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Herbie Fully Loaded

101 min
Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Romance | Sport
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Angela Robinson
2 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-06-22
Filming Locations: Baldwin Park, California, USA
Budget: $50,000,000
Opening Weekend: $12,709,221 (USA) (26 June 2005)
Gross: $66,002,004 (USA) (9 October 2005)
Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton
Herbie Fully Loaded
Mark Deklin
Mark Deklin
Herbie Fully Loaded
Lindsay Lohan
Maggie Peyton
Matt Dillon
Trip Murphy
Breckin Meyer
Ray Peyton Jr.
Justin Long
Cheryl Hines
Jimmi Simpson
Jill Ritchie
Thomas Lennon
Larry Murphy
Jeremy Roberts
Crazy Dave
E.E. Bell
Peter Pasco
Juan Hernandez
Mario Larraza
Miguel Hernandez
Patrick Cranshaw
Jimmy D.
Scoot McNairy
Amy Hill
Female Doctor
Jim Cody Williams
Monster Truck Driver
Allen Bestwick
Benny Parsons
Jeff Gordon
Jimmie Johnson
Dale Jarrett
Tony Stewart
Stuart Scott
Bob Dillner
Speed Channel Reporter
Robert Ben Garant
Tim Sitarz
Security Guard
Bruno Gunn
Bald Trip Fan
Andy Hillenburg
Crew Chief
Edmund L. Shaff
Caroline Limata
Female Fan
Mary-Bonner Baker
Female Fan
Rocky Soto
Trip Murphy Fan
Scott Martin Gershin
Herbie Vocalizations
Cass Asher
Pit Crew Chief
Andy Bray
The Herbie Guys
John Carey
Pit Crew Member
Conor Charles
Man in Restaurant
Skip Crank
Trips Prop Guy
Anna Faris
Cindy Campbell
Paul Grace
The Herbie Guy's
Phillip Gramm
Team Target Pit Guy
Stephan Hallén
Event Staff
Herbie The Love Bug
Devon Marie King
Trip Murphy Fan
Kirt Kingzett
The Herbie Guys
Jeff Lam
The Herbie Guys
Cristi Lamb
Female Fan
Sean LoGrasso
Male Fan
Rod Lundgren
Band Groupie (uncredited)
Rana McAnear
Trip Murphy Fan
Danielle McKee
Female Fan
Krocky Meshkin
Event Staff
Michael Molthen
Herbie's Pit Crew
A.J. Presley
Male Fan
Louis Ringe
Extra (uncredited)
Erik Rusnak
Race Official
Gary Sievers
Racing Fan
Frederick Martin Smith
Valvoline Owner
Alanna Ubach
Did you know?
The original script was greenlit largely because the studio liked its decisions to A) place the Herbie character into a realistic world and B) make Herbie's powers subtle and presented in small increments. Later script revisions ended up presenting a more cartoonish and fantasy-based world.
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Most of the scenes shot at California Speedway were during the pace laps of the Target House 300, a NASCAR Busch Series race; and the Pop Secret 500, an NASCAR Nextel Cup race.
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For this film's day, "sneak preview screening", (on Sunday, June 19th, 2005), Disney offered free tickets to anyone named Herbert or any derivation thereof (Herb, Herbie, et cetera).
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When Herbie pops his hubcap off at the beginning of the movie, a crew member's hand can be seen throwing the hubcap off the truck at Crazy Dave.
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During the NASCAR race, when Herbie starts leaking oil by the cylinder head, the team gets the spare part from a New Beetle. The Volkswagen Type 1 has an air-cooled 4-cylinder flat engine. The New Beetle has an liquid-cooled line-4 engine.
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In the very last scene, where Herbie is going on a date with the New Beetle, a person in a black suit can be seen sitting behind the wheel of the New Beetle, with their hands going across the steering wheel.
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Monster Truck Driver: I'm gonna wipe that Bug off my windshield!
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Trip Murphy: That car is alive! You gotta believe me. It's mocking me! I'm telling you! That car is alive! Look! It's doing it again!
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Ray Peyton Sr.: All right, go on, get out of here... I mean it, Herbie.
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Chapter Headings, an unofficial version:
One of many possible sets of chapter headings, based on the dvd times: * 01 = 00:00:00 - Herbie attains the scrapyard - Maggie graduates - * 02 = 00:08:30 - A graduation present from the scrapyard - * 03 = 00:14:38 - Herbie's way of introducing himself - * 04 = 00:20:38 - Herbie and revenge - Trip Murphy: Undefeated - * 05 = 00:29:06 - From falling in love to Trip's showdown - * 06 = 00:43:18 - Day one and the lure for pinks - * 07 = 00:52:37 - Herbie throws the race - * 08 = 00:59:50 - Jimmy D's smash and bash demolition derby - * 09 = 01:06:57 - How Herbie gets in the NASCAR race - * 10 = 01:18:00 - The race - part 1 - * 11 = 01:24:58 - Winning the race - winning the yellow bug - * 12 = 01:30:52 - end credits - * 13 = 01:36:45 - end -
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