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182 min (2 parts) | Finland:190 min (2 parts) (DVD)
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Won Golden Globe. Another 1 win & 4 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1988-10-21
Filming Locations: Belper, Derbyshire, England, UK
Michael Caine
Inspector Frederick Abberline
Armand Assante
Richard Mansfield (2 episodes, 1988)
Ray McAnally
Sir William Gull
Ken Bones
Robert James Lees (2 episodes, 1988)
Susan George
Catherine Eddowes
Jane Seymour
Emma (2 episodes, 1988)
Harry Andrews
Coroner Wynne Baxter (2 episodes, 1988)
Lysette Anthony
Mary Jane Kelly
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Rodman (2 episodes, 1988)
Peter Armitage
Sergeant Kerby (2 episodes, 1988)
Desmond Askew
Copy Boy (2 episodes, 1988)
Trevor Baxter
Mike Carnell
Newsvendor (2 episodes, 1988)
Ann Castle
Lady Gull (2 episodes, 1988)
Deirdre Costello
Annie Chapman
Jon Croft
Mr. Thackeray (2 episodes, 1988)
Angela Crow
Liz Stride
Kelly Cryer
Annette (2 episodes, 1988)
Marc Culwick
Prince Albert Victor
John Dair
Isenschmid (2 episodes, 1988)
Roy Evans
Doorkeeper (2 episodes, 1988)
John Fletcher
P.C. Watkins (2 episodes, 1988)
Sheridan Forbes
Millie (2 episodes, 1988)
Hugh Fraser
Sir Charles Warren
Martin Friend
Newsvendor (2 episodes, 1988)
Christopher Fulford
Beggar / ... (2 episodes, 1988)
Michael Gothard
George Lusk
Bruce Green
Pizer (2 episodes, 1988)
Rikki Harnet
Pickpocket (2 episodes, 1988)
Ronald Hines
Henry Matthews (2 episodes, 1988)
Denys Hawthorne
Assistant Commissioner
Michael Hughes
Dr. Llewellyn (2 episodes, 1988)
Peter Hughes
Mr. Paulson (2 episodes, 1988)
Frank Jarvis
1st Passer by (2 episodes, 1988)
Edward Judd
DCS Arnold (2 episodes, 1988)
Gertan Klauber
Jon Laurimore
Inspector Spratling (2 episodes, 1988)
Mike Lewin
Duty Guard (2 episodes, 1988)
Rod Lewis
Mortician (2 episodes, 1988)
Gary Love
Derek (2 episodes, 1988)
George Malpas
Old Man (2 episodes, 1988)
Eric Mason
Publican (2 episodes, 1988)
Bernadette Milnes
Woman in Doorway (2 episodes, 1988)
Jonathan Moore
Benjamin Bates (2 episodes, 1988)
Richard Morant
Dr. Acland (2 episodes, 1988)
T.P. McKenna
O'Connor (2 episodes, 1988)
John Normington
Dresser (2 episodes, 1988)
Ronald Nunnery
Davis (2 episodes, 1988)
Sandra Payne
Mrs. Acland (2 episodes, 1988)
Neville Phillips
Cabinet Secretary (2 episodes, 1988)
Iain Rattray
Tough Cop (2 episodes, 1988)
David Ryall
Bowyer (2 episodes, 1988)
Gary Shail
Pimp (2 episodes, 1988)
Gerald Sim
Dr. Bagster Phillips (2 episodes, 1988)
George Sweeney
John Netley
David Swift
Lord Salisbury
Norman Warwick
Richardson (2 episodes, 1988)
Brian Weske
Porter (2 episodes, 1988)
Patrick Allen
Narrator (2 episodes, 1988)
Did you know?
Hugh Fraser wore clothes that Sir Charles Warren had actually wore.
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After Mary Jane Kelly's murder, there is a scene where Abberline hands Gull a photo of her body. That photo is an actual crime scene photo of the real Mary Jane Kelly.
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Ken Bones, George Sweeney and Edward Judd all played the same parts in the unfinished Barry Foster/David Wickes Thames TV drama.
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The position of Mary Kelly's bed as viewed from the window into which Thomas Bowyer peered is wrong. It is shown with the foot of the bed closest to the window, when in fact from that angle the view should have been the same view of the bed as shown in the photograph of Mary Jane Kelly's remains (which was found by Donald Rumbelow).
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Annie Chapman's body was never photographed at the murder site. Only a post-autopsy photograph of her head and shoulders exists.
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Mary Jane Kelly is shown singing a song shortly before Jack the Ripper enters her room. The song she is singing is not the song she was reported as having sung on the night of her murder, "A Violet From Mother's Grave."
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Sgt. George Godley: I'm going to get them when this is over!
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Sir Charles Warren: [Gathering his ceremonial hat and sword] Lord Mayor of London's parade today; annual farce.
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Chief Insp. Frederick Abberline: [to reporter] One spark and the whole east end of London goes up just like that
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