Gone But Not Forgotten
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Gone But Not Forgotten

150 min | Brazil:180 min | USA:172 min
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Armand Mastroianni
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-04-09
Filming Locations: El Dorado Hills, California, USA
Brooke Shields
Betsy Tannenbaum
Lou Diamond Phillips
Alan Page
Scott Glenn
Martin Darius
Marilu Henner
Nancy Gordon
Robin Riker
Nora Sloane / Samantha Reardon
William Atherton
Sen. Ray Colby
Joe Morton
Reggie Stewart
John Mese
Randy Highsmith
John Prosky
Wayne Turner
Joel McKinnon Miller
Frank Grimsbo
Leigh McCloskey
Det. Barrow (as Leigh J. McCloskey)
Alla Korot
Lisa Darius
Jon Polito
Sam Oberhurst
Charlie Finn
Concetta Tomei
David Lee Smith
Rick Tannenbaum
Brooke Hamlin
Kathy Tannenbaum
Charlie Holliday
Judge Theo Marks
Thomas F. Duffy
Chief O'Malley
John Dybdahl
Henry Waters
Ed Claudio
Doctor Keene
Rod McCary
Mike Ryder
Kimberlee Preish
Melody Lake (as Kimberly Preish)
Richard Gross
Judge Neff
Lee Burns
Russ Miller
Nathalie Geld
Vicki Miller
Gene Davis
Chief Karn (as Eugene M. Davis)
Jonathan Mumm
Anthony Gray
Motel Manager (as Anthony Finocchiaro)
Darryl Armbruster
Officer Eric
Alfred Cerullo
Denice Duff
Lie Detector Tech
Beau Billingslea
Chester Shortridge (as Beau Billingsley)
Michael Emanuel
Paul Reardon
Leslie Chain
Kitty Nimble
Jamie Jones
Sen. Colby's Secretary
John Nielsen
Merrill (as John Nielson)
Michael Ching
James Lee
Robin Lynn Bonaccorsi
Bailiff, Darius Case (as Robin Bonaccorsi)
Rick Crandall
Court Deputy, Darius Case
Christina Mansour
Julianne Gabert
Andy Arness
Uniformed Police Officer (uncredited)
Christa Bella
Reporter (uncredited)
Johann Benét
Driver (uncredited)
Donald Black
Reporter (uncredited)
Johnny Bolton
Eavesdropping Man (uncredited)
Jimmy Bridges
Lawyer in Hallway (uncredited)
Jeffrey T Ferguson
Arresting Officer (uncredited)
Timothy H. James
Crime Scene Investigator (uncredited)
Rocky LaRochelle
Police Technician (uncredited)
Huse Madhavji
Reporter (uncredited)
Daniel Siekman
Paramedic (uncredited)
Owen Thomas
Paramedic (uncredited)
Kim Vath
Chinese Girl Behind Counter (uncredited)
Sherrie La'Marr Wheeler
Real Estate Agent (uncredited)
Mike Wike
Bailiff (uncredited)
David Zahedian
Lawyer in Hallway (uncredited)
When Brooke Shields is looking at old newspaper clippings of the Hunters Point, New York cases, the headlines do not match the stories. One of the articles has the headline about missing women, but the story underneath is about the France Heatwave of 2003. Another headline mentions the case, but the story underneath is about a person being detained at an airport.
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When the camera first shows the dead body of Lisa Darius, the corpse blinks.
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When Alen Page talks on the phone to Gary Shunt (Chief of Police at Hunter's Point) to ask about Nancy Gorden, the Chief tells him that he hasn't heard from Nancy since about six months. Right after the conversation Alan tells one of his man that Nancy has been missing for four months, instead of six.
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Photos from cast
T.J. Castronovo Patty McCormack Paula Trickey