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Highway to Heaven

60 min (111 episodes) | Argentina:60 min
Drama | Family | Fantasy
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Nominated for 7 Primetime Emmys. Another 3 wins & 13 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1984-09-19
Filming Locations: Big Sky Ranch - 4927 Bennett Road, Simi Valley, California, USA
Did you know?
Victor French described Michael Landon as his "angel", for saving him from years of being typecast in villain roles, and letting him play a hero on television.
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NBC wanted a handsome young actor to play Mark Gordon, but Michael Landon insisted he would only agree to star in the series if his friend and Little House on the Prairie (1974) co-star Victor French was cast.
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Victor French's final TV series. It has often been written that Michael Landon decided to end the series after French died of lung cancer. However, in actual fact it had already been agreed in June 1988 that the series would end because it was falling in the ratings.
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Mark Gordon: Cute, Jonathan. Real cute.
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