I Shot Andy Warhol
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I Shot Andy Warhol

103 min
Biography | Drama
IMDB rate:
Mary Harron
6 wins & 5 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1996-05-01
Gross: $1,814,290 (USA) Admissions 2,024 (Netherlands)
Lili Taylor
Valerie Jean Solanas
Jared Harris
Andy Warhol
Martha Plimpton
Lothaire Bluteau
Maurice Girodias
Anna Levine
Iris (as Anna Thompson)
Peter Friedman
Alan Burke
Tahnee Welch
Jamie Harrold
Jackie Curtis
Donovan Leitch Jr.
Gerard Malanga
Michael Imperioli
Reg Rogers
Paul Morrisey
Bill Sage
Tom Baker
Jill Hennessy
Coco McPherson
Brigid Berlin
Myriam Cyr
Ultra Violet
Danny Morgenstern
Jeremiah Newton
Lola Pashalinski
Lynn Cohen
Hotel Earle Concierge
Craig Chester
Fred Hughes
Stephen Dorff
Candy Darling
James Lyons
Billy Name
Lorraine Farris
Victor Browne
Billy Erb
Rotten Rita
Kevin Rendon
Amphetamine Head
Caroline Benezet-Brown
Isabelle de Courcy
Anh Duong
Comtesse de Courcy
Massimo Audiello
Mario Amaya
Christina McKay
Warhol Superstar 1
Eugenie Vincent
Warhol Superstar 2
Georgia Hubley
Party Band Member
Ira Kaplan
Party Band Member
James McNew
Party Band Member
Tara Key
Party Band Member
Mark Margolis
Louis Solanas
Dawn Didawick
Faith Geer
Mrs. Warhola
Jeff Webster
Assistant D.A. Lankler
Henry Cabot Beck
Reporter 1
Christopher Cook
Reporter 2
Edoardo Ballerini
Editor of School Paper
Gabriel Mann
Clean Cut Boy (as Gabriel Mick)
Marian Quinn
John Ventimiglia
John Who Likes Lesbians
Fenton Lawless
John Who Likes Golf Shoes
Laura Ekstrand
Michelle Hurst
Nedicks Manager
Michael Stumm
Chelsea Hotel Manager
Justin Theroux
Eric Mabius
Revolutionary No. 2
Isabel Gillies
Davis Hall
Alan Burke Show Director
Paco Juanas
Flamenco Guitarist
Steve Itkin
Police Chief on T.V.
Bill Lin
Passerby Man
Debbon Ayer
Passerby Girl 1
Anna Grace
Passerby Girl 2
Daniel Haughey
The Pornographer
Rebecca Kramer
Runaway (uncredited)
Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas
Press Operator (uncredited)
Vincent J. Mazella
Waiter (uncredited)
Jennifer Miro
Cornelia Guest (uncredited)
Charles Nassif
Reporter (uncredited)
Gina Priano
Go-Go Dancer (uncredited)
Stan Tracy
Maitre'd (uncredited)
Did you know?
The filmmakers were given permission to reproduce some of Andy Warhol's paintings and silk screens for the set, but they had to destroy them after filming.
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The film was originally planned as a documentary, but the filmmakers found almost no footage of Solanas or anyone to speak about her.
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The German dubbing voice of Valerie is also the German voice of Bart Simpson.
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There are a couple of shots during the party at The Factory in which the camera crew can be seen reflected in the Mylar balloons.
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While Valerie is in revolutionary guy's apartment, we hear "Kick Out The Jams" by the MC5 cranking on the stereo. This scene takes place in June 1968. This very well-known MC5 recording, however, was not recorded until October 30 or 31, 1968 (according to the liner notes), and released in 1969.
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Hugh Masekela's "Grazing in the Grass" is being played at the party in The Factory. The scene takes place in 1967, but the song was not recorded until March 1968.
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Candy Darling: I have always found that socially unacceptable people make the best lovers because they are more sensitive.
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Ondine: What the fuck is a gay bar? Can you tell me? What is that? As a homosexual, I will not go! I will not go to one! Why should I be segregated?
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Valerie Solanas: [on the phone] What's your name?
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