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Argentina:60 min | 60 min (32 episodes)
Drama | Comedy
IMDB rate:
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1999-09-26
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Ivan Sergei
Ivan Sergei
Jack & Jill
Justin Kirk
Bartholomew 'Barto' Zane
Simon Rex
Michael 'Mikey' Russo
Amanda Peet
Jacqueline 'Jack' Barrett
Jaime Pressly
Audrey Griffin
Sarah Paulson
Elisa Cronkite (31 episodes, 1999-2001)
Did you know?
Amelia Heinle was originally cast as Jack, but after the pilot was replaced by Amanda Peet.
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Jack: You just don't understand me.
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Jack: I just don't think you should kick yourself just because you don't know what comes next. Maybe this is what comes next, what you're doing right now.
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Jill: I gotta give you credit. You lived on the edge for once in your life. You didn't even ask what was in the cake. But now you gotta wake up. You gotta wake up, be that same girl I fell in love with. A girl who puts post-its up to remind herself to buy more post-its. A girl who takes ten minutes to custom order a cappuccino. The only person that I know who actually waits until the strike of midnight to set the clocks back. A girl that just...a girl that...just drives me crazy. And it is the best feeling that I've ever had. And I don't ever wanna live without it.
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where can I watch it?
does anyone know how can I watch this show? are there dvds? it has just been partially uploaded on youtube.
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Ivan Sergei Rebecca Romijn Erin Daniels Ivana Bozilovic