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91 min
Comedy | Crime | Drama
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Vondie Curtis-Hall
2 wins & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1997-01-29
Filming Locations: Lacy Street Production Center - 2630 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $3,603,049 (USA) (2 February 1997)
Gross: $5,479,037 (USA) (23 February 1997)
Tupac Shakur
Ezekiel 'Spoon' Whitmore
Tim Roth
Alexander 'Stretch' Rawland
Thandie Newton
Barbara 'Cookie' Cook
Charles Fleischer
Mr. Woodson
Howard Hesseman
Blind Man
John Sayles
Cop #1
Eric Payne
Cop #2
Tom Towles
D-Reper's Henchman
Tom Wright
James Shanta
Patrolman #1
Jim O'Malley
Patrolman #2
George Poulos
Debbie Zaricor
Mik Scriba
Officer #1
Lucy Liu
Richmond Arquette
Resident Doctor
Billie Neal
Medicaid Woman #1
Debra Wilson
Medicaid Woman #2
Rusty Schwimmer
Medicaid Nurse
Elizabeth Anne Dickinson
Admissions Person
Joey Dente
Darryl Jones
Jasen Govine
Medicaid Security Guard
Tim Truby
Man with Directions
Venessia Valentino
Woman in ER
Ron Cummins
Man in ER
Brad Spencer
Paramedic #1
Rory J. Shoaf
Paramedic #2
Tracy Vilar
Screaming Woman
Roslyn McKinney
Female Clerk
Roderick Garr
Welfare Security Guard
William Long Jr.
Right Wing TV Show Host
Mark Ericson
Bill the Anchor Man
Tonia Rowe
Woman on TV
Lynn Blades
Alexia Cruz
Kasi Lemmons
Henry Hunter Hall
Vondie Curtis-Hall
Louis E. Rosas
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Claudia Vazquez
Fourth Supporting (uncredited)
Bokeem Woodbine
Mud (uncredited)
Coffee Wright
Welfare recipient (uncredited)
Did you know?
Vondie Curtis-Hall originally offered the part of Spoon to Laurence Fishburne. But Curtis-Hall could not afford Fishburne's salary. The part was also offered to Don Cheadle and Forest Whitaker.
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According to producer Damian Jones, Tupac Shakur was also making music videos and recording music every day after filming. The producers convinced Shakur to cut back on his musical activities because his exhaustion was affecting his performance.
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According to Bokeem Woodbine, Tupac Shakur asked Lucy Liu for a date but she turned him down.
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Supposed to be Detroit but in one outdoor scene you can see the outline of mountains in the background.
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Supposed to be Detroit, but every license plate is "Ohio".
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When main characters are in the diner for "breakfast", the TV news broadcast from the kitchen shows the announcer doing station identification as "KMT" ... they're supposed to be in Detroit, east of the Mississippi River, where station IDs start with a "W" ... stations west of the Mississippi start w/ a "K".
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Alexander 'Stretch' Rawland: I'm thinking about getting a penis implant.
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Ezekiel 'Spoon' Whitmore: [on the phone, trying to get an ambulance for Cookie] Hello? There's a woman been shot - a white woman. Okay? There's a whole bunch of black people out here, shooting and burning cars, talking about revolution. You better send some motherfuckers out here!
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Supervisor: Let me see if you understand this, my man. Rules are rules. Am I supposed to change 'em because you sitting across there screaming? Take a look at you. You fucking walk in here after, five, ten, however many years, and because today is the day you decide to kick, the whole fucking world is supposed to stop? Is that it? We all have been waiting for the day that you come through that door and tell us you no longer wanted to be a fucking dope fiend? Right? Get the fuck away from my desk.
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Photos from cast
James Pickens Jr.