillane
Glen Foy
Jonathan Hernandez
Alessandro Nivola
Gavin Harris
Cassandra Bell
Rhydian Jones
Sales Person
Marcel Iures
Erik Dornhelm
Christopher Connel
Reporter 1
Peter Michael McGowan
Reporter 2
Andy Hawthorne
Immigration Official 1
Michael Gunn
Immigration Official 2
Ashlea Sanderson
Alex Parkin-Goodchild
Kid 1
Calum Aynsley
Kid 2
Christopher Fairbank
Craig Heaney
Jack McBride
Robert Dixon
Bobby Redfern
Anna Friel
Roz Harmison
Kieran O'Brien
Hughie McGowan
Gary Lewis
Mal Braithwaite
Ashley Walters
Carl Francis
Kevin Knapman
Jamie Drew
Lee Ross
Stephen Graham
Andy Kidd
Alan Shearer
Emma Field-Rayner
Martin Tyler
Brian Lonsdale
Glynis Brooks
Cleaner 1
Maxine Evans
Cleaner 2
Blondell Taylor
Daniel Maier
Frances Barber
Carol Harmison
Madeleine Moffat
Woman in Tower Block
Louis Lennie
Baden Burns
Nicholas Lumley
Taxi Dispatcher
Mike Elliot
Louise Franklin
Drunk Girl
Leslie Randall
Mr. Ives
Brian Johnson
Greg Ellis
Charlie the Newcastle Fan
Sven-Göran Eriksson
David Beckham
Raúl González
Himself (as Raúl González Blanco)
Zinédine Zidane
Shivani Ghai
Ground Attendant
Danielle E. Hawkins
Cheerleader (as Danielle Hawkins)
Peter Quinn
Football Fan
Peter M. Quinn
Football Fan
Sabri Reyiz
Uzaktan Sut Çeken Adam
Marcus Shultz
Toneey Acevedo
Older Mexican Man (uncredited)
Lasco Atkins
Football Supporter
Kelsey Barney
Cheerleader #6 (uncredited)
Adam Baroni
Newcastle UTD Reserve Player (uncredited)
Milan Baros
Himself (uncredited)
Rafael Benítez
Himself (uncredited)
Ayden Callaghan
Newcastle Reserves (uncredited)
Ernesto Cantu
Various (voice) (uncredited)
Alex Castillo
Landscaper (uncredited)
Jordy Cernik
Football Fan (uncredited)
Robyn Cooper
Waitress (uncredited)
Tracy Dali
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Robert Dearle
Football Fan (uncredited)
Kieron Dyer
Himself (uncredited)
Jemma Evans
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Steven Gerrard
Himself (uncredited)
Jack Gustav
Goalkeeper / Himself (uncredited)
Russell Honeywell
Extra - Football Supporter (uncredited)
Ani James
V.I.P (uncredited)
Patrick T. Johns
Newcastle Supporter (uncredited)
Christopher Johnson
Fan Extra (uncredited)
William Scott Johnson
Football Supporter
Lacey Jones
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Jon Kabira
Announcer (uncredited)
Patrick Kluivert
Himself (uncredited)
Dean Knowsley
Police Officer (uncredited)
Du'aine Ladejo
Claudio (uncredited)
Nito Larioza
Soccer Player (uncredited)
Galina Liss
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Neil McDermott
Morrison (uncredited)
James Middlemarch
Rafael Benitez (uncredited)
Yumi Mizui
Chinese Waitress (uncredited)
Ken Mood
Football Supporter
Stephen Nicholas
Newcastle Player (uncredited)
Ed Pearce
St John's Ambulance Worker (uncredited)
Montse Pla
Nurse (uncredited)
Gordon Price
Bar Patron (uncredited)
John Arne Riise
Himself (uncredited)
Peter Rnic
Football Club Chairman (uncredited)
Dirk Smith
Newcastle Managers Assistant (uncredited)
Daniel Sogamoso
Football Fan (uncredited)
Michael Thompson
Newcastle Thug (uncredited)
Wayne Thompson
Press Photographer (uncredited)
Lewis Till
Manchester United Reserve Team Player (uncredited)
Chuen Tsou
Newcastle Supporter (uncredited)
Nick Turner
Footballer (uncredited)
Ren Urano
Chinese Chef (uncredited)
Alexander von Roon
Val's Husband (uncredited)
Howard Webb
Himself (Newcastle vs Liverpool match referee) (uncredited)
Did you know?
The final scene where Santiago scores to win the game against Liverpool F.C. is the actual goal scored by Laurent Robert in real life. It is noticeable that Santiago, a right footed player throughout the movie, shoots with his left foot in this scene.
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The role of main character Santiago was originally going to be played by Diego Luna but he left to work on other projects. Kuno Becker actually called Diego before he took the role to hear Diego's reasons for not taking the role.
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Michael Winterbottom was the original director of the film. Production had actually begun when he left the project because the Producers demanded the script to be finished prior to commencing Principal Photography.
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To play in the English Premiership, if you are from outside the EU, you have to have a work permit. You automatically qualify for one if you have played in 75% of your national teams matches in the past year. Otherwise, you have to go to a tribunal where it has to be shown that you are an outstanding talent that is worthy of a permit. Since he had to basically beg for a trial, it would be highly unlikely that he would win a decision in a tribunal.
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When Santiago is kicking balls into dumpsters in a back alley, he's clearly right footed. However the free-kick he scores against Liverpool at the end of the film is taken by a left footer (Laurent Robert).
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When Dornhelm was trying to explain the importance of passing the ball, he should have two balls with him, but during his second mid-field kick, he still has two balls in his hand.
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Santiago Munez: The only one who can tell me I'm not good enough is you. And even then I may not agree with you.
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Santiago Munez: I don't know where home is.
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Erik Dornhelm: Here we pass the ball, you understand that? We're a unit, not a one-man show. The name on the front of the shirt is more important than the one on the back.
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During the scene when Roz says, "Yeah ya do. It's green an' it's got a goal post at each end" when she smiles, her mouth looks like it is full of blood! The scene is quick but unedited. Any answeres?
I have no answer to this. I've looked at the scene at least 10 times and there it is, it looks like she either just ate a mouthful of red food coloring or she has horrible gingivitis.
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