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123 min
Biography | Drama | Romance
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Nora Ephron
Nominated for Oscar. Another 27 wins & 34 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-08-07
Filming Locations: 9-17 40th Ave, Queens, New York, USA
Budget: $40,000,000
Opening Weekend: $20,027,956 (USA) (9 August 2009)
Gross: $94,125,426 (USA) (29 November 2009)
Amy Adams
Julie & Julia
Meryl Streep
Julia Child
Stanley Tucci
Paul Child
Chris Messina
Eric Powell
Linda Emond
Simone Beck
Helen Carey
Louisette Bertholle
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Jane Lynch
Dorothy McWilliams
Joan Juliet Buck
Madame Brassart
Crystal Noelle
George Bartenieff
Chef Max Bugnard
Vanessa Ferlito
Casey Wilson
Jillian Bach
Andrew Garman
John O'Brien
Michael Brian Dunn
Ivan Cousins
Remak Ramsay
John McWilliams
Diane Kagan
Phila McWilliams
Pamela Stewart
Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu
Jeff Brooks
Frances Sternhagen
Irma Rombauer
Brooks Ashmanskas
Mr. Misher
Eric Sheffer Stevens
Brian Avers
Kacie Sheik
Megan Byrne
Woman at the Party
Deborah Rush
Avis De Voto
Helen Coxe
Dorothy De Santillana
Amanda Hesser
Maryann Urbano
Dinner Guest
Simon Jutras
Dinner Guest
Felicity Jones
Dinner Guest
Meg Kettell
Simca's Concierge
Stephen Bogardus
Scott McLeod
Byron Jennings
Houghton Mifflin Executive
Kelly AuCoin
Houghton Mifflin Executive
Richard Bekins
Houghton Mifflin Executive
Luc Palun
The Chestnut Vendor
Rémy Roubakha
Oyster Man
Marceline Hugot
Madame Bernheim
Erin Dilly
Judith Jones
Robert Emmet Lunney
Bill Koshland
Guiesseppe Jones
Jeff Talbott
Johnny Sparks
Simon Feil
Paul Borghese
Mark Gindick
D.L. Shroder
Darin De Paul
Tom Galantich
American Ambassador
Allyn Burrows
Waiter in Paris Café
Cenovia Cummins
Musician at the Wedding (as Natalie Cenovia Cummins)
Maxim Moston
Musician at the Wedding
Shmuel Katz
Musician at the Wedding
Paul Ognissanti
Musician at the Wedding
Eric G. Halvorson
Musician at the Wedding
Julia Prud'homme
Bridge Teacher
Dimitri Radochevitch
Fish Monger
Emmanuel Suarez
Christelle Cornil
Baker's Wife
Françoise Lebrun
Baker's Mother
Teddy Bergman
Cobb Salad Waiter
Jean-Pierre Becker
Fruit Store Owner
Mark Wilkins
Jamie Hall
Cheese Guy
Francesco David
Denise M. Whalen
Luis Villabon
Valentine Aprile
Alexander Brady
Roy William Gardner
Exhibit Guest
Dianne Dreyer
American Housewife
Evelyn Taucher
Hat-Making Teacher (as Evalyn B. Taucher)
Mary Kay Place
Julie's Mom
Gerard Adimando
Diplomat at the Wedding (uncredited)
Dan Aykroyd
Himself (uncredited)
Ira Berkowitz
Paris Train Porter
Beth Campbell
Bridge Player (uncredited)
Lou D'Amato
French Bureaucrat (uncredited)
Steve Dash
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Francis Dumaurier
Looping Voices (uncredited)
Vivian Kalinov
Office Worker (uncredited)
Corby Kummer
Guest at Embassy Party (uncredited)
Alyssa Lakota
French Maid Server (uncredited)
Fran Lieu
Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Lauren McCune
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Trish McGettrick
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jackie Prucha
Office Worker (uncredited)
Peter Riga
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Robert Sciglimpaglia
Railroad Commuter (uncredited)
Stacey Scotte
Cooking Show Guest (uncredited)
Harry L. Seddon
New York City Subway Conductor (uncredited)
Ken Sladyk
Paris Train Porter
Joey Sontz
Wedding Dancer (uncredited)
Tom Stratford
Gangster (uncredited)
Paul Thornton
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Jonah Triebwasser
Paris Train Conductor
Stephanie Valkanas
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Jonathan Wenk
NY Times Photographer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The suitcase in the beginning of the movie is Paul Child's own personal case.
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Nora Ephron's last film.
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The publishers at Houghton Mifflin show Julia Child a cookbook entitled 'Real Home Cooking' by an author named Della Simmons. Both the book and author are strictly fictional as there was no such book by an author with that name. On the DVD commentary track, Nora Ephron says that the book that the publishers actually gave to the real Child and Beck was "Helen Corbitt's Cookbook," a 1957 bestseller by the Director of Food Services for the Neiman-Marcus Department Stores.
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In the scene when Julia Child is speaking to her French teacher in the library, she is using the word "salesperson". But this is a "gender-neutral" neologism created in the late 20th century. In 1950, an American would have used the word "saleslady" for "vendeuse".
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When Julia Child (Meryl Streep) is checking out the new bed, we see her kick off her shoes and lie down; the shoes in that scene are clearly not the ones she had on when she got out of the car upon their arrival, but the specially made lifts that Streep had to wear in order to appear taller. You'll notice that in many scenes the view of her legs/feet are obscured to hide the lifts, but not in this scene.
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In the movie, Paul Child references his work with "General Mountbatten." There was no such person in the British Army during WWII; there was however, Admiral Louis Mountbatten of the Navy.
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Julia Child: These damn things are as hot as a stiff cock!
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Julie Powell: I love you, Julia.
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Julia Child: If no one's in the kitchen, who's to see?
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Why is Meryl Streep so tall in this movie?
In real life, Meryl is only 5'6'' (1.67 m), while the real Julia Child was actually 6'2'' (1.88 m). Camera angles, adjusted sets, and high heeled shoes were used to force perspective and make Streep appear as if she was Julia Child's height.
When does this take place?
Julie Powell (Amy Adams)'s story takes place in 2002-2003. Julia Child (Meryl Streep)'s story takes place in the late 40's as she first moves to France with her new husband, Paul Child (Stanley Tucci), and decides to start taking cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris. Julie and Julia's scenes are always separate, they never meet and their stories are never in the same time period.
What is the song featured in the trailer?
The song is called, "It's Amazing" by Jem. The other song is called "Merry Happy" by Kate Nash.
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