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69 min
Crime | Drama | Film-Noir | Thriller
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John Sturges
Country: USA
Release Date: 1953-06-15
Filming Locations: Pioneertown, California, USA
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
Barry Sullivan
Doug Stilwin
Ralph Meeker
Lee Aaker
Bobby Stilwin
Rico Alaniz
Officer at 1st Roadblock (uncredited)
Salvador Baguez
Officer at 1st Roadblock (uncredited)
Bob Castro
Police Machine Gunner (uncredited)
Carlos Conde
Tijuana Vendor (uncredited)
George L. Derrick
Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Paul Fierro
Mexican Lieutenant
Sol Gorss
Captain's Driver Talking to Helen (uncredited)
Margarita Martín
Mexican Mother (uncredited)
Victor Milner
Bit Part (uncredited)
Alex Montoya
Officer with Walkie-Talkie at 2nd Barricade (uncredited)
George Navarro
Tijuana Vendor (uncredited)
Charles Stevens
Mexican Father (uncredited)
Ken Terrell
Officer at 2nd Barricade (uncredited)
Louis Tomei
Officer at 2nd Barricade (uncredited)
Juan Torena
Mexican Police Chief (uncredited)
Felipe Turich
Mexican Border Official (uncredited)
Natividad Vacío
Persistent Tijuana Vendor (uncredited)
Bud Wolfe
Lieutenant's Driver (uncredited)
Did you know?
"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie on March 15, 1954 with Barbara Stanwyck and Barry Sullivan reprising their film roles.
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When the tide is washing against Helen her hair is soaked and in the next shot her hair is styled then soaked again !
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Also when Bobby is holding the coffee pot he is holding the bottom of the hot pot with his hand.
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After Bobby makes coffee and takes the pot and cup to his father, in one scene he's holding the pot with one hand and in other scenes with both hands.
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Lawson, the Fugitive: [to Helen] You're a real boss. You must drive your huband nuts!
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Helen Stilwin: That's good perfume you got on yuh.
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Lawson, the Fugitive: [to Helen] You're smart... honest. I like smart women. They got cat in 'em.
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Did Lawson rape Helen?
The movie only shows that Helen says she will do anything to save her husband's life. Lawson then kisses Helen roughly. The scene then switches back to the beach where Doug is trapped and the tide is rising. Whether or not Lawson ended up having sex with Helen is in the eye of the viewer.
Where is the Baja Peninsula?
The Baja Peninsula is a long thin finger of land, mostly belonging to Mexico, that projects southward from southern California. It is bordered on the east by the Gulf of California, which separates it from mainland Mexico, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. A map of the Baja Peninsula can be seen here. On it, you can follow the Stilwins' route on highway 1 from Tijuana to Ensanada and all the way down to La Paz, as described by Helen Stilwin.
What is 'Jeopardy' about?
The Stilwin family -- father Doug (Barry Sullivan, mother Helen (Barbara Stanwyck), and son Bobby (Lee Aaker) -- are vacationing on an isolated beach along the coast of the Baja Peninsula. When Bobby gets his leg trapped on a deserted jetty, Dad goes to help but the pier collapses, trapping Doug's foot under a heavy piling log. With the tide coming in, Helen tries to find help. She enlists the aid of another American, Lawson (Ralph Meeker) but soon learns that he's an escaped criminal, wanted for murder, and his efforts to escape compromise Helen's efforts to save her husband.
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