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House of the Dead 2

95 min | Argentina:96 min
Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Michael Hurst
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-02-11
Filming Locations: Occidental College -1600 Campus Road, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California, USA
Victoria Pratt
Victoria Pratt
House of the Dead 2
Ed Quinn
Sticky Fingaz
Steve Monroe
James Parks
Bart (as James Jean Parks)
Dan Southworth
Billy Brown
Nadine Velazquez
Ellie Cornell
Jordan Casper
Sid Haig
Professor Curien
Danielle Burgio
Cam Powell
Lonny Evans
Mircea Monroe
Sarah Curtis
Paige Peterson
Tracy Leibowitz
Ross Patterson
Fraternity Leader
Theo Rossi
Greg Berlin
Cristin Michele
Kira (as Cristin Michelle)
Justin Shenkarow
Samuel the Pledge
Matthew Brent
Pizza Man
Adrianna Belan
Jennifer Holland
Sorority Girl
Mary Ann Jarou
Negligee Girl (Lydia)
James O'Shea
Lorin Eric Salm
Mark Gottwald
Chef Jaques
Johnny Nguyen
Steven Kriozere
Hill (as Steve Kriozere)
Charlie Parrish
Masi Oka
Stanley Tong
Mark A. Altman
AMS Interrogator
Chuck Speed
AMS Aide
Rick Kent
Coach Emilio
Cheryl Tsai
Girl in Library
Chris Prinzo
Stud in Library (as Christopher Prinzo)
Patricia Place
Mrs. Slatford
Tina Mahler
Crying Zombie
Steven Melching
Labcoat Zombie (as Steve Melching)
Edwin Alpanian
Rocker Zombie
Bruce Gottwald
Excited Zombie
Seth Nagel
Clumsy Zombie
Sue Zeiler
Windy City Zombie
Jamie Derrick
Disco Zombie
Drake Zimmerman
Student Zombie
Kathleen LaGue
Additional Voices (voice)
Sean Jordan
Sean of the Dead
Claire Banfield
Victim #2
Jacqueline Manning
Cell phone victim (as Jacqueline Maloney)
Israel Wright
Erik Betts
Football Player / Zombie (uncredited)
Vicki Goldsmith
Girl at Slumber Party (uncredited)
Ryan-Jasen Henne
Frat Boy / Zombie (uncredited)
Lance J. Holt
Locker Room Fed (uncredited)
Walter Jones
Locker Zombie (uncredited)
Shelah Kelso
Library Zombie (uncredited)
Brian Colbert Kennedy
Fraternity Soldier (uncredited)
Sean Kinney
Quarterback (uncredited)
David Mattey
Killer Zombie (uncredited)
Robert McMurrer
Zombie (uncredited)
Aaron Rattner
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Amanda Sickler
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Chip Sickler
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Darrell Lee Stallcup
Football Player / Zombie (uncredited)
Nils Allen Stewart
Janitor (uncredited)
Did you know?
This is one of the very few zombie movies where the word "zombie" is spoken. "Zombie" is said about 15 times.
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Based on the video game series by Sega
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Director Uwe Boll did not return to the sequel due to his commitment to BloodRayne (2005). When asked about the "Dead" sequel during its production, Boll himself wished the crew "good luck."
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When O'Conner is looking at his shaking hand, the Sergeant Major turns and lights him up with his weapon-mounted flashlight (which anyone trained with a gun would never do since you are pointing your gun at your comrade). When the Sgt Major turns, O'Conner's face lights up from the flashlight. The camera cuts back to the Sgt Major and he turns to continue walking. When it cuts back to O'Conner, his face is still lit up from the flashlight.
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When he shoots the Zombie in the ambulance, Ellis' gun switches from the left hand to the right hand.
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When Ellis shoots the original zombie in the head with the shot gun, the blood spatter hits him in the face. When he wipes it off he pulls the blood down across his face and mouth. When he speaks you can see the zombie's blood on his teeth. Earlier in the movie, Nightingale tells a character not to put something in his mouth cause it had infected blood on it. If this is the case, the blood that got in Ellis' mouth would have infected him.
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Griffin: Fucking zombie geek...
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Cpt. Gerald O'Conner: Oh man, they got the Sarge. They killed the Sarge man!
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Alexandra 'Nightingale' Morgan: If we're lucky, the zombie plague will end up as a footnote in the history books. No worse than AIDS or bubonic plague.
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Victoria Pratt Emmanuelle Vaugier
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