I Love You to Death
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I Love You to Death

97 min
Comedy | Crime
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Lawrence Kasdan
Country: USA
Release Date: 1990-04-06
Filming Locations: Antique's Row, Tacoma, Washington, USA
Gross: $16,186,793 (USA) Filming Dates 10 April 1989 - 20 July 1989 Related Links
Kevin Kline
Joey Boca
Tracey Ullman
Rosalie Boca
Joan Plowright
Nadja, Rosalie's Mother
River Phoenix
Devo Nod
William Hurt
Harlan James
Keanu Reeves
Marlon James
James Gammon
Lt. Larry Schooner
Jack Kehler
Sgt. Carlos Wiley
Victoria Jackson
Miriam Margolyes
Joey's Mother
Jon Kasdan
Dominic Boca
Heather Graham
Michelle Joyner
Donna Joy
John Kostmayer
Kathleen York
Dewey Brown
John Billingsley
Jailhouse Informant
Samantha Kostmayer
Michael Chieffo
Mickey, Blue Light Bartender
Robert Radonich
Java Jive Bartender
Jeff Kline
Young Man with Bat
G. Valmont Thomas
Art Cahn
Audrey Rapoport
Shiri Appleby
Millie, Girl in Park
Luke Rossi
Sammy, Boy in Park
Henry Beckman
Wendel Carter
Susan Chin
Tony Romano
Johnny 'Sugarbear' Willis
Joe Lando
Pizza Guy
William R. Breyette
Billy the Biker
Phoebe Cates
Joey's Girl at Disco (uncredited)
Lawrence Kasdan
Devo's Lawyer (uncredited)
Jason McKibbin
Extra (uncredited)
Douglas Moening
Joey's Neighbor (uncredited)
John Nelson
Joey's Neighbor (uncredited)
Did you know?
Phoebe Cates:  as the girl Joey picks up at the Disco. Joey is played by Kevin Kline, who is married to Cates in real life.
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Joan Plowright's husband, Laurence Olivier died during filming.
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First time co-starring for River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves who forged a strong friendship the previous year when Reeves was making Parenthood (1989) in which he played alongside Phoenix's off-screen girlfriend Martha Plimpton and his younger brother Joaquin Phoenix. Reeves and Phoenix would begin talks with Gus Van Sant during filming and subsequently star together again in My Own Private Idaho (1991) the following year.
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Joey and Rosalie are in the car, with mama Nadja outside trying to persuade Rosalie to get out of the car because it is about to blow up. As Rosalie understands and tries to shield her head there is a piece of cake/bread in her right hand. However, as the shot returns to her, it is in her mouth.
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When Rosalie, Nadja and Devo go out of prison and meet Joey, a clock can be seen on the wall behind them which skips from 10.45 a.m. to 10.40 a.m.
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In the opening title sequence, a close up of Kline preparing pizza shows a wedding ring on his left hand. But when he is seen, in a tight shot of his hands, slicing mushrooms like a pro (i.e. his mushroom slicing double), there is no ring.
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Devo Nod: Oh no, please, that's *my* job... taking care of the maggots.
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Reporter: [to Harlan and Marlon] Mr. James, Mr. James. What can you tell us?
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Joey Boca: Mo... no... poly.
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