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Jane Eyre

UK:275 min (5 parts)
Drama | Romance
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Country: UK
Release Date: 1973-09-27
Filming Locations: Renishaw Hall, Derbyshire, England, UK
Stephanie Beacham
Stephanie Beacham
Jane Eyre
Sorcha Cusack
Jane Eyre
Michael Jayston
Edward Rochester
Hazel Clyne
Leah (4 episodes, 1973)
Megs Jenkins
Mrs. Fairfax
Isabelle Rosin
Zara Jaber
Grace Poole
Ronald Mayer
Jean Harvey
Mrs. Reed
Anna Korwin
Sophie (3 episodes, 1973)
Edward Rochester: A true Janian reply! Good angels be my guard! She comes from the other world: from the abode of people who are dead and tells me so here, alone. If I dared, I'd touch you to see if you were substance or shadow. Truant! Truant! Absent from me a whole month- and forgetting me quite, I'll be sworn!
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Blanche Ingram: Oh, young men of today! They are such puny things. They are not fit to stir a step beyond Papa's park gates. Nor go so far without Mama's permission.
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Jane Eyre: [voiceover] I married him. I hold myself supremely blest because I am my husband's life as fully as he is mine. Mr. Rochester continued blind the first two years of our union, but gradually the obscurity clouding his left eye cleared. The sky is no longer a blank to him, the earth no longer a void. God has tempered judgment with mercy.
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Who else has played Jane Eyre on Screen?
1943: Joan Fontaine1970: Susannah York (Nominated Primetime Emmy Awards 1972)1983(tv mini serie): Zelah Clarke1996: Anna Paquin1997: Samantha Morton2006(tv mini serie): Ruth Wilson2011: Mia Wasikowska
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Stephanie Beacham