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Jackie Chan's First Strike

Hong Kong:107 min | 83 min (USA)
Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Stanley Tong
2 wins & 5 nominations
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 1997-01-10
Filming Locations: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Opening Weekend: $5,778,933 (USA) (12 January 1997)
Gross: $14,511,338 (USA) (23 February 1997)
Jackie Chan
Insp. Chan Ka Kui
Jackson Liu
Jackson Tsui (as Jackson Lou)
Annie Wu
Annie Tsui
Bill Tung
'Uncle' Bill Wong
Yuriy Petrov
Col. Gregor Yegorov (as Jouri Petrov)
Nonna Grishaeva
Natasha (as Grishajeva Nonna)
John Eaves
Terry Woo
Uncle Seven
Kristopher Kazmarek
Cmdr. Korda (as Kristoff Kaczmarek)
Ailen Sit
Golden Dragon Club Member
Man-Ching Chan
Golden Dragon Club Member
Rocky Lai
Golden Dragon Club Member
Chan Wai To
Golden Dragon Club Member
Brett Arthur
Hit Man
Mark French
Hit Man
Damien Gates
Hit Man
Mark Gilks
Hit Man
Nathan Jones
Hit Man
Mathew Walker Kininmonth
Hit Man
John Langmead
Hit Man
Steve Livingstone
Hit Man
Steve Morris
Hit Man
Brenton Hoeren
Steve Jones
Jennifer Hung
Annie's Relative
Doris Lam
Annie's Relative
Shirley Mak
Annie's Relative
Wella Shieh
Annie's Relative
Symantha Liu
Channel 7 Reporter
Gary Wilkinson
Channel 7 Anchorman
Ken Lo
Hong Kong Policeman (as Low Houi Kang)
Esmond Ren
CIA Agent
Jim Hsin
CIA Agent
Igro Guleen
USS Agent
N. Leshcinkov
USS Agent
Rusean Scripnik
Strike Force Leader
Alexander Ustichenko
Maj. Majenko
Ping Wu
Jackson Tsui (voice)
Mary Ellen Dunbar
Annie Tsui
Dan Martin
(voice) (as Dan Lorge)
Paul Pape
Jonathan Nichols
Alan (voice)
Burton Sharp
Uncle Bill
Endre Hules
Russian General #1
Raissa Danilova
Russian Group #2
Grisha Dimant
Russian Group #3
Larisa Eryomina
Russian Group #4
Misha Markaryan
Russian Group #5
Alex Veadov
Russian Group #6
Oleg Vidov
Russian Group #7
Leeza Vinnichenko
Russian Group #8
Ilia Volok
Russian Group #9
Rosalind Ayres
Australian Group #1
Neil Dickson
Australian Group #2
Jean Gilpin
Australian Group #4
Bridget Hoffman
Australian Group #5
Poosy Holmes
Australian Group #6
Kendrick Hughes
Australian Group #7
Martin Jarvis
Australian Group #8
Randall Montgomery
Australian Group #9
Oliver Muirhead
Australian Group #10
Ian Ruskin
Australian Group #11
Alan Shearman
Australian Group #12
Diz White
Australian Group #13
Diane White
Australian Group #14
George Cheung
Chinese Group #1
Conan Lee
Chinese Group #2
Dana Lee
Chinese Group #3
William Tuen
Man (uncredited)
Did you know?
The only Police Story film in the original quadrilogy that never received an American release by Dragon Dynasty. This is primarily due to Dragon Dynasty having the rights to the first two films via Fortune Star, and then using their previous Dimension Films cut of Supercop for the third. In fact, aside from Japan, New Line Cinema parent company Warner Brothers owns the international rights to the film.
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Since Annie Wu didn't speak Cantonese at that time (she was just learning the language), all of her scenes and those of Uncle Seven and his family (including Jackson Lau) were done in Mandarin. Thus, most of this film was shot in Mandarin, not Cantonese.
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Most of the vehicles used were provided courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors. In the beginning, there are several Diamantes, Galants and a couple of Lancers. Near the end, they showcase the GTO Twin Turbo convertible (3000GT VR-4 Spyder). Also, there are a few Hyundai vehicles, some of which are manufactured by Mitsubishi.
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After Jackie meets up with Annie with the security guards at the elevator, the security guard talking on the walkie-talkie says that they are on the top floor, but after Jackie pushes both guards into the elevator, you clearly see the elevator going up, clearly indicating there is at least one more floor.
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Jackie dries very quickly after exiting the water.
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When Jackie climbs out of the back of the van near the beginning of the film the tailgate bounces as he closes it, revealing it was rigged in the unlatched position to allow him to open it from the inside.
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Uncle Bill: When you get back, write a report which is detailed and simple, starting from the beginning.
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Chan Ka Kui: [phone call] Uncle Bill! I'm calling you right now from Australia and I'm having a great time! I'm talking to you while enjoying my great view. Wow! Working for the FSB is great. I have a sauna, swimming pool, and jacuzzi. Oh, wait a second. My koala bear just came out.
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Col. Gregor Yegorov: You even share the same coffin as your father.
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What are the differences between the International Version and the Hongkong Theatrical Version?
The International Version is missing about 23 minutes of footage, to get a more "enjoyable" runtime of 84 minutes. Most of the scenes that were cut out are plot-scenes, but there are also some spectacular fighting and action-scenes that fell victim to the censors. Additionally, the soundtrack was altered completely. The new music is supposed to convey a certain "James Bond"-feeling. Unfortunately, the underwater-scene no longer features the "Jaws"-theme; the Police Story soundtrack was also deleted, which is unfortunate, since the outtakes are way more fun when underlaid with the original Police Story theme. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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Photos from cast
Sofie Formica