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Kevin & Perry Go Large

82 min | Japan:83 min
Comedy | Music
IMDB rate:
Ed Bye
1 nomination
Country: UK
Release Date: 2000-04-21
Filming Locations: Cream: Amnesia Nightclub, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
Opening Weekend: £2,404,517 (UK) (23 April 2000)
Gross: £10,099,770 (UK) (4 June 2000)
Harry Enfield
Kathy Burke
Rhys Ifans
Eye Ball Paul
Laura Fraser
James Fleet
Louisa Rix
Tabitha Wady
Paul Whitehouse
Bouncer 1
Natasha Little
Anne Boleyn
Anna Shillinglaw
Bikini girl (as Anna Shilling Law)
Badi Uzzaman
Sam Parks
Kenneth Cranham
Vicar (as Ken Cranham)
Mark Tonderai
Record store boss
Patsy Byrne
Old lady
Amelia Curtis
Christopher Ettridge
Frank Harper
Armed robber
Rupert Vansittart
Bank manager
Steven O'Donnell
Big Baz
Man in suitcase
James Dark
James Murray
Candice's Adonis
Steve McFadden
Bouncer 2
Jo Burton
Eyeball Paul's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Kerry Burton
Eyeball Paul's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Ed Bye
German #1 (uncredited)
Joe Gunn
Choir Boy (uncredited)
Lynne Hazelden
WPC (uncredited)
Iain Hoskins
Clubber 2 (uncredited)
Elliot Joseph
Bed Crasher (uncredited)
José Antonio Romero
Party-goer (uncredited)
Owen Schumacher
Christian Simpson
Party Guest (uncredited)
Kate G. Smith
Clubber (uncredited)
Did you know?
When Kevin and Perry hit the town and see German men marching. The lead German is played by Director Ed Bye.
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When Harry Enfield appeared on a UK chat show before the film had been completed, various clips were shown that have changed since making it into the film. These include: When Perry walks down the shopping centre and meets Kevin, Kevin proudly says "Let's wear our coats backward to front". Perry and Kevin then put their coats on backwards and walk around the shopping centre saying "Alright ladies!" to all the girls they pass. All the girls either look at them in amazement or reply "You sad virgins!". There is also no music or narration over the scene. In the film this has changed to Kevin narrating the scene and Perry asking why Kevin is wearing his coat inside out. Kevin now says "I do not conform to conventional clothing standards" and Perry puts his coat on backwards and then they both walk around the shopping centre saying "Respect". And there is now background music of Y:Traxx's MysteryLand. In the scene where Kevin and Perry are mixing in Kevin's bedroom they are playing their own mix of 'Big Girl (All I Wanna Do Is Do It)', however in an earlier clip shown they are playing Fatboy Slim's 'Love Island (4/4 Mix)' (the music that plays over the porn-mag/corner shop scene, a little later) and they are not singing, but Kevin does turn it up when Kevin's dad asks him to turn it down, which is identical to the film. There was also a scene that never made it to the final cut shown where Kevin and Perry are playing their mix on a deserted beach in Ibiza, similar to the scene in the shopping centre, except that no-one is dancing in this scene.
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The scene where Kevin and Perry are scrubbing Eyeball Paul's floor had to be shot quickly because Rhys Ifans had to get on his flight to America to film The Replacements.
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Eye-ball Paul's villa is on the Port Deportivo Marina. Every time Perry and/or Kevin is seen outside the villa, they subsequently walk along the jetty towards the water. These jettys don't actually go anywhere, so unless they travel by boat, they'd just have to turn around and come back again.
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The film makes out as if the club Amnesia is in the middle of the town - as shown when Kevin's parents leave the restaurant, when in reality Amnesia is halfway between Ibiza town and San Antonio - in the middle of nowhere with nothing else around.
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When Kevin and Perry land in Ibiza, they are seen leaving the airport terminal. as they are leaving, a young man in a Rangers FC shirt is seen walking past behind them. When Kevin and Perry notice their dream girls, the camera pans to the girls then back to them, where the same young man in the same Rangers FC shirt is seen walking past again.
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Kevin: I am NOT your slave!
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Perry: Hasta banana!
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Perry: Do you think Gemma saw my poo? I wouldn't mind seeing Gemma's poo.
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