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Hemingway & Gellhorn

155 min
Biography | Drama | Romance
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Philip Kaufman
Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 7 wins & 36 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-05-28
Filming Locations: 23rd Street, Mission District, San Francisco, California, USA
Nicole Kidman
Martha Gellhorn
Clive Owen
Ernest Hemingway
David Strathairn
John Dos Passos
Rodrigo Santoro
Paco Zarra
Molly Parker
Pauline Hemingway
Parker Posey
Mary Welsh Hemingway
Tony Shalhoub
Mikhail Koltsov
Santiago Cabrera
Robert Capa
Lars Ulrich
Joris Ivens
Peter Coyote
Maxwell Perkins
Joan Chen
Madame Chiang Kai Shek
Saverio Guerra
Sidney Franklin
Mark Pellegrino
Max Eastman
Remy Auberjonois
John Ferno
Anthony Brandon Wong
Chou En-lai
Keone Young
Mr. Ma
Larry Tse
Chiang Kai Shek
Alfred Rubin Thompson
Aitor Inarra
Eric Michael Roy
Brooklyn Soldier (as Eric Schneider)
Edin Gali
Hungarian Soldier
Stephanie Bastos
One Legged Whore
Sarah Kliban
Plump Whore
Malcolm Brownson
Orson Welles
Hugh Helm
First Journalist
William Hall
Second Journalist
Angela Tse
Chinese Woman at Bar
Agostino Crotti
Gloria Laino
Chef's Wife
David Gutierrez
Old Spaniard with Guitar
Valerie Pintado
Glen Caspillo
Desk Clerk
Ivonne Coll
Gypsy Crone
Amiel Gonzalez
Young Boy
Diane Baker
Mrs. Gellhorn
Patrick Mapel
Alfred Gellhorn
Michael Pritchard
Carlos Teasdale
Cuban Boxer
Hansford Prince
Geoff Callan
Bubba Lewis
Emily Jordan
British Cleaning lLdy
Clive Chafer
Chris Ayles
The Brit
Marina LaValle
Cuban Singer
John Calloway
Piano Player
Stevenson Heriveaux
Soldier on Train
Aaron Delman
Soldier on Train
Jessie Bridges
Flight Attendent
Eric Shawn Hart
Capa Soldier (as Eric Hart)
Monica Barbaro
Tropicana Dancer
Sarah Cecilia Bukowski
Tropicana Dancer
Jessica Guda
Tropicana Dancer
Caroline Rocher
Tropicana Dancer
Jesica Salomon
Tropicana Dancer
Linda Steele II
Tropicana Dancer
John Edward Cabrera
Cuban Boxer
Steve D'Assis
Taxi Driver
Am Fong
Merchant / Pedestrian
Roger Groh
Ships Doctor
Emil Helt
Finnish boy
Shaylee Koontz
Andrew Koponen
Soldier, Finland
Kelvin Latimer
Soldier on Train
David Madwin
Finnish Soldier
Krystal Pinion
Cuban Girl
Travis Andre Ross
Gate Guard (as Travis Ross)
Steve Strom
Finnish Soldier
Katy Tiemann
Drunk Whore
Brandon Jonathan Wong
Chinese Soldier in Cave (as Brandon J. Wong)
Scotty Wood
Michael Acosta
Finca Lowlife (uncredited)
Brooke Adams
Madrid Woman (uncredited)
Jaden Alexander
Philanthropist (uncredited)
Samuel Baca
Loyalist Soldier (uncredited)
Erik Batoog
Injured Soldier (uncredited)
Dan Beard
Sloppy Joe's Photographer (uncredited)
Denis Boulankine
American Soldier (uncredited)
Al Cacioppo
Drunk Fisherman (uncredited)
Phillip Caires
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Joaquin Cano
Hotel Florida Staff (uncredited)
Ebru Caparti
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Brian P. Clarke
Heavy drinking bar patron (uncredited)
Aaron B.W. Collins
International Soldier
Patrick J. Crabb
Irrigation Worker (uncredited)
Nestor Cuellas
War Correspondent #3
Zachary Culbertson
International Soldier
Robert Duvall
Russian General (uncredited)
Geo Epsilanty
Spanish Peasant (uncredited)
Rick Ericson
Fernando R. Felix
Cuban Dancer (uncredited)
Jeffrey T Ferguson
News Photographer
Micah Fitzgerald
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Jason Frey
Loyalist Soldier (uncredited)
Johnny Geissinger
Cuban Boy (uncredited)
Jimmy Giliberti
Upscale Political Supporter
Jarita Givens
Nurse (uncredited)
Max Gray
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Mike Guerra
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Nancy Guerriero
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Allene Hebert
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Brian Jagger
Writers Congress Member (uncredited)
Jeffrey W. Jenkins
Head Surgeon (uncredited)
Jeffrey Jones
Charles Colebaugh (uncredited)
David Kiiskinen
Capa Photo Soldier (uncredited)
Benny Kong
Hemingway's Journalist Friend at Bar (uncredited)
Steven Krimmel
Loyalist Soldier (uncredited)
Mark Lavell
Press Photographer (uncredited)
Isa Magomedov
Russian Mobster (uncredited)
Maya Mahrer
Hotel Florida Vendor (uncredited)
Deanna Marks
Leftist New Yorker
Zane McIntosh
International Soldier
Genel Mejia
Loyalist Soldier (uncredited)
Tim Meredith
Film Crew Driver (uncredited)
Veronique Blanc Meyere
Leftist New Yorker
Michael Meyerson
Hotel Florida Vendor (uncredited)
William Morris
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Monterey Morrissey
Union Labor Leader (uncredited)
Jesse Muick
Loyalist Soldier (uncredited)
Biff O'Hara
Norwegian Sailor (uncredited)
David Ojakian
Refugee / Spanish Civil War Soldier (uncredited)
Peter K. Owen
Party Guest (uncredited)
Montgomery Paulsen
Political Supporter (uncredited)
Gregory Pedemonte
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Jekyns Pelaez
Madrid Resident (uncredited)
Logan Petrin
Hemingway Boy / Bumby (uncredited)
Catherine Kim Poon
China Girl (uncredited)
Jeff Rankin
US Army Medic (uncredited)
Raghni Reddy
Club Patron (uncredited)
Jeff Redlick
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Andrew Rink
Doctor (uncredited)
Sophia Rivera
Spanish Resident (uncredited)
Timothy D. Rossi
Reporter (uncredited)
Andrea Saenz
Woman in Street (uncredited)
Sabe Schoeneg
Frank Scozzari
Carnegie Fundraiser Guest (uncredited)
David Shapiro
Loyalist Soldier (uncredited)
Shane Silveira
US Soldier (uncredited)
Victor M. Slone
Political Supporter Hemmingway House (uncredited)
Jesse Soares
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Alexander Sofiyev
Koltsov's Bodyguard / Driver (uncredited)
Gretta Sosine
Carnegie Hall Guest (uncredited)
Paul Spadaro
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Michael T Stewart
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Thomas W. Stewart
Left-Wing Supporter
Kellog Stover
War Correspondent
Michele Strider
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
James A. Swan
Rowdy bar patron (uncredited)
Tim Talbot
Wealthy Partygoer / Patron (uncredited)
Paul Alexander Tidd
Spanish Soldier #5 (uncredited)
Gary Toy
Rickshaw Driver (uncredited)
Virginia Travers
British Nurse / Pub Patron (uncredited)
Ian Trottier
International Soldier
Nicole Tse
Chinese Shopper (uncredited)
Etienne Vick
Upscale Patron Carnegie Hall (uncredited)
Brian Vowell
Drunk American Soldier (uncredited)
Steven Wiig
Finnish Soldier (uncredited)
Grey Wolf
Shock Doctor (uncredited)
Steven Fook Yuan Wong
Chinese Shopper (uncredited)
Susan Zangl
Nurse on Ship (uncredited)
Did you know?
James Gandolfini was originally attached to star as Ernest Hemingway but ended up as an executive producer.
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In a scene late in the film Hemmingway is seen in a bar reading the July 22, 1944 edition of Collier's magazine which features Martha Gellhorn on the cover and the title of her wartime report "Over and Back". In fact the July 22, 1944 edition of Collier's features Hemingway's wartime report "Voyage to Victory" on the cover and has Gellhorn's one-page piece on page 14. The suggestion in the film is that only Gellhorn reported from Normandy. In fact they both reported from there.
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Robin Wright was originally cast to play Martha Gellhorn.
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In one of the Spain scenes, Gellhorn shows up in a T-34/85. The scene takes place in 1936. No T-34s of any type appeared in Spain. The T-34 in general did not appear until 1940. The T-34/85 came into service in 1943. The tank in the movie was probably meant to represent a T-26, which are harder for filmmakers to find.
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Actors are seen smoking filtered cigarettes. These didn't become widely available until the 1960s.
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While Hemingway is looking for Nazis around Cuban waters he is seen wearing a camo shirt with cut off sleeves. That pattern is Woodland Camouflage and it wasn't available until 1981.
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Martha Gellhorn: I do not see myself as a footnote to someone else's life.
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Ernest Hemingway: So what do you do, sophisticated?
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Ernest Hemingway: In this world, when you find a good place, you don't leave it.
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