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I Love You, Man

105 min
IMDB rate:
John Hamburg
1 win & 6 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-03-20
Filming Locations: 1 Electra Ct, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $40,000,000
Opening Weekend: $17,810,270 (USA) (22 March 2009)
Gross: $71,109,289 (USA) (24 May 2009)
J.K. Simmons
J.K. Simmons
I Love You, Man
Paul Rudd
Peter Klaven
Rashida Jones
Zooey Rice
Sarah Burns
Greg Levine
Hailey's Date
Jaime Pressly
Jon Favreau
Jane Curtin
Joyce Klaven
Andy Samberg
Robbie Klaven
Jean Villepique
Leanne (Davis Dunn Receptionist)
Rob Huebel
Tevin Downey
Kym Whitley
Female Co-Worker
Colleen Crabtree
Female Co-Worker
Caroline Farah
Female Co-Worker
Mather Zickel
Aziz Ansari
Nick Kroll
Liz Cackowski
Zooey's Friend
Kulap Vilaysack
Zooey's Friend
Catherine Reitman
Zooey's Friend
Carla Gallo
Zooey's Friend
Vicki Davis
Zooey's Friend
Josh Cooke
Alan (Bench Press Guy)
Jay Chandrasekhar
Barry's Buddy
Seth Morris
Barry's Buddy
James P. Engel
Barry's Buddy (as James Engel)
Jerry Minor
Barry's Buddy
Joe Lo Truglio
Lonnie (Voice Crack Guy)
Thomas Lennon
Murray Gershenz
Mel Stein
Keri Safran
JAR Waitress
Greg Tuculescu
Open House Couple
Renee Darmiento
Open House Couple
Jason Segel
Sydney Fife
Anwar Sadat
Ian Roberts
Venice Boardwalk Jogger
Bob Cicherillo
Venice Boardwalk Bodybuilder (as Robert Cicherillo)
Ethan S. Smith
Sydney's Buddy (as Ethan Smith)
Nelson Franklin
Sydney's Buddy
Ping Wu
Mr. Chu
Jill Bartlett
Woman Leaving Sydney's House
Matt Walsh
Impatient Golfer
Geddy Lee
Himself - Rush
Alex Lifeson
Himself - Rush
Neil Peart
Himself - Rush
Raquel Bell
Saks Fifth Avenue Saleswoman
Lou Ferrigno
Melissa Rauch
Woman Jogger Yelling at Sydney
David Wain
Wedding Photographer
Dennis James Anderson
Hank Mardukas (as Dennis J. Anderson)
Craig Wedren
Wedding Band Member
Damian Kulash
Wedding Band Member
Timothy Nordwind
Wedding Band Member (as Tim Nordwind)
Dan Konopka
Wedding Band Member
Andy Ross
Wedding Band Member
Daniel Bateman
Upscale Teen (uncredited)
Heather Black
Concert Goer
Pete Brown
Petes Mugeats (uncredited)
Scott Carino
Man at Counter (uncredited)
Colby Dant
Kris Edwards
Bromancer (uncredited)
Jordan Feldman
Gregory George Frank
Shopper at The Grove (uncredited)
Larry Greenfield
Wedding Musician (uncredited)
Matt Haggerty
Aggravated Fan (uncredited)
Aaron Jay Kenny
Concert Goer
Adam Knapp
Bowling Patron (uncredited)
David Krumholtz
Sydney's Buddy #3 (uncredited)
Maynor Lopez
Grounds Keeper / Florist (uncredited)
Joey Magnusson
Gil's Wife (uncredited)
Christopher Maleki
Buddy #5 (uncredited)
Nicole Mandich
Open House Divorcee (uncredited)
Marquessa Moreland
Peter's Date (uncredited)
Kelly Nienaltowski
Venice Beach Goer
Dian Van Patten
Realtor (uncredited)
Brennan Reynolds
Young Guy In Couple (uncredited)
Brian Sampson
Carpool Driver (uncredited)
Lydia Schuler
Eugene's Wife (uncredited)
Carol Shook
Tourist (uncredited)
Daniel Smith Coleman
Beach Man (uncredited)
Aaron D. Spears
Chris Spinelli
Gym Member (uncredited)
Jobeth Wagner
Venice Beach Goer
Larry Wilmore
Minister (uncredited)
Brad Everett Young
Carpooler (uncredited)
Did you know?
OK Go:  during the credits, as the band in the wedding ceremony.
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The billboard with Peter in bed was extracted from Paul Rudd's 2006 Rolling Stone photo shoot.
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When Peter is in Sydney's man cave for the first time he sees a photo of Sydney with friends in high school, the school name in the picture is Westlake high. In real life Jason Segel went to a middle/high school named the Harvard-Westlake school.
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The seating planning for Peter & Zoe's wedding has both "SYdney" and "SIdney" on it.
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When Sydney is hit by the golf ball, the wound starts on his knee and is clearly shown, but later that day when he calls Pete about the Rush concert, the ice pack is now down near his foot, with no sign of the injury on his knee.
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In the scene where Peter and Zooey have clearly called Hailey to tell her that they got engaged, the caller-ID says 'Hailey - incoming call'.
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Peter Klaven: She was very nice looking.
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Sydney Fife: I love you bro Montana.
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Sydney Fife: Wait, you jerked off to a picture of your own girl friend? You - that - wow, that is sick! Oh my God, what is *wrong* with you?
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Why doesn't Peter just ask his brother to be his best man?
Peter stated at dinner that he really doesn't know his brother because they were 8 years apart and that, when his younger brother was growing up, Peter had already moved out. Then, when he overheard (as he was about to try to join the ladies by making them root beer floats with chocolate straws during their ladies night) his fiancee's friends talking about how much of a pain a husband with no friends can be and how clingy they can be, he decided that he needed to get a best friend.
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