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Horrible Bosses

USA:98 min | 106 min (extended cut)
Comedy | Crime
IMDB rate:
Seth Gordon
2 wins & 8 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-07-08
Filming Locations: Glendale, California, USA
Budget: $35,000,000
Opening Weekend: $28,302,165 (USA) (10 July 2011)
Gross: $117,538,559 (USA) (27 October 2011)
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Horrible Bosses
Jason Bateman
Nick Hendricks
Steve Wiebe
Thomas, Head of Security
Kevin Spacey
Dave Harken
Charlie Day
Dale Arbus
Lindsay Sloane
Michael Albala
Mr. Anderton
Jason Sudeikis
Kurt Buckman
Jennifer Hasty
Kurt's Co-Worker
Reginald Ballard
Kurt's Co-Worker
George Back
Kurt's Co-Worker
Barry Livingston
Kurt's Co-Worker
Meghan Markle
Donald Sutherland
Jack Pellit
Celia Finkelstein
Margie Emerman
Colin Farrell
Bobby Pellit
John Francis Daley
Scott Rosendall
Hank Preston
P.J. Byrne
Kenny Sommerfeld
Dave Sheridan
Bartender (Bradford's Bar)
Ioan Gruffudd
Wetwork Man
Brian George
Atmanand (voice)
Chad L. Coleman
Bartender (Dive Bar)
Jamie Foxx
Dean 'MF' Jones
Diana Toshiko
Bobby's Girl
Carla Maria Cadotte
Bobby's Girl
Peter Breitmayer
Julie Bowen
Rhonda Harken
Isaiah Mustafa
Officer Wilkens
Wendell Pierce
Detective Hagan
Ron White
Detective Samson
Jimm Giannini
Harken Party Guest
Dawn Frances
Harken Party Guest
Andrew Lukich
Cop #1
Bob Newhart
Lou Sherman
Seth Gordon
Ralph Peterberg (voice)
Carrington Bennett
Young MF Jones (uncredited)
Mark Black
Factory Worker (uncredited)
Christina Blevins
Cute Girl at Bar (uncredited)
Tony Cronin
Surprise Party Guest (uncredited)
Sarah B. Downey
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Gregory George Frank
Senior Trader (uncredited)
Sinakhone Keodara
Thai Ladyboy Masseuse (uncredited)
Sean R. Lake
Kurt's Co-Worker
Mariano Mendoza
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Keith Middlebrook
Steinman (uncredited)
Richard John Reliford
Dive Bar Patron (uncredited)
Eli Tahan
Passerby (uncredited)
Joanna Theobalds
Harken Party Guest (uncredited)
George F. Watson
Laughing Surprise Party Guest of Rhonda Harken (uncredited)
Thom Williams
Police Officer Arresting Dale (uncredited)
Did you know?
To promote this film, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada set up a 12-foot Voodoo doll resembling a corporate boss in downtown Montreal. People were given the chance to vent their office frustrations on the doll by stabbing and hitting it with large needles. They were also encouraged to share their best/worst boss story for the chance of winning passes to an advance screening of the film.
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While Stacy talks to Dr. Harris in the dental clinic, an "elevator music" version of Gnarls Barkley plays.
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Kurt is the only one out of the three main characters to come in contact with the three targeted bosses. Kurt works for Bobby Pellitt, has sexual intercourse with Dr. Julia Harris (Kurt is never seen interacting with her, just Julia opening her front door to invite Kurt into her home for sex) and is held at gunpoint, along with Nick and Dale, by Dave Harken. Nick works for Harken, he never interacts with Pellitt (though he does witness Harken murdering Pellitt), and is never seen with Julia. Dale works for Julia, is held at gunpoint by Harken, but never interacts with Pellitt. Additionally, he has interactions with Harken when Harken gets angry with him for littering, after which Dale saves his life (he didn't know it was Harken) when he almost dies because of a peanut allergy.
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The Toyota Prius does not make a "chirp" noise when it is unlocked. It beeps twice.
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Detectives would never question three murder suspects together. They would be interviewed individually to see if their stories are consistent.
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Microphone reflection from glass wall, when Dave Harken has gathered his employees to tell them about the promotion.
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Bobby Pellitt: You know what, I don't hear you giving... dickskin any shit.
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Detective Hagan: Do you want to explain why you were doing 61 in a 25 zone? One block from the victims house. Just moments after he got shot dead.
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Dale Arbus: No one's going to pay you to be a husband, unless you marry Oprah.
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Do they actually kill their bosses?
No, the characters themselves do not kill their bosses. Harken (Kevin Spacey) kills Pellit (Colin Farrel) after Kurt (Jason Sudeikas) accidentally drops Pellit's stolen phone in Harken's house and Harken jumps to conclusion that Pellit is sleeping with Harken's wife. Later, the three trick Harken into confessing to the murder, and he is arrested. As for Dale's (Charlie Day) boss Julia (Jennifer Aniston), he is able to frame her seducing an "unconscious" patient (which "Motherfucker" Jones records) and uses it to blackmail her to pay for his honeymoon and stop sexually harassing him.
What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version?
The Extended Version, which is only available on Blu-ray in the States, features a cut that is nearly 8 minutes longer than the well-known Theatrical Version. These prolonged scenes mostly consist of additional dialogue and extensions of already existing scenes. Sometimes alternative footage was used and completely new scenes are rarely seen. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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