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High Spirits

99 min
Comedy | Fantasy | Horror | Romance
IMDB rate:
1 nomination
Country: UK
Release Date: 1988-11-18
Filming Locations: County Limerick, Ireland
Opening Weekend: $3,308,250 (USA) (20 November 1988)
Gross: $7,399,763 (USA) (4 December 1988)
Martin Ferrero
Martin Ferrero
High Spirits
Peter O'Toole
Peter Plunkett
Donal McCann
Mary Coughlan
Liz Smith
Mrs. Plunkett
Tom Hickey
Tony Rohr
Hilary Reynolds
Isolde Cazelet
Little John Nee
Gateman (as Little John)
Steve Guttenberg
Jack Crawford
Beverly D'Angelo
Sharon Brogan Crawford
Jennifer Tilly
Peter Gallagher
Brother Tony
Connie Booth
Krista Hornish
Matthew Wright
Paul O'Sullivan
Daryl Hannah
Mary Plunkett Brogan
Liam Neeson
Martin Brogan
Ray McAnally
Plunkett Senior
Aimée Delamain
Great Granny Plunkett
Ruby Buchanan
Great Aunt Nan
Preston Lockwood
Great Uncle Peter
Did you know?
Sean Connery was offered the role of Peter Plunkett by the studio. He later dropped out of the film and the role was re-cast with Peter O'Toole.
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Liz Smith was cast at short notice after the original choice, Beryl Reid, was too ill to work.
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Director Neil Jordan has always maintained that the release version of this film is very different from the one he shot. He was more or less excluded from the editing process of the final cut. He insists that his version is still locked away in a vault.
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In three different shots wires used to "fly" people or objects are visible. First, when Jack Crawford (Steve Guttenberg) gets blown out the front door of Plunkett castle (at around 34 mins). Second, a few seconds later when the roof of the car gets blown off (at around 38 mins) wires attached to it can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen. Third, when Malcolm (Martin Ferrero) gets hit by lightning (at around 13 mins).
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During the final dance sequence, Beverly D'Angelo accidentally knocks Daryl Hannah's hand making her spill her champagne on the floor. Daryl briefly makes a face before continuing the dance.
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When the flying banshee smashes into Sharon and Jack's bathroom window Sharon has a white face mask on but when she goes down stairs her mask is gone.
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Jack: Kiss you? Maybe we should get some moisturizer first... or some medical supervision.
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Peter Plunkett: If I cannot send your payment, how on earth do you expect to transport an entire castle across the sea? The number of stamps alone is mind boggling!
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Miranda: So, I was seeing this guy and he's a devil worshiper, right? Well, he's a hairdresser really, but he devil-worships on the side. And we booked this dumb tour because, you know, he likes ghosts, dead gerbils, that kind of thing... and he ran off with this Bhuddist monk! I mean, how I was supposed to know he was gay? So what about you, are you gay too?
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