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Herman's Head

30 min (72 episodes)
Comedy | Drama
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Country: USA
Release Date: 1991-09-08
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Herman's Head
Gigi Rice
Gigi Rice
Herman's Head
William Ragsdale
Herman Brooks
Hank Azaria
Jay Nichols
Jane Sibbett
Heddy Newman
Yeardley Smith
Louise Fitzer
Molly Hagan
Angel (Sensitivity) (72 episodes, 1991-1994)
Ken Hudson Campbell
Animal (Lust)
Rick Lawless
Wimp (Anxiety)
Peter Mackenzie
Genius (Intellect)
Jason Bernard
Mr. Paul Bracken
Did you know?
One of the show's writers used to hang out on a BBS forum for Fox shows when this was still on the air. He said that if the show had survived into a fourth season, there was going to be a second set of head characters introduced, this time for the "Heddy" character. This obviously never happened, as the show was canceled after its third season.
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The first ever condom commercial for the FOX TV station aired during this show in 1991. It was the first condom commercial to air at the national level and is often mistakenly thought to be the first condom commercial ever shown. (The first commercial was actually aired in 1975 by California station KNTV.)
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The first season's opening segment featured a voiceover which set up the show's premise. The voiceover was done by veteran character actor Dave Madden.
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Herman: I'm having a little trouble..."hoisting my mainsail."
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Herman Brooks: Jay, there are certain occasions when its better not to think about having sex with someone.
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Jay Nichols: Can you believe this party? Never seen so many things I wanna put in my mouth at one time.
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