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Grease 2

115 min
Comedy | Drama | Musical | Romance
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Patricia Birch
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1982-06-11
Filming Locations: Cadillac Jack's Cafe - 9400 block San Fernando Road, Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $13,200,000
Opening Weekend: $4,645,411 (USA) (13 June 1982)
Gross: $11,045,234 (USA) (27 June 1982)
Pamela Adlon
Pamela Adlon
Grease 2
Maxwell Caulfield
Michael Carrington
Michelle Pfeiffer
Stephanie Zinone
Lorna Luft
Paulette Rebchuck
Maureen Teefy
Sharon Cooper
Alison Price
Rhonda Ritter
Adrian Zmed
Johnny Nogerelli
Peter Frechette
Louis DiMucci
Christopher McDonald
Goose McKenzie
Leif Green
Davey Jaworski
Didi Conn
Eve Arden
Principal McGee
Sid Caesar
Coach Calhoun
Dody Goodman
Blanche Hodel
Tab Hunter
Mr. Stuart
Dick Patterson
Mr. Spears
Connie Stevens
Miss Mason
Eddie Deezen
Eugene Felnic
Matt Lattanzi
Jean Sagal
Sorority Girl
Liz Sagal
Sorority Girl
Dennis Stewart
Brad Jeffries
Vernon Scott
Henry Dickey
Steve M. Davison
Cycle Lord
Richard Epper
Cycle Lord
Pat Green
Cycle Lord
Freddie Hice
Cycle Lord
Steve Holladay
Cycle Lord
Gary Hymes
Cycle Lord
Michael Runyard
Cycle Lord (as Mike Runyard)
Scott Wilder
Cycle Lord
Helena Andreyko
Girl Greaser
Ivy Austin
Girl Greaser
Lucinda Dickey
Girl Greaser
Sandra Gray
Girl Greaser
Vicki Hunter
Girl Greaser
Donna King
Girl Greaser
Evelyn Tosi
Girl Greaser
Dallace Winkler
Girl Greaser
Dennis Daniels
Boy Greaser
John Robert Garrett
Boy Greaser
Bernie Hiller
Boy Greaser (as Bernardo Hiller)
Roy Luthringer
Boy Greaser
Charles McGowan
Boy Greaser
Aurelio Padrón
Boy Greaser
Andy Tennant
Boy Greaser
Tom Villard
Boy Greaser
Hillary Carlip
Dancer (uncredited)
Frank Clark
'Windshield' man in gas station (uncredited)
Michael DiMente
Guy with Bass Guitar (uncredited)
Michael David Eilert
Boy Greaser (uncredited)
Mary Ann Hay
Dancer / Girl in lab (uncredited)
Jenifer Newman
Dancer (uncredited)
USC Trojan Marching Band
Tom Willett
Bowling Alley Manager (uncredited)
Did you know?
Michelle Pfeiffer's first major starring role. Publicity for the movie described her as a "newcomer".
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Director Patricia Birch said the script wasn't complete by the time filming began, so she had to try her best to work with what she had.
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Annette Funicello was originally signed on to play Ms. Mason, but dropped out due to schedule conflicts.
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When Johnny is struggling to take the cape and crown off while on the raft, he is clearly wearing a short sleeved black T-shirt. in the next shot, when he runs up and confronts Michael, he is suddenly wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt.
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When Michael jumps over "Dead Man's Curve" while being chased by the T-Birds, the flashing yellow construction zone lights atop the blockades and sawhorses are clearly from the early 1980s.
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Johnny and Stephanie are trying to paddle the raft when Michael shows up. A few seconds later he jumps the pool on his motorcycle and we can see that now Johnny and Stephanie aren't moving at all, and the water is suddenly completely still. On top of that, a second later one of the motorcycle gang jumps his bike into the pool and it's once again calm. Then his buddy also tries to jump the pool right after him and the water is still somehow flat as a pancake when he hits it.
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Stephanie Zinone: I ain't no one's trophy.
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Sharon: [after Louis explains verbally and through song that a war is about to erupt] What's started? What's happening, Louis?
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Sharon: We're going to die and I'm wearing my mother's underwear!
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Are Frenchy and Doody still together?
It's unknown as he is never mentioned. Any fan of the original Grease would like to think they are.
Besides Frenchy, do any of the original Grease gang appear in this movie?
No. Sandy is only mentioned at the beginning. There were plans for Kenickie to make a brief appearance as the manager of the bowling alley, but those fell through. In the original script, it is mentioned that Johnny is Danny's cousin but that was cut because with Michael being Sandy's cousin, the producers thought there were too many similarities.
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Pamela Adlon