In Enemy Hands
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In Enemy Hands

94 min
Drama | Thriller | War | Action
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Tony Giglio
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-02-19
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
William H. Macy
Chief of Boat Nathan Travers
Thomas Kretschmann
1st Watch Officer Ludwig Cremer
Clark Gregg
Executive Officer Teddy Goodman
Scott Caan
Lt. Cmdr. Randall Sullivan
Rene Heger
Quartermaster Klause
Carmine Giovinazzo
Buck Cooper
Jeremy Sisto
Jason Abers
A.J. Buckley
Medical Officer
Sam Huntington
Virgil Wright
Connor Donne
Lt. Bauer (as Conner Donne)
Ian Somerhalder
Danny Miller
Branden R. Morgan
Benny Romano (as Branden Morgan)
Andy Gatjen
Gavin Hood
Achilles Captain
Alex Prusmack
Sascha Rosemann
Justin Thomson
Wilhem (as Justin Thompson)
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Patrick Gallagher
Ox (as Patrick F. Gallagher)
Matt Lindquist
Lauren Holly
Mrs. Rachel Travers
Xander Berkeley
Admiral Kentz (as Xander Berkley)
Chris Ellis
Captain Samuel Littleton
Jim Burke
U 821 Kapitan
Roy Werner
U 1221 Kapitan
William Gregory Lee
U.S.S. Logan Radarman
Doug Biolchini
U.S.S. Logan Radioman (as Douglas Biolchini)
Tom DeGrezia
Gunter Simon
U 821 Hydrophone Operator (as Simon Gunther)
Sonny Surowiec
U 821 Radio Operator
Vanessa Branch
Admiral Kentz's Secretary
Patrick Barnitt
Achilles Helmsman
Eric Parker
German Soldier
Vladimir Tevlovski
Chriss Anglin
Armed Sailor (uncredited)
Winston Churchill
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Hans Hernke
Young Sailor (uncredited)
Adolf Hitler
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Leif Holt
German Crew Member (uncredited)
Anthony K. Lewis
Armed Guard #2 (uncredited)
Sam Mathewes
German Soldier (uncredited)
David Moretti
German Soldier (uncredited)
Brad Newman
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Justin Sandler
U 429: German Sailor (uncredited)
David Chandler Secor
Radio Operator (uncredited)
Daniel Toscano
Swordfish Sailor (uncredited)
Branden Waits
German Soldier (uncredited)
Did you know?
Interesting coincidence that William H Macy, Lauren Holly and the USS Swordfish also appear in "Down Periscope" as well.
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The U-429 is a real boat that was made by the Germans in World War II but was transferred to the Italian Navy after being produced. The boat however never saw combat.
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The real USS Swordfish was lost with all hands in the waters around Okinawa. The real U-429 was transferred to the Italian Navy (where it was dubbed the S 4), then served as a training boat for the German Navy following Italy's surrender.
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There was no destroyer named the USS Logan during WWII. The only WWII ship with that name had the designation APA-196 (hull PA-196), which was a Haskell-class attack transport. They were designed to transport 1,500 troops and their combat equipment, and land them on hostile shores with the ships' integral landing craft.
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When the radioman of U-821 is calling his CO to the radio booth, he is addressing him with "Herr Kaleu" (short for Kapitänleutnant, a Kriegsmarine Lieutenant Commander). However, the CO is seen having three full stripes on his sleeves, that would make him a Korvettenkapitän (Commander). The proper address would be "Herr Kapitän".
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The commander of the destroyer orders the chief to secure the enigma encoding machine and all documents. The commander of a U.S. destroyer during WW II would not know about the enigma encoding machine, as the allies knowledge of enigma was one of the biggest secrets of the war. However, even in the unlikely event that the commander of the U.S. destroyer was privy to this secret, he certainly would not have mentioned it by name over the radio.
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