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170 min
Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Michael Mann
8 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1995-12-15
Filming Locations: Venice Boulevard at Georgia Street, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $60,000,000
Gross: $67,436,000 (USA) ( 1996)
Al Pacino
Lt. Vincent Hanna
Robert De Niro
Neil McCauley
Val Kilmer
Chris Shiherlis
Jon Voight
Tom Sizemore
Michael Cheritto
Diane Venora
Justine Hanna
Amy Brenneman
Ashley Judd
Charlene Shiherlis
Mykelti Williamson
Sergeant Drucker
Wes Studi
Detective Casals
Ted Levine
Dennis Haysbert
Donald Breedan
William Fichtner
Roger Van Zant
Natalie Portman
Lauren Gustafson
Tom Noonan
Kevin Gage
Hank Azaria
Alan Marciano
Susan Traylor
Elaine Cheritto
Kim Staunton
Henry Rollins
Hugh Benny
Jerry Trimble
Ricky Harris
Albert Torena
Tone Loc
Richard Torena
Hazelle Goodman
Hooker's Mother
Ray Buktenica
Jeremy Piven
Dr. Bob
Xander Berkeley
Rick Avery
Armoured Guard
Brad Baldridge
Children's Hospital Doctor
Andrew Camuccio
Brian Camuccio
Max Daniels
Shooter at Drive-in
Vince Deadrick Jr.
Driver at Drive-in
Charles Duke
Thomas Elfmont
Desk Clerk Cop
Kenny Endoso
Kimberly Flynn
Casals' Date
Steven Ford
Officer Bruce
Farrah Forke
Hannes Fritsch
Miracle Mile Bartender
Amanda Graves
Linda Cheritto
Emily Graves
Anita Cheritto
James Ted Harvey
Detective (as Ted Harvey)
Patricia Healy
Bosko's Date
Paul Herman
Sergeant Heinz
Brian Libby
Captain Jackson
Bill McIntosh
Armoured Guard
Dan Martin
Harry Dieter
Rick Marzan
Basketball Player
Terry Miller
Children's Hospital Nurse
Paul Moyer
News Anchorman
Daniel O'Haco
Mario Roberts
Bank Guard
Phillip Robinson
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Armoured Truck Driver
Rainell Saunders
Dead Hooker
Kai Soremekun
Rey Verdugo
Vegas Cop
Wendy L. Walsh
News Anchorwoman
Yvonne Zima
Hostage Girl
Peter Blackwell
Bar Couple (uncredited)
Trevor Coppola
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Bud Cort
Solenko, Restaurant Manager (uncredited)
Mick Gould
1st SIS Detective in the hallway (uncredited)
Mary Kircher
Police Woman (uncredited)
Darin Mangan
Grocery Store Employee (uncredited)
Melissa S. Markess
Police Woman (uncredited)
Darren Melton
Extra (uncredited)
Robert Miranda
Cusamano (uncredited)
Manny Perry
Grocery Store Cop (uncredited)
Iva Franks Singer
Waitress (uncredited)
Monica Lee Steen
Nurse (uncredited)
Viviane Vives
Castilian Woman (uncredited)
Did you know?
The character of Nate, played by Jon Voight, is based on real-life former career criminal Edward Bunker.
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Body count: 21
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When Nate tells Neil about his new "out", he describes it as an airplane bearing the registration number N1011S. According to the FAA registry database, the registration was taken in 2000, five years after the movie was released, and is now a 1964 Cessna 310, a two-engine light propeller-driven airplane.
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Once during the armored car holdup, the spike strip is visible in the background before it has been deployed.
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While Hanna is interviewing witnesses to the armored car heist, there is an abandoned TV playing outside. The TV is showing a blue "input" signal, despite being an older model that would be incapable of doing so; it should only be capable of playing static.
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When Neil steals the ambulance at the beginning, the soundtrack has the ambulance door slamming, although the door clearly bounces open again before Neil pulls it shut.
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Donald Breedan: Haven't got my break yet, man.
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Alan Marciano: Why'd I get mixed up with that bitch?
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Vincent Hanna: It's like you said. All I am is what I'm going after.
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What happens to the key players in the story?
The ThievesNeil McCauley escapes the final robbery with Chris Shiherlis. While heading to his new escape route with his girlfriend Eady, Nate calls him to tell him that Neil is in the clear. Nate is also compelled to tell Neil where Waingro was hiding. Neil decides to settle the score with Waingro. As Neil is heading back to his car where Eady is waiting for him, he sees Hanna walking towards him. Neil hesitates, but then decides to leave Eady behind to escape on his own. Hanna chases him into an airfield and Neil gets the drop on Hanna. Fortunately for Hanna, he sees Neil's shadow projected from the lights of a plane, and in a split second decision, Hanna turns his pistol and puts four rounds in Neil. As Neil lies there dying, Hanna approaches him, Neil says "Told you I'm never going back [to prison]". Neil offers his hand, and Hanna clutches it and waits with Neil as he dies.Chris Shiherlis is shot in the clavicle by Det. Casals during the shootout, he and Neil escape the scene in a stolen car after Neil fires several suppressive bursts on Hanna and a few other cops. Neil then takes Chris to a trusted doctor to get patched up. Chris insists on going to get his wife and child, but Neil tries to convince Chris that the police are anticipating that and will have a trap set up for him. Chris ignores this and goes for Charlene. She appears on a balcony to him but gives him a signal that it's a trap. So Chris plays it off as asking for directions to someone on the street. He is stopped by the police, but he has a fake I.D. and the car he drove hadn't been reported as stolen, so they let him go. He then drives off with his share of the money, alone.Michael Cheritto is separated from Neil and Chris during the shootout. As he is escaping he trips and falls into a fountain, allowing Hanna time to draw a bead on him. When Michael gets up he grabs a young girl near the fountain and uses her as a human shield while firing at the other cops, unable to notice Hanna behind him. When he turns, he barely has time to react before Hanna shoots him in the head, killing him instantly.Donald Breedan is hit by gunfire while driving the getaway car towards the roadblock. It appears he was shot in the head and dies at the scene.Trejo calls Neil shortly before the final bank heist was supposed to happen saying that the police were all over him and he couldn't shake them. He then says to Neil that the last thing he wanted to do was let him down. He wasn't present for the final bank heist, so Neil deduces that it was Trejo who ratted them out to the police. Neil goes into Trejo's house (likely with the intention of killing him) to find Trejo's wife beaten to death and Trejo also horribly injured, and barely alive. Neil asks Trejo why he betrayed them; Trejo reveals that they forced him to because they were holding his wife hostage (this can be viewed in a deleted scene). He tells Neil it was Waingro and Van Zant who were responsible before asking Neil to put him out of his misery. Neil obliges by shooting him.Nate, though not a thief, is a broker and friend of Neil's. Unless any of the ensuing chaos could be traced back to him, which it is implied it didn't, he was free and clear. Given that Nate is such a valuable connection with a lot of experience in the criminal world, he probably knew a million ways not to be implicated in these types of underworld deals.Cesar Kelso, the mastermind of the bank heist. Neil buys the information to the bank from him.Charlene Shiherlis: See the question Because Shiherlis never showed up to be apprehended by the cops, would Charlene go to jail?The Crooks:Waingro, after learning that Neil and Chris escaped the bank robbery, he goes to hide out in a hotel under the name "Jameson." Nate tells this to Neil, as Nate has a friend inside the LAPD who is staking out the hotel in case Neil makes a move on Waingro. Neil decides that he needs to settle the score with Waingro, so he infiltrates the hotel dressed as a security guard, bypasses all the police and security, breaks into Waingro's room and executes Waingro by shooting him twice in the chest and once in the head (a la the Mozambique Drill).Roger Van Zant: Neil goes to Van Zant's home, throws a patio chair through Van Zant's window while Van Zant is watching a hockey game, startling him. Neil aims his gun at Van Zandt and demands to know where Waingro is hiding. Roger replies "How the hell would I know?" so Neil shoots him three times in the chest.Hugh Benny: The cops find out that he is the one who ratted the bank heist to the police, so Vincent and his team storm Benny's apartment. When Benny tries to resist, Vincent shoves him through his balcony door and proceeds to interrogate him. So he was likely arrested unless Vincent agreed to let him go if he gave up all the players.Alan Marciano: Agrees to set Charlene up in order to have charges against him dropped. He follows through, so he was likely released.The CopsVincent Hanna: Catches his wife cheating on him, finds his step-daughter in his bath tub near-death due to her attemping suicide by cutting her wrists. Essentially his personal life has completely derailed, but by the end of the film he had caught or killed the criminals he was after, and seeing as how he was a career person more than a family person, he would likely get through it.Sgt. Drucker is last seen with Charlene, but we presume he continues working for Hanna.Schwartz is shot in the shoulder by Cheritto during the bank robbery while firing from beside an LACMTA bus. He gets patched up and stays in the Robbery/Homicide office while the team try to net Neil and Chris. Earlier scripts had Schwartz being the detective killed in the shootout instead of Bosko (Ted Levine's character).Bosko is part of the initial exchange of gunfire with Shiherlis during the bank robbery shootout. He is killed when Shiherlis shoots him in the neck.Casals stays in the robbery/homicide office with Schwartz except to help Vincent apprehend Hugh Benny.
Why would Neil be so concerned about Chris' domestic problems? Why does he confront Charlene in the hotel?
He needed Chris to be focused on their work. Chris has a pretty big gambling problem; when he's talking to Charlene at their house he tells her that he'd "squared things with the bookies". At the restaurant where Neil loses Waingro, Neil says that everyone's split from the armored car job (which he'd gotten from Nate) was in his car. Chris had likely taken his split & paid off his bookies, the people who laid his most recent bets. When he got home, Charlene was angry that the money Chris had brought home wasn't the amount she was expecting, and it leads to a fight between them. When Neil talks to Chris in the apartment, he asks Chris where all the money from their recent jobs has been going. Chris mutters about Vegas & the Super Bowl which probably means he'd lost a large amount of cash in Las Vegas and had bet another large amount on the big game. So he decided to take most of the money he'd earned on robbery jobs and pay off his bookies. Neil was concerned because if Chris' head isn't in the jobs they're doing, which require very precise work to be done, that one or all of those jobs would fail. So he talks to Charlene, very harshly, about her affair with Alan Marciano and about giving Chris a 2nd chance. She agrees, especially since Neil promises to take care of herself and their son if Chris screws up again, and Charlene wants to leave him. Another possibility is that he actually had come to care about Chris and his relationship with Charlene, which is supported by the events between them during the shootout.
Which deleted scenes are included in the two disc special edition that didn't make the final cut?
The two-disc "Special Edition" Warner release of Heat (which replaces an earlier bare-bones disc released in 1999) contains 11 deleted scenes on its Disc Two. These include (in order of which they would appear):1. "Season's Starting Early" (00:32): Cheritto purchasing hockey masks, falling with the openings scene of McCauley stealing the ambulance and Shiherlis buying explosives.2. "Nicest Guy on the Block" (00:39): Cheritto arriving back at his domestic hearth, playing with his kids, giving his wife Elaine (Susan Traylor) a packet of money, and then looking mysteriously dazed.3. "Albert and Hanna" (00:18): An alternate and expanded take of Hanna's conversation with Albert Torena (Ricky Harris).4. "Shakedown" (00:27): Hanna and Sergeant Drucker try rattling the cages by pressing a shady TV repairman named Cuzomano.5. "Murder in C Block" (00:34): An expanded version of the dialogue between Hanna and Richard Torena (Tone Loc), where Richard provides more detail to Hanna on how "I could get killed for telling you this sh**!" with the effect of illustrating Cheritto's ruthlessness, even behind bars.6. "Let's Dance" (00:45): Expanded restaurant scene between Hanna and his wife Justine (Diane Venora), dancing and talking about how they got married in the first place.7. "Late Arrival" (00:38): Expansive of McCauley's crew discussing how they got made, with Cheritto arriving late, showing the transponders used to monitor his car, and making a guess as to how the cops got on to them (dialogue elsewhere in the movie confirms the suspicion voiced in this deleted bit).8: "Where's Ana?" (02:19) The scene begins with Breedan dropping McCauley, Cheritto and Shiherlis off in front of the bank, with McCauley informing Breedan that there will be no police response time, as they've bypassed the alarm. We then see Trejo arriving at his hillside house. He finds several of Van Zant's men, including Hugh Benny and Waingro, waiting for him inside. We learn that he has been blackmailed into betraying Neil. Benny then makes a phone call - which we realize is the tip the police will receive and which will ultimately spark the shootout between Hanna's men and McCauley's crew. Trejo throughout the scene constantly asks for his wife's whereabouts. It then dawns on him, and he runs into the next room, followed by Waingro, wielding a baseball bat. This is considered the most telling of the deleted scenes. It is implied that the ending of the scene might have been intended to fade in to McCauley and the crew carrying out the bank robbery.9. "Double the Worst Trouble" (00:41): A slightly extended version of the scene between Neil and the shady Doctor Bob (Jeremy Piven), who tries to squeeze him for a bigger fee.10. "Nate Delivers" (01:12): Newly informative scene between Neil and Nate going over Neil's new "out" that Nate's prepared for him.11. "No Response" (00:18): Extraneous shot of Neil getting into the car with a catatonic Eady (Amy Brennamen).
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