In the Heart of the Sea
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In the Heart of the Sea

121 min
Action | Adventure | Drama | History
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Ron Howard
Country: USA
Release Date: 2015-12-11
Filming Locations: London, England, UK
Gary Beadle
Gary Beadle
In the Heart of the Sea
Frank Dillane
Frank Dillane
In the Heart of the Sea
Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy
In the Heart of the Sea
Chris Hemsworth
Owen Chase
Ben Whishaw
Herman Melville
Brendan Gleeson
Old Thomas Nickerson
Charlotte Riley
Michelle Fairley
Mrs. Nickerson
Paul Anderson
Thomas Chappel
Benjamin Walker
George Pollard
Tom Holland
Young Thomas Nickerson
Jordi Mollà
Spanish Captain
Claudia Newman
Nantucket Townswoman
Joseph Mawle
Benjamin Lawrence
Daniel Westwood
Nantucket Passenger
Donald Sumpter
Paul Macy
Jamie Sives
Isaac Cole
Sam Keeley
Edward Ashley
Barzallai Ray
Hayley Joanne Bacon
Nantucket Townswoman
Andrew Crayford
Customs Officer
Marianna Panunzio
Nantucket child
Andy Wareham
John Sanborn
Matthew John Morley
Jamie Michie
Rescue Ship Captain
Osy Ikhile
Richard Peterson
Christian Wolf-La'Moy
Quaker Nantucket bank
Peter Stacey
Alexander Bracq
Henry Coffin Picture Double
Jill Buchanan
Nantucket Townswoman
Steve Saunders
Artisan 1850 / Farmer 1830 - Nantucket
Morgan Chetcuti
Isaiah Sheppard
Sarah Counsell
Sarah Chappel
Brooke Dimmock
Phoebe Chase
Victor Solé
Spanish Sailor (as Victor Esteban Sole)
Buddie Wilkinson
Midas Crew
Simone Liebman
John Duggan
Nantucket Townsman
Jacob Greener-Tofts
Featured Wharf Rat
David Golt
Nantucket Fish Market Villager
Jason Ebelthite
Wealthy Nantucket Merchant #2
Saffron Mcintyre
Nantucket Child
Harry Jardine
Rescue Ship First Mate
Jacob Pearson
Wharf Rat
Darren Charles
Martin Wilde
Benjamin Gardner
Frans Huber
Joseph Nye
Kelly Armstrong
Towns boy
Bron James
Nick Tabone
Seth Weeks
Luca Tosi
William Wright
Christopher Keegan
Cherubic shareholder
Cristian Lazar
Siong Loong Choong
Inuk (uncredited)
Alexander Gillison
Rich Townsman (uncredited)
Pete Buzzsaw Holland
Nantucket Worker (uncredited)
Julian Seager
Nantucket Worker (uncredited)
Clem So
Japanese Sailor (uncredited)
Did you know?
According to Chris Hemsworth, to prepare for the role of starving sailors, the cast were on a diet of 500-600 calories a day to lose weight.
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This marks the second collaboration between director Ron Howard and actor Chris Hemsworth. Their first collaboration was Rush from 2013.
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Reunites cast members Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson and Charlotte Riley, who all appeared in 'Peaky Blinders' (2013).
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Old Thomas Nickerson: [from trailer] We were headed for the edge of sanity... like we were aberrations, phantoms. Trust gave way to doubt. Hope to superstition.
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Old Thomas Nickerson: The tragedy of the Essex is the story of men. And a Demon.
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Owen Coffin: [points his pistol at Owen] Say it! Say it! Say you're scared!
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Photos from cast
Gary Beadle Frank Dillane Cillian Murphy