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Hard Knox

Germany:93 min | USA:96 min
IMDB rate:
Peter Werner
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1984-01-13
Filming Locations: Mt. Carroll, Illinois, USA
Robert Conrad
Col. Joe Knox
Red West
Thomas 'Top' Tuttle
Joan Sweeny
Marilyn Cole
Bill Erwin
Gen. Garfield
Dean Hill
Maj. Benjamin Garfield
Dianne B. Shaw
Lela Stallings
Stephen Caffrey
Gary Pascoe
Frank Howard
David Ambrose
Ricky Paull Goldin
Jeff Bridley
Alan Ruck
Frankie Tyrone
David Saunders
Bobby Sayers
Casey Siemaszko
Aaron Davis
Kathleen Sisk
Jessi Richards
Alex Stirling
John Boyd West
Cory Beasley
Michael Baseleon
Gen. Green
Jack Armstrong
Richard Baird
Fern Persons
Paul Arbizzani
Reb Brown
Gennifer Brown
Emily Dragoo
Judy Dudek
Deanna Dunagan
Dennis Farina
Paul Flynn
James Hartman
Eric 'Bud' Heidhausen
Trevor Henley
Beth Joyce
Morgan McCabe
David Nevarez
James O'Reilly
Chelcie Ross
Nancy Sellers
Marcella Tate
Alma Washington
Kevin S. Lundgren
Jason Thomas
Rich father
Did you know?
In the scene where the Colonel is driving his car across the bridge on his way to his destination; that is the bridge that connects Savanna, Illinois with Sabula, Iowa. He is actually driving the opposite direction (West) needed to get the the filming location (East).
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The movie was shot in Mount Carroll, Illinois. That campus is now the home of the Campbell Center for Historical Preservation that educates museum curators from around the world.
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Hard Knox was produced in part as a pilot for a prospective TV series, which is consistent with Colonel Knox suggesting in the abrupt ending that he and Top come back the following Monday (beyond his alloted two weeks).
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When he is in his screen mom's car, actor Shane Conrad's hair is parted on his left and the left side of his shirt buttons over the right side (at around 4 mins), but as he is watches her drive off (from 15:10 to 15:25), the frames are flipped with his hair parted on his right and the right side of his shirt buttoned over the left side. Later, both the part in his hair and the buttoning of his shirt switch back (at around 39 mins).
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Frankie Tyrone: Don't desecrate the colors, man... *I'll kill your dog, man!*
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Frankie Tyrone: [upset at being disciplined] I want control. For the first time in my life, I want control!
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Jessi Richards: You yell louder and more often than any person...
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Photos from cast
Christian Conrad Shane Conrad
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