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Action | Adventure | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rate:
4 wins & 4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2004-11-09
Dee Bradley Baker
Julie Benz
Miranda Keyes
Hamilton Camp
Prophet of Mercy (voice)
Tim Dadabo
343 Guilty Spark
Robert Davi
SpecOps Leader
Keith David
Robin Atkin Downes
Prophet of Regret
Steve Downes
Master Chief
Miguel Ferrer
Heretic Leader
John Michael Higgins
2401 Penitent Tangent (voice)
Ron Perlman
Lord Hood
Kevin Michael Richardson
Tartarus (voice)
David Scully
Sgt. Johnson
Jen Taylor
Michael Wincott
Prophet of Truth
Ken Boynton
Sergeant /
David Cross
Chris Edgerly
Orlando Jones
Marine Sergeant (voice)
John Kassir
Andrew McKaige
Martin O'Donnell
Jackals / Hunters / Flood (voice) (as Marty O'Donnell)
Brian Posehn
Laura Prepon
Pete Stacker
Marine Sergeant Stacker (voice)
Joseph Staten
Norm Woodel
Elite (voice)
The Bungie Auxiliary Players
Additional Voices (voice)
Rachel Hardy
ILB - Dana's Mom
David Lodge
ILB: Standish
James Presley
Charles Allen
ILB: MacKaskill / Train Conductor (voice) (uncredited)
Stephen Apostolina
ILB: Antonio / Kevin Morales (voice) (uncredited)
Olivia Burnette
ILB: Rani Sobek (voice) (uncredited)
Deborah Sale Butler
ILB: Gilly / Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Amy Chaffee
ILB: Sarah John / Jersey's Mom / Mama Zaman (voice) (uncredited)
George Cheung
ILB: Mr. Shebura (voice) (uncredited)
Keeshan Giles
ILB: Trevor / Mick (voice) (uncredited)
Arthur Hanket
ILB: Thin Kinkle / Professor Avi (voice) (uncredited)
Christopher Hartmann
ILB: Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Keisuke Hoashi
ILB: Aide / Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Kabir Kamboh
ILB: Hiroyuki / Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Danny Katiana
ILB: Major (voice) (uncredited)
Yuri Lowenthal
ILB: Kamal Zaman (voice) (uncredited)
Kerrigan Mahan
ILB: Agent / Papa Zaman (voice) (uncredited)
Dave Mallow
ILB: Herzog (voice) (uncredited)
Wrye Martin
ILB: Admiral / Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Bruce Nozick
ILB: Jim James (voice) (uncredited)
Zan Passante
ILB: Jersey Morelli (voice) (uncredited)
Tara Platt
ILB: Genie / Isabel / Cassie (voice) (uncredited)
Gary Rosen
ILB: Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Kristen Rutherford
Vincent Rutherford
ILB: Gene (voice) (uncredited)
Michael Sorich
ILB: Recruiter / Thug (voice) (uncredited)
Jeff Steitzer
Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Carmen Thomas
ILB: Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Stephanie Venditto
ILB: Waitress / Additional Characters (voice) (uncredited)
Kari Wahlgren
ILB: Janissary "Jan" James (voice) (uncredited)
Mark Weiler
ILB: Jason (voice) (uncredited)
Edmund Wyson
ILB: Joe (voice) (uncredited)
Did you know?
Made $125 Million in its first day of release, beating Spider-man's 3-day record.
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There are two versions of the game, the normal version in the standard green XBox DVD case, and the Limited Collector's Edition, sold in a metal case with a bonus DVD that includes "Making of" featurettes and extra content. The manual for the Collector's Edition is also different from the normal version; where the normal version shows everything from the point of view of the human forces, is orange in color, and has the Master Chief on the front, the CE manual is purple, shows everything from the point of view of the Covenant, and has an Elite with an energy sword on the front. Also included in the CE was a small booklet titled "Conversations from the Universe", a collection of one-page stories between major and minor characters that provides some additional background on the universe of Halo.
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The PC version was the first Halo game to feature LIVE achievements, although the Xbox version was the first Halo game to have Xbox Live functionality.
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If you shoot Sergeant Johnson as the Arbiter, he says things like "Stop it, Chief".
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If you use a Ghost to push a crate up against a wall and then shoot it, plasma burns appear on the wall behind it.
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343 Guilty Spark's single bulb is supposed to brighten whenever he speaks, as he does in Halo and Halo 3. However, in Halo 2 due to a bug the developers were unable to fix prior to launch, his bulb dims as he speaks.
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Marine: Whats the matter? Am I comin' on too strong?
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Sergeant Johnson: [if you give him a weaker weapon] I thought we were friends!
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Grunt: Wish we could sleep with eyes open.
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