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Hello, Larry

30 min (33 episodes)
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Country: USA
Release Date: 1979-01-26
Filming Locations: Metromedia Square - 5746 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Kim Richards
Kim Richards
Hello, Larry
Dana Plato
Dana Plato
Hello, Larry
McLean Stevenson
Larry Alder
Joanna Gleason
Morgan Winslow (37 episodes, 1979-1980)
Krista Errickson
Diane Alder (24 episodes, 1979-1980)
George Memmoli
Earl / ... (17 episodes, 1979-1980)
John Femia
Tommy Roscini
Did you know?
McLean Stevenson's character was supposed to be 44 years old when the show premiered. In actuality, Stevenson was age 52.
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Even though this show was considered a spin off of Diff'rent Strokes (1978), the connection between the two shows wasn't explained until a few months after the show premiered. Since both shows were produced by the same company, it was decided to have a plot where Larry Alder and Phillip Drummond (McLean Stevenson and Conrad Bain respectively) were old army buddies from Korea as a way of having the shows cross over and boost the ratings of Hello Larry.
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Lisa Whelchel auditioned for the part of the oldest daughter.
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