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Hard Target

97 min | Germany:73 min (cut version) | 116 min (Director's Cut) | 128 min (Workprint Version)
Action | Thriller
IMDB rate:
John Woo
1 win & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1993-08-20
Filming Locations: White Castle, Louisiana, USA
Budget: $18,000,000
Opening Weekend: $10,106,500 (USA) (20 August 1993)
Gross: $32,534,954 (USA)$2,031,970 (UK)
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Hard Target
Yancy Butler
Yancy Butler
Hard Target
Chuck Pfarrer
Douglas Binder
Robert Apisa
Mr. Lopacki
Arnold Vosloo
Pik van Cleef
Lance Henriksen
Emil Fouchon
Douglas Forsythe Rye
Mike Leinert
Lenore Banks
Willie C. Carpenter
Elijah Roper
Barbara Tasker
Kasi Lemmons
Det. Marie Mitchell
Randy Cheramie
Shop Steward
Eliott Keener
Randal Poe
Robert Pavlovich
Marco St. John
Dr. Morton
Joe Warfield
Ismal Zenan
Jeanette Kontomitras
Ted Raimi
Man on the Street
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Tom Lupo
Jules Sylvester
David Efron
Billy Bob
Wilford Brimley
Uncle Douvee
Codie Scott
Did you know?
John Woo's original cut of the film ran nearly two hours and focused more on Lance Heriksen's character. Van Damme and his editor locked themselves in an editing room for two days and reedited the film for the producers. Van Damme stated that moviegoers were paying to see a Van Damme movie, not a Lance Henriksen movie.
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John Woo:  [reflection]  Chance sees the thugs to rob Natasha reflected in the door of the cafe.
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John Woo turned down the script for Face/Off (1997) to direct this instead, as the science fiction side of that movie didn't interest him. (Apparently he became a fan four years later.)
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Fouchon makes a point of wiping his fingerprints from a letter opener, yet several times he casually tosses away spent shells handled without gloves.
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Van Cleaf, after shooting Randal with his shotgun, pumps his weapon to load the next round. However, when the gun battle with Boudreaux begins moments later, Van Cleaf pumps his shotgun again and yet no shell ejects from the chamber.
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When Nat grabbed handlebar on bike Chance reached for the gun. He did it with his right hand, but in close shot we could see him doing it with left hand.
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Emil Fouchon: You are a fucking buffalo!
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Pik van Cleef: GET THE FUCK DOWN!
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Stephan: [his only line] The place is clean, he just left.
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How many different versions of "Hard Target" are there?
Worldwide plenty different versions of "Hard Target" are known. Until now in the USA only the r-rated version has been released. In order to achieve an r-rating this version had to be cut in many scenes. A so called unrated-version has been released in Europe (e.g. Germany or in the UK). This Version offers a lot of the scenes which were cut from the r-rated version. However, this version is still not complete. For example the famous ear-cut-sequence is still missing as well as some plot scenes. A detailed comparison between the r-rated and unrated version can be found hereAlso known are two unofficial cuts of the movie: The workprint version and the sneakpreview version. Being a typical workprint-version the existing copies of this version have bad quality, a counter and the movie-cut is not finished. Nevertheless this version includes a lot of unknown plot scenes and some scenes of violence which are also missing in the unrated-version (it also includes the ear-scene).The sneakpreview version is shorter than the workprint version but it provides a little bit better quality and this cut of the movie is already finished (no freezeframes or lack of sound as in the workprint). It also includes most of the violent scenes missing in the unrated version (ear-scene). A detailed comparison between the unrated-version and sneakpreview can be found here.Last but not least there's a Workprint around that is even longer than the Sneak Preview Version. Again a detailed comparison between both cuts with pictures can be found here.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Yancy Butler