Iron Eagle IV
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Iron Eagle IV

96 min
Action | Drama
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Sidney J. Furie
Country: Canada
Filming Locations: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Louis Gossett Jr.
Charles 'Chappy' Sinclair
Jason Cadieux
Doug Masters
Joanne Vannicola
Max Piersig
Peter Kane
Karen Gayle
Dana Osborne
Ross Hull
Malcolm Porter
Rachel Blanchard
Kitty Shaw
Dominic Zamprogna
Rudy Marlowe
Sean McCann
Victoria Snow
Amanda Kirke
Jason Blicker
Sgt. Osgood
Al Waxman
Maj. Gen. Brad Kettle
J.D. Nicholsen
Luther Penrose (as Jack Nicholsen)
Dean McDermott
Maj. Miles Pierce
Aidan Devine
Cpl. Fincher
Matt Cooke
Capt. McQuade
Jeff Pustil
Amn. Cameron
Chas Lawther
Col. Birkett
Kevin Hicks
Lt. Mara
Amy D. Jacobson
Female AP
Marilyn Lightstone
Dr. Francis Gully
Rino Romano
Pilot - Minolaur
David Fraser
Pilot - Minolaur
Ron Lea
Miklos Perlus
New Kid
Matthew Godfrey
Supply Truck Driver
Brad Milne
David Hemblen
Soviet Interrogator
Doug Masters' plane was destroyed, and he was supposedly killed, in the opening of Iron Eagle II.
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Before the "US Air Force" helicopter is blown up by the fighter, the Canadian registration letters on its bottom are clearly visible.
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When the two kids land the plane, they are the only ones left on-board. But as it lands, three people are clearly seen at the controls.
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Charles 'Chappy' Sinclair: [delivering his speech to Doug on the tape recorder during the final dogfight] Hey, Doug. Hope you're not too angry or too busy to listen now. If I had known you were alive, nothing in the world could have stopped me from getting you out. All reports said you were dead. If I didn't look farther, it was because it hurt so much to look it all. You know, I remember when you first came to me with your hair-brained scheme to rescue your father. You were a boy with a boy's contempt for the impossible. But you believed. Before long, you got me to believe, too. Well, I still believe. I believe the Doug Masters I knew then is alive and well. He just lost his contempt for the impossible. Nothing is impossible, Doug, if you believe in who you are. In who you've always been.
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Anne Marie DeLuise
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