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In Her Shoes

130 min
Comedy | Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Curtis Hanson
Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 1 win & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-10-07
Filming Locations: Briny Breezes, Florida, USA
Opening Weekend: $10,017,575 (USA) (9 October 2005)
Gross: $32,880,591 (USA) (29 January 2006)
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
In Her Shoes
Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi
In Her Shoes
Anson Mount
Anson Mount
In Her Shoes
Toni Collette
Candice Azzara
Sydelle Feller
Brooke Smith
John Mastrangelo Sr.
Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Guy
Emilio Mignucci
Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Guy (as Emilo Mignucci)
Mark Feuerstein
Simon Stein
Terrance Christopher Jones
Nicole Randall Johnson
Rose's Assistant
Kateri DeMartino
Ferocious Shopper (as Kateri Demartino)
Brandon Karrer
Canal House Guy
Jon Ingrassia
Jason Peck
Cuervo Carl
Mary-Pat Green
Diner Waitress
Gene Bozzi
Carlease Burke
Elegant Paw Proprietor
Honey Bun Two / Rufus
Ken Howard
Michael Feller
Eric Balfour
Andy Powers
Karen Vicks
Amtrak Counter Woman
Carol Florence
Dog Walking Woman
William Spangler
Dog Walking Couple
Maureen Torsney-Weir
Dog Walking Couple
Chihiro Kawamura
Sushi Waitress
Kevin Anthony
Sixers Fan at Pat's Cheesesteaks (as Kevin Scott Anthony)
Salih Qawi
Sixers Fan at Pat's Cheesesteaks (as Salih Abdul-Qawi)
Jacquin DeLeon
Sixers Fan at Pat's Cheesesteaks (as Jacquin Rashad Walker)
Earnie Philps
Sixers Fan at Pat's Cheesesteaks
Bill Polk
Sixers Fan at Pat's Cheesesteaks
Marcia Jean Kurtz
Mrs. Stein
Alan Blumenfeld
Mr. Stein
Jackie Geary
My Marcia
Jill Saunders
Mel Alpern
Richard Jah Ace & The Sons of Ace
Wedding Band
Cebert Hall
Jerk Hut Staff
Ayana Mingo
Jerk Hut Staff
Asabi Rich
Jerk Hut Staff
Carole Robinson
Jerk Hut Staff
Nicola Shirley
Jerk Hut Staff
April Stewart
Jerk Hut Staff
Shirley MacLaine
Ella Hirsh
Francine Beers
Mrs. Lefkowitz
Jerry Adler
Lewis Feldman
Ivana Milicevic
Caroline - in Photos
John Draper
Len D'Errico
Ira Friedman
Bill Miller
George Randell
Mario Sandrelli
Shuffleboarder (as Mario Santrelli)
Ray Sullivan
Ray Wiersema
Norman Lloyd
The Professor
Dorothy Kelly
Benton Jennings
Shoe Salesman
Marilyn Raphael
Fran Gellatly
Mrs. Stempel
Joan Turner
Jeri Jordan
Dan Fitzgerald
Altercocker in Golf Cart
Ruth Byler
Mrs. Haskell
David Shatraw
The Professor's Grandson
Shirley Beehner
Pool Noodler
Sophie Klein
Pool Noodler
Marie Malocco
Pool Noodler
Betty Ricciardelli
Pool Noodler
Florence Ruprecht
Pool Noodler
Mike Schmidt
Pool Noodler
Kenneth Beehner
The Bench
Bob Koehler
The Bench
Robert Miller
The Bench
George Rosenberg
The Bench
Fritz Rulli
The Bench
Dale Schwant
The Bench
Jay Bressner
Tea Dancer
Jack Brown
Tea Dancer
Maxine Brown
Tea Dancer
Madeline S. Bruni
Tea Dancer
Rene Godin
Tea Dancer
Sandye Menduke
Tea Dancer
Tony Russo
Tea Dancer
Maureen Solomon
Tea Dancer
Jerome Allen
Waiter (uncredited)
Don Bauer Jr.
Businessman (uncredited)
Lloyd Booker
Cell phone man on screen (uncredited)
Alice Chamberlain
Market Patron (uncredited)
Karen Chamberlain
Market Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Conroy
Dog Walker (uncredited)
Estefania Crespo
Girl on Bike (uncredited)
Frank Ferruccio
Law Office Client (uncredited)
Pamela Fischer
Traveler (uncredited)
Amy Halloran
Young Rose (uncredited)
Natalie Hultman
M.A.C. Store Customer (uncredited)
Rick Kain
Shopper (uncredited)
Kirk Kelleykahn
MTV - P.A. (uncredited)
Basil Kershner
Construction worker (uncredited)
Debbie Lang
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Charles McClelland
Bearded Man (uncredited)
Chris McMullin
Subway Rider (uncredited)
Steven Moreti
Man in Taxi (uncredited)
Robert Pierosh
Lawyer (uncredited)
Joseph Queroli
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Al Quinn
Senior Resident (uncredited)
Joyce Randol
Lunch Friend (uncredited)
Vincent Riviezzo
Himself (uncredited)
Dan Rush
Driver (uncredited)
Kenny Shapiro
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Deborah S. Smith
Museum Patron (uncredited)
Sky Soleil
Man at Bar (uncredited)
Anastasia Summers
Subway Passenger (uncredited)
Ryan Tygh
Boyfriend (uncredited)
Damian Urra
Driver (uncredited)
Leeza Vinnichenko
Saleswoman (uncredited)
Jennifer Weiner
Smiling Woman in the Italian Market (uncredited)
Molly Weiner
Rose's Secretary (uncredited)
Ellmar Williams
Man in Lounge (uncredited)
Kokoa Woodget Aubert
Beach Cabana Patron (uncredited)
Scott Yannick
Lawyer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Was never released on VHS making it one of the first movies to be released only on DVD.
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The original plan had Toni Collette as Maggie Feller and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Rose Feller. After Gellar dropped out, Collette agreed to play Rose.
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An animated open title sequence was created for the film a year before its release and then cut from the final picture when the producers decided to make the film seem more serious.
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When Rose and Simon are about to drink red wine in her apartment, Simon is holding his glass from the stem/by the bowl depending on the shot (from Rose's back/from his back).
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After Maggie breaks the heel off a pair of Rose's boots, she changes into leather boots (flat-soled) that she had in the car. She proceeds into the dog kennel. When she comes out later, and the car is missing, she is once again in the high-heeled boots.
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When Rose and her boyfriend are making a toast in her apartment we hear a perfect chiming sound. We can clearly see that they're both holding their glasses by the bowl instead of holding them from the stem. Holding a glass this way would never allow a chiming sound.
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Lewis Feldman: My Charlotte taught me everything - cooking, dishes how to use a cell phone - even my old laundry.
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Simon Stein: Does this mean that I'm your bitch?
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Ella Hirsch: Wrong dresser. It's in the sock drawer.
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Isn't Cameron Diaz older than Toni Collette? Yet she plays the younger sister?
Yes. Cameron Diaz is two months older than Toni but Collette had the more mature, elder sister look.
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Photos from cast
Cameron Diaz Richard Burgi Anson Mount