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15 min (1952-1968) | 30 min (1968-1977) | 60 min (1977-2009)
IMDB rate:
103 wins & 436 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1952-06-30
Filming Locations: Springfield Township, New Jersey, USA
Elizabeth Berridge
Elizabeth Berridge
Guiding Light
Beth Ehlers
Beth Ehlers
Guiding Light
Judi Evans
Judi Evans
Guiding Light
John Wesley Shipp
John Wesley Shipp
Guiding Light
Laura Stepp
Laura Stepp
Guiding Light
Glenn Walken
Glenn Walken
Guiding Light
Kim Zimmer
Reva Shayne
Robert Newman
Joshua Lewis
Lia Yang
Ron Raines
Alan Spaulding
Beth Chamberlin
Lorelei Hills
Bradley Cole
Jeffrey O'Neill
Emme Rylan
Lizzie Spaulding
Justin Deas
Buzz Cooper
Frank Dicopoulos
Frank Cooper
Crystal Chappell
Olivia Spencer
Mandy Bruno Bogue
Marina Cooper
Gina Tognoni
Dinah Marler
Robert Bogue
A.C. Mallet
Nicole Forester
Cassie Winslow
Bonnie Dennison
Daisy Lemay
Michael O'Leary
Rick Bauer
Daniel Cosgrove
Bill Lewis
Jordan Clarke
Billy Lewis
Grant Aleksander
Phillip Granville Spaulding
Murray Bartlett
Cyrus Foley
Jessica Leccia
Natalia Rivera
Did you know?
In 2002, Joan Collins made a well-publicized stint as Alexandra Spaulding, the third actress to play the role, but was soon replaced by Marj Dusay, the second actress to play Alex after the first, Beverlee McKinsey, played her for seven years. Collins wanted to schedule her filming around her book promotion tour, but producers wanted Collins full-time. Collins playing Alexandra had a bit of soap opera irony: Alexis Carrington, the nasty character that made her famous on DYNASTY, was modeled after Iris Carrington, the nasty daytime character that made Beverlee McKinsey famous.
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In 1989, Michael Zaslow, who was killed off as Roger Thorpe in 1980, was asked to return to GL to play Alan Spaulding after Alan's long-time portrayer Christopher Bernau died. Zaslow declined, saying he was too identified with the role of Roger. Because they wanted Zaslow back, producers chose to bring Roger back from the dead.
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The show's first color broadcast was on September 11, 1967. The first half-hour broadcast was on September 9, 1968. The first hour-long broadcast was on June 16, 1975. It was also the first broadcast to have the title of the series changed from "The Guiding Light" to "Guiding Light". The CBS staff announcer referred to it as "The Guiding Light" until 1981, when it was referred to as "The award-winning Guiding Light" until 1983.
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Gus Aitoro: Hey I've got to go.
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Harlan Billy: I should hit you with my other hand. [laughs] Harlan Billy: Just kidding, Sea-Bass. Olivia Spencer Lewis Spaulding Spaulding Lewis: Sea-Bass?
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Beth Raines Spalding LeMay#2: Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Alan is gone.
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Elizabeth Berridge Erin Cottrell Mark Deklin Beth Ehlers Scott Hoxby Elizabeth Hubbard Judi Evans Eddie Mekka
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