Il pianeta degli uomini spenti
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Il pianeta degli uomini spenti

USA:84 min | Italy:93 min
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Antonio Margheriti
Country: Italy
Claude Rains
Prof. Benson
Bill Carter
Cmdr. Bob Cole
Umberto Orsini
Dr. Fred Steele
Maya Brent
Eve Barnett
Jacqueline Derval
Mrs. Collins
Renzo Palmer
Carlo D'Angelo
Gen. Varreck (as Carlo d'Angelo)
Carol Danell
Cathy Cole
Jim Dolen
Joe Pollini
Pat (as Joseph Pollini)
John Stacy
Dr. Cornfield
Aldo D'Ambrosio
United Commission Member
Massimo Righi
Lewis Boyd
Annamaria Mustari
(as Anna Maria Mustari)
John Karlsen
United Commission Leader (uncredited)
When the astronauts walk on the surface of "The Outsider" in a location shot, they are seen from behind and none of them are wearing a blue helmet. When they are inside the cave, an obvious studio shot, the commander is seen wearing a vivid blue helmet. When they leave the cave and the story cuts back to the return trip back to the space ship, the blue helmet has again disappeared.
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When Bob Cole says "this is the space zone to be scanned" after receiving the information on the planet from the Earth base, he gives the pilot the piece of paper with the information on it, but the pilot does not actually grab the paper, and it flutters to the ground. The pilot then leaves without picking it up or checking the information.
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Eve Barnett: [Speaking of "The Outsider"] Professor, you act as if it's your personal property.
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Cmdr. Robert Cole: Poor Benson. If they opened up his chest, they'd find a formula... where his heart should have been.
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Dr. Fred Steele: George, those meteorites are messing up everything!
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Giuliano Gemma