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Kings Row

127 min
Drama | Mystery | Romance
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Sam Wood
Nominated for 3 Oscars.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1942-04-18
Filming Locations: Kings Row, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
Scotty Beckett
Scotty Beckett
Kings Row
Ann Sheridan
Randy Monaghan
Robert Cummings
Parris Mitchell
Ronald Reagan
Drake McHugh
Betty Field
Cassandra Tower
Charles Coburn
Dr. Henry Gordon
Claude Rains
Dr. Alexander Tower
Judith Anderson
Mrs. Harriet Gordon
Nancy Coleman
Louise Gordon
Kaaren Verne
Elise Sandor
Maria Ouspenskaya
Madame von Eln
Harry Davenport
Colonel Skeffington
Ernest Cossart
Pa Monaghan
Ilka Grüning
Anna (as Ilka Gruning)
Pat Moriarity
Tod Monaghan
Minor Watson
Sam Winters
Ludwig Stössel
Professor Berdorff (as Ludwig Stossel)
Erwin Kalser
Mr. Sandor
Egon Brecher
Dr. Candell
Ann E. Todd
Randy Monaghan - as a Girl
Douglas Croft
Drake McHugh - as a Boy
Mary Thomas
Cassandra Tower - as a Girl
Julie Warren
Poppy Ross
Mary Scott
Jinny Ross
Leah Baird
Aunt Mamie (uncredited)
Walter Baldwin
Deputy Constable (uncredited)
Henry Blair
Willie (uncredited)
Joan Duvalle
Louise Gordon - as a Girl (uncredited)
Eden Gray
Mrs. Tower (uncredited)
Ludwig Hardt
Porter (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood
Arnold Kelly (uncredited)
Danny Jackson
Benny Singer (uncredited)
Payne B. Johnson
Boy in Party Scene (uncredited)
Fred Kelsey
Bill Hockinson (uncredited)
Hank Mann
Stable Keeper (uncredited)
Frank Mayo
Conductor (uncredited)
Frank Milan
Bank Teller (uncredited)
Jack Mower
Freight Conductor (uncredited)
Hattie Noel
Daisy - Gordon Family Maid (uncredited)
Emory Parnell
Harley Davis (uncredited)
Bertha Powell
Esther (uncredited)
Thomas W. Ross
Patterson Lawes (uncredited)
Hermine Sterler
Secretary (uncredited)
Elizabeth Valentine
Nurse (uncredited)
Did you know?
For his pivotal scene, Ronald Reagan researched extensively, meeting with amputees and doctors to find out how they reacted in similar situations. He deliberately had little sleep the night before the scene was shot. Sam Wood didn't let him rehearse the scene either, so he could tackle it fresh. The scene was captured in one take.
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In the scene when Dr. Gordon and Col. Skeffington are first investigating the death of Cassie Tower and her father, the constable asks Dr. Gordon when coming out of the room where presumably Cassie was, if there were "anything else," to which Gordon replies, "Just something about the girl." Dr. Gordon then glowers at Drake McHugh from behind as Drake tells his made-up story (to protect Parris) about plans he (Drake) had with Cassie to run away. This is the only reference in the movie to Cassie's being pregnant, despite the fact that Dr. Gordon's assumption as to whom was the father is obviously what primarily led to the retribution later taken against Drake. Why the pregnancy was never mentioned is up for speculation: a part of the irony build into the script, or an issue with movie code of the time, or what.
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Erich Wolfgang Korngold had written the scores for a number of important movies for Warners, including The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939). Korngold was told he was to write a score for a new picture, 'Kings Row'. According to Brendan Carroll in his biography of Korngold, the composer, thinking this was another royal story, set about writing the celebrated fanfare theme of the picture. Despite the wrong assumption, Korngold decided to keep and develop the theme into what has become a classic score.
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When Randy sends Parris a letter in Europe, the return address reads "Kings Row, USA" with no street address or state mentioned.
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When Parris is speaking to his instructor in Vienna, Dr. Kendell strikes a match to light his pipe. In the next shot, the match has disappeared and there is no evidence that he lit the pipe.
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Madame Marie von Eln: Don't cry, Anna, for me. It will be worse for him. My troubles are almost over and his are just beginning. Growing up is so difficult, Anna. The disappointments and the heartbreaks, the frightening problems, the menaces and cruelties of the world. How often have I wished that his mother will live or his father, or that I were his mother! It isn't fair that a young boy should be brought up by an old woman who will leave him when he needs her most.
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Dr. Alexander Q. Tower: Well, Mitchell, I don't know at all your approach to medicine. Perhaps you regard it as an opportunity to become one of those bedside manners with a list of proper pills to give the patient - particularly when you don't know what is the matter with him. Or perhaps your aim is to become an eminent carpenter with a knife and a chisel and a saw. Perhaps even you'll flow over with the nobility of relieving humanity's suffering. I'll tell you my approach to medicine! It is a game in which man pits his brains against the forces of destruction and disease. In the beginning I don't expect you to participate in the game. You'll only listen and accept. You will study and you will make notes and you will memorize... and you will do all this only because I tell you to.
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Madame Marie von Eln: I only know that you have to judge people by what you find them to be and not by what other people say they are.
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Scotty Beckett